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Ask Elektra: Is It Rude to Make Partners Evening-Only Guests?

In this month's drag-ony aunt column, a budget-conscious bride asks Aunty Elektra how to handle evening-only wedding guest etiquette

Drag-ony aunt hero image with Elektra Fence

Drag-ony aunt hero image with Elektra Fence

We've teamed up with the fabulous Elektra Fence to be our Hitched Drag-ony Aunt. As Elektra plans her own wedding, she's also on hand to help you with all your wedding planning problems. This month she helps a bride who is looking for ways to reduce the cost of her wedding. Aunty Elektra is on hand with her best advice...

Dear Aunty Elektra,

Is it bad to only invite plus ones and partners to the evening to cut costs? I don’t want to pay for a room full of people I hardly know, but I also don’t want my friends to be annoyed at me. 

Please help!

A frugal bride-to-be

Dear Frugal Bride-to-Be

Absolutely not! Hun, if you don’t want to feed the 5,000 then you don’t have to feed the 5,000!

Weddings can be so expensive, you should spend money on yourself first… get a nice dress, get that bridal bag, get those designer shoes! 

Honestly, no one ever remembers the meal (only the aunties remember the meal). Everyone always remembers the after party and the snacks at the after party that they take home, so really that’s the best bit of the day to be at! 

They remember dancing to the Spice Girls, not the spatchcock chicken they ate for lunch! So don’t feel guilty for giving plus ones evening-only invitations - think of it this way, you’re inviting them to the best party they’ll ever go to!

Kiss kiss,

Elektra Fence

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