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8 Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Website

From saving you money to keeping your guests happy, creating a wedding website will make your wedding planning process a whole lot easier. Read on to find out how...

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A vital part of wedding planning is ensuring you have an efficient way of letting your guests know all the important details relating to your wedding. We're talking dates, times, dress code, venue, accommodation and more! Traditionally, the only way of getting your invites out would be to send a paper version and while this is still a lovely idea, they can be expensive to print, with limited space for information and if you change your plans, they're difficult to amend. 

So, what's the modern solution to this problem? Your very own wedding website of course! Your wedding website will serve as a one-stop shop for anything and everything related to your on-the-day plans for you and your guests, from transport arrangements to accommodation options, plus guests can send their RSVPs electronically all in a few simple clicks. 

Starting to sound like an excellent idea? Keep reading for even more benefits of having a wedding website. 

What Is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is a personalised website that you can create online to keep all the details of your wedding day in one place. Think of it like a central hub for all things wedding related that your guests will need to know.

Once shared, your friends and family will be able to access the website and see information such as the venue, dates, times, accommodation options and travel plans. They'll also be able to confirm their attendance, access your wedding gift list, ask any questions they might have and check on any news or pictures you post. 

When Should You Make a Wedding Website?

Ideally you want to be making a wedding website at least six months before the wedding if you want it to be really useful to you. This will give you time to organise your RSVPs and give your guests lots of notice. Plus, they'll love hearing updates on any wedding news or information.

That being said, some couples might not want to make their wedding website too early in case guests tire of the planning news and updates, so between six and nine months of your wedding date is typically the best timing. 

The 7 Benefits of Having a Wedding Website

1. They Keep Your Information Organised

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A wedding website is an essential organisational tool for any couple planning a wedding. Having an area to keep all your information that's easily accessible and updateable will be a lifesaver! Even if you are sending paper invites, your wedding website will be able to host all the extra info that won't fit. 

2. They Can Save You Money

It's no secret that planning a wedding can be pricey, so if you can save some money with your invites you'll have extra to spend elsewhere. Setting up a wedding website is free and will save you pennies on printing and posting physical invites. 

3. They Make Changing Plans Easy

Sudden change of plans or last minute update that you need to share? With a wedding website, that's no problem. Instead of trying to contact your guests individually, you can simply pop on to your site and make the changes. 

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4. They're Convenient for Guests

A wedding website will not only make your wedding planning easier, your guests will thank you for creating one too. They won't have to worry about losing their postal invitation and asking you questions that aren't included on the paper invite, all their need-to-knows will be in one handy online space. This will avoid you having an avalanche of the same questions being asked!

5. They Track RSVPs

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If you're having a large guest list, or even an intimate one, tracking who can attend your wedding can be a nightmare. Make your life easier with a wedding website, where guests will be able to confirm their attendance simply by typing their name in. They can also leave a sweet message which is an excellent added bonus!

6. They Help to Build Excitement for the Big Day

Creating your wedding website is a lovely activity for you and your partner to do and ensures you're both on the same page when it comes to your wedding day details. You can create a blog on the website and share any news relating to the wedding planning to get your guests really intrigued and excited about the big day. 

7. They're Fun & Easy!

Not only can making a free wedding website take a few minutes if you want it to, it's also really enjoyable. From adding in your own personal pictures to picking out a beautiful design, it might be quick to do but we bet you'll want to spend hours perfecting it just for the fun of it! Although there's set templates to help get your started, a Hitched wedding website really is your own to personalise, so you can edit your pages however you please.

8. You Can Reminisce about the Day  

After the wedding day it'll be amazing to have your wedding website to look back over and cherish forever. You can post photographs from the special day in there, plus it even has a guestbook so your friends and family can share their well-wishes for the happy couple.