Yvonne & Dan's Real Wedding

Yvonne and Dan met through mutual friends on a night out. His funky dance moves left a lasting impression on Yvonne, and nine years after they first met they tied the knot at Quy Mill Hotel & Spa in front of their nearest and dearest. Their wedding had a pink colour scheme and included elements from Yvonne’s Chinese heritage.

Dan & Yvonne-Dan and Yvonne’s Wedding with Traditional Chinese Touches

After meeting on a night out, Yvonne felt like Dan would be with her for the long haul…until their disastrous first date!

He was 45 minutes late, and in Yvonne’s words, a ‘bumbling conversational wreck’. She thought they shouldn’t meet again but he was very persistent, so she agreed to ‘date 1.5’. They met up at Milton Keynes shopping centre and he was the perfect gent – carrying her shopping and treating her to lunch.

Having won her over, their relationship developed and over time conversation turned to marriage. Yvonne wanted to be practical though so they moved in together and eventually bought their first house in 2013.

That same year, they jetted off to Reykjavik, Iceland to see the fireworks over the New Year. They celebrated New Year’s Eve at a posh gala at the Radisson Blu Saga, on the top floor so they could see all the fireworks.

Yvonne kept telling Dan off as it was boiling hot but he refused to remove his jacket, even though he was red in the face. As the clock chimed midnight, Yvonne was facing the window looking out at the sky, ignoring the tapping on her shoulder. It got more persistent, so she turned around and saw Dan down on one knee!

He presented her with a beautiful diamond ring, which he’d kept hidden in his jacket all night. The ring was 18k white gold with a central sparkly solitaire diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds, with also a dual alignment of diamonds on the arms. It was Yvonne’s dream ring and she gladly accepted the proposal. 

Dan & Yvonne's Wedding on 03 May 2015

Photography by: Andy Chambers Photography

Dan & Yvonne's supplier list

Photography by:  Andy Chambers Photography

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