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The 11 Things You Should Never Do the Week Before Your Wedding

There's a lot of stuff you need to do ahead of your wedding - but what about what you shouldn't do? We've rounded up 11 things to avoid the week before your wedding

Woman drinking wine
Unsplash / Justin Aikin

Woman drinking wine
Unsplash / Justin Aikin

There are so many lists around telling you what you must do before your wedding (including our handy list of the things you must do the night before your wedding), but what about what not to do?

We’ve rounded up the 11 things you should NOT do the week before your wedding, including sitting out in the sun or visiting your hairdresser, to avoid any mishaps, disasters and outright chaos - take note.


11 Things Not to Do the Week Before Your Wedding

1. Do NOT Save Your Shoes for Best

Wedding shoes
Nathan Walker/Unsplash

It’s so tempting isn’t it, to keep your lovely wedding shoes in their box so they’re fresh and flawless for your wedding day? But you definitely shouldn't do this - spend at least the week before your wedding stomping around your house in them. This will help to break them in and ensure you can walk confidently and in a blister-free way on your wedding day. 

2. Don’t Finish Off Your DIY

Make sure any wedding DIY is finished way before the week before your wedding. You don’t want to be spending those precious last few days rolling up confetti cones or hand stamping favour tags. Get it done!

3. No Shopping for Gifts

It’s polite to give gifts to those in your wedding party to say thank you to them and show that you appreciate their help. However, don’t leave this to the week before the big day as you’ll get extra stressed trying to find the perfect wedding thank you gifts - no one needs that!

4. Do NOT Experiment with Your Hair

Wedding hairstyle
Angelo Pantazis/Unsplash

Don’t do it! The week before your wedding is not the time to try getting a fringe cut in, or to change the colour of your dye. If you know you want a new look for your wedding day, test drive it with a year to go, so you’ve got time to adjust it if you don’t love it. 

5. Don’t Google Wedding Outfits

You’ve got your perfect wedding outfit - don’t even think about idly exploring what is out there as you know what will happen: you’ll get the wobbles. And trust us, the look you’ve picked for your wedding is perfect.

6. Let’s Not Try a New Exercise

Keep to the workouts you know and (kind of?) love ahead of your wedding. You don’t want to try a new move and pull a muscle days before you need to walk down the aisle!

7. No Juice Cleanses

Don’t do it - a juice cleanse is low in calories and you actually need all the energy and nutrition you can get the week before your wedding as you’re zooming around sorting things out. Instead, opt for balanced meals with plenty of vegetables!

8. Don’t Go Crazy on the Alcohol

Shenggeng Lin/Unsplash

If you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink in the week before your wedding. Drinking too much can dehydrate you, leaving you puffy and not at your freshest. Save it up for the wedding day instead!

9. No New Skincare Products

Is your maid of honour raving about a new sheet mask she’s discovered? Don’t give it a go the week before W-day - you don’t want to risk a break out or an allergic reaction.

10. Do NOT Pull All-Nighters

You might feel tempted to stay up all night to finish a wedding project, or get through all your work emails before you log off for a few days. Don’t do it! We look and feel our best after a good night’s sleep so make sure you get as much as you can. 

11. Skip the Sun Bathing

Woman applying suncream on the beach
Pexels / RF Studio

It’s not much of a risk in the UK, but if you happen to have a chance to bask in the sun the week before your wedding, be very cautious! You don’t want sunburn on your wedding day, and you also don’t want weird tan lines, especially if your outfit shows off lots of skin. 

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