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Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions for Your Wedding

Brides who want to achieve a luscious eyelash look on their big day can find out everything they need to know from our lash expert Donna

Wedding hair and make up is such an important factor for so many brides, and a new epidemic that women are embracing at the moment is eyelash extensions.

As an alternative to wearing eyelash strips that you can buy at the supermarket, eyelash extensions are a process where individual eyelash supplements are applied to your natural lash to give you volumised and gorgeous wedding eyes.

Like any new beauty trend, there are plenty of questions surrounding eyelash extensions so Hitched took the time to speak to Donna from Catflick Lashes to give you all the information you need to know before going ahead with this amazing treatment.


Will my eyelash extensions damage my eyelashes/make them fall out?

Not at all. Correctly applied lash extensions will not damage the natural lash. A well trained lash technician will be able to determine the weight/length extension most suitable for your lashes. The adhesive used is very strong and needs to be applied correctly – badly applied lashes can cause damage to the natural lash which can leave clients with patchy lashes, but when applied properly, will cause no damage at all.

How many different types are there and what is the process?

There are a number of different types of lash – synthetic mink, silk, cashmere and more, the difference is fairly subtle. Most technicians that I know keep to one kind of lash but offer different thicknesses and lengths to suit the client’s needs.

There are different techniques with lashing too:

Classic Lash Extensions (also known as Individual Extensions)

Classic is simply one extension being applied to each individual natural lash. The lengths and thickness vary depending on the look the client requires. Each natural lash is isolated, an extension is then dipped into the adhesive and placed on the natural lash. I would aim to place an extension on every single natural lash the client has to lengthen, thicken and accentuate the natural lash line.


Volume Lash Extensions (also known as Russian Volume)

Volume lashing is a technique where between three and eight very fine silk or synthetic mink extensions are applied to one individual natural lash in a way that fans to create fullness – the extensions are extremely fine and will not strain the natural lash. They give a very dramatic, glamorous and fluffy eyelash look.


How long does the treatment take to carry out?

The length of the treatment does depend on your own lashes. Classics can take anything from one to two hours and volume anything up to three and half hours. Be prepared to have a little nap, it can be very relaxing.

How long will the eyelash extensions last?

As the extensions are applied to your natural eyelash they will fall off with the natural shedding of your own lashes. It is recommended to have classic extensions re-filled every 2/3 weeks and volume lashes every 3/4 weeks to keep them looking super luscious.

How many fake eyelashes do you put on?

This solely depends on the number of natural lashes you have. On average people have 60-180 natural lashes per eye. Therefore, for classics you would be getting 60-180 extensions per eye. If going for volume, the number of extensions is increased approximately as follows: 2D – 200 lashes per eye, 3D – 300 lashes per eye and so on.

How do I know the eyelashes will suit me?

An experienced lash technician will be able to advise you on the style and length that would be most suited to your eye shape. We also take into account the final look you want and aim to give you the final results you’re after. Extensions are not the only lash enhancement available. If you want something more subtle and less maintenance you could go for lash lift and tint.


Flick Style (above)

What is a lash lift and tint treatment?

A lash lift treatment is similar to the old style lash perm but instead of a perming rod a silicone lash shield is used to create a lift to your own natural lash and then a tint is applied. This gives you a subtle look, much like if you were wearing extremely good mascara.

I like a natural make up look; will they be too much for my style?

When I have a consultation with a client I determine what style and lash type would suit them, their overall look, how much make up they use and their ability for maintenance. Many of my clients do not like wearing much make up on a day-to-day basis and the lash enhancements allow them to do that. As I have mentioned previously, there a several thicknesses of lash which allow for a much more subtle look so you shouldn’t ever think they were “too much”.

How much before my wedding should I get my eyelash extensions done?

I would suggest having the extensions two or three days before the big day. Any good lash technician will always make sure you are patch tested at least 48 hours before your appointment – this should bring any severe allergies to the forefront before going in for the full set. There is always the possibility of having a slight reaction so giving yourself a few days would give any reaction time to go before the wedding. You wouldn’t want to have them done too far in advance though as you want them at the best for the day.

Should I have them done a few times before the wedding?

I would absolutely suggest to anyone considering extensions for their wedding to have a set done a few weeks before the wedding. It can take some people a little time to get used them and also gives you time to work out your make-up for the big day.


How do I take care of them after getting them done?

You should receive an aftercare leaflet after your appointment. Taking care of your lashes isn’t too tricky. You need to keep them dry for the first 24 hours to allow the adhesive to cure fully. And you need to avoid stream rooms, very hot showers or baths for 48 hours after application as the steam can affect the retention of your lashes. Brushing your lashes through once a day is also recommended to keep them fluffy and all going in the right direction. You may well been given an aftercare pack or you might be able to purchase one from your technician. This would normally include a lash brush and a lash cleanser. If not, a technician can recommend products to use.

Can I still wear eye makeup?

Absolutely! The only stipulation is DO NOT WEAR MASCARA! Mascara will clump your beautiful lashes together and make them look awful. Any make-up you do wear, just make sure you gently remove it before going to bed – always use an oil free make-up remover as oil-based products will affect the retention of your lashes.

How do I take them off?

A lash technician will remove your extensions for you with a de-bonder. By no means try to remove or pick them off yourself as that can pull out healthy natural lashes and be left with gaps.

How many times can I get them re-done?

As many times as you wish – if correctly applied you can carry on having lashes infinitely. I suggest to my clients that they have a full new set every four months or so.

What kind of cost should I look out for when getting my eyelashes done?

This all depends on your location. I charge anything from £65 for a classic set and £85 for volume. Infills are £25 and £35 respectively. Just remember to look at the technician’s previous work and it always helps to get recommendations from someone you know.

What are the risks and does it hurt?

Having extensions should never ever hurt. If your eyes are uncomfortable during the process then your eyes are not being protected correctly (eyes must be closed). The adhesive used has fumes which are drawn to moisture and therefore will make your eyes sting if opened. Don’t be surprised if your technician doesn’t speak or want you to speak throughout the treatment. Talking makes your lids flicker.

What should I ask my eyelash technician before I get them done?

You should be checking they are fully qualified and what products they are using. Ask them what they think would suit your own lashes and eye shape. Explain your daily routine and how you can maintain your extensions around that.

Donna is based in Surrey and is available for bookings and more information on eyelash extensions on

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