Steven & Andy’s Real Wedding

Steven and Andy met one sunny Sunday in Brighton, when Andy let Steven push in front of him at a bar. Steven never expected to get married, so he was stunned when after seven years Andy got down on one knee!


Shoe Love

Steven spent ages trying to find his perfect suit, and estimates he tried on between 50 and 60 different outfits to find the ideal wedding attire. He even looked into getting a suit made, when he finally found the perfect three piece suit in baby blue in Next! He couldn’t believe his luck.


As Andy has spent many years working in Scotland, he decided to wear traditional Scottish formalwear on his wedding day. The colours in his kilt worked perfectly with Steven’s suit.

To accessorise, Steven’s parents bought both of them matching cufflinks. Andy wore the traditional shoes to go with his outfit, whilst Steven spent a bit more time…and money…trying to find his dream shoes.

To this day Andy doesn’t know the cost, and Steven hasn’t been able to bring himself to wear them again just in case he damages them!


Andy & Steven’s supplier list
Photography by: Sarah Wenban Photography