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Change Your Name with NameSwitch

Are you thinking about changing your name after you get Hitched? We've teamed up with NameSwitch to help you with the process.



Are you planning on changing your name after getting married? We’ve partnered up with NameSwitch to help you through the name changing process quickly and easily!

About NameSwitch

NameSwitch can help you navigate through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible and get you to the finish line quicker! NameSwitch is on hand to equip you with everything you need to inform a vast array of government bodies and companies that you are changing your name after marriage.

Most commonly, it’s a surname and title change. Some also opt to make a family name a middle name, or it may be that you wish to double barrel/hyphenate surnames as a couple after marriage. 

Why Should I Choose NameSwitch?

NameSwitch estimates that you can save more than fourteen hours of tedious stop-start research, sifting through websites, forms and contacting call centres.

Package Options

Plus You Can Claim £5 Off Any NameSwitch Package!

As a valued member of Hitched you are entitled to £5 off any NameSwitch Package. Enter HITCHEDFIVE at checkout to apply the discount. 

Start switching today!

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