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The Rude Wedding Comment So Many of Us Make on Social Media Without Realising

Eek - we've all been guilty of making a comment like this on social media, but how does it come across to the newlyweds who read it?!

Bride and groom smiling hand in hand as they walk through a field
pexels/sandro crepulja

Bride and groom smiling hand in hand as they walk through a field
pexels/sandro crepulja

We’ve all been there - the calendar is full for the foreseeable future with engagement parties, pre-wedding celebrations and weddings, especially as people make up for the time lost over the past couple of years.

When you’ve got limited leave, and what’s worse, no wedding-free weekends for ages, making it impossible to book your summer holiday without having to turn something down or trim some days off, it can feel a bit frustrating. 

Even if the nearlyweds are your close friends, the cost of attending multiple celebrations and the lack of free weekends can cause you to make this unintentionally rude comment on social media…are you guilty of this?

  • “One wedding down, four to go!”
  • “Third wedding this year, let’s do this!”
  • “Final wedding of the summer - congratulations to the happy couple!”
  • “Wedding season is coming to a close with my best friend’s wedding - congrats!”

If you’ve ever written a caption like that on social media, you may have offended some of your pals who are getting or have recently got hitched. 

Whilst these kinds of captions clearly aren’t written to cause offence, think about how they might come across to the couples you’re celebrating with.

It makes their big day - that they’ve saved up for, agonised over and invited you to - sound like yet another obligation in the conveyor belt of your diary. 

You run the risk of offending the nearlyweds by making their wedding sound a bit like a chore, even if your caption is written with good intentions and you loved every minute of their day.

Whilst everyone is in the midst of a super busy wedding season, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down as everyone is keen to celebrate now that they actually can, take the time to think about how you describe your friends’ big days.

Focus on how excited you are to spend time with them, how much fun you had, and how much you appreciate them inviting you and hosting you - even if you mutter ‘one down, three to go’ as you type it!

If you need some ideas about how to sound a little more hyped, make sure you check out our guide to what to write in a wedding card!