What to Expect on a Cruise Honeymoon

Make sure you're prepared for your cruise honeymoon - we've listed what you can expect when you're on board


Choosing where to spend your honeymoon will be one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning journey.  Whether you want a romantic, relaxing honeymoon, or an active honeymoon that takes you to wonderful places around the world, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect destination.  However, if you’re after a honeymoon that takes you to several different destinations, on a hotel that moves, then why not consider spending your honeymoon on a cruise.


A cruise honeymoon may not be for everyone, so here are some things that you’ll need to consider before making your official cruise booking!

Guests on Board

Most cruise liners carry a few thousands guests throughout their voyage, so be prepared that you might be spending your honeymoon around other people all the time. Obviously you’ll have your own cabin, but whilst on board you may find that there are people wherever you look; from the restaurants to relaxing by the pool, the entertainment and more.  You might also find the clientele on board may be of an older age group, depending on the type of cruise you choose, and the time of year you plan to travel. Use this opportunity to meet new friends and other honeymooning couples on board.

Sea Sickness

Does motion sickness effect you? Being on a cruise liner is not the same feeling as if you were on a smaller boat. As cruise ships are so big they are hardly effected by the motion of the sea, however, if you do feel motions sickness then your doctor should be able to prescribe you with medication before you leave. There will also be a doctor on board your cruise should anything unfortunate happen.

Sticking to a Schedule

Unlike a regular honeymoon where you get to plan your own schedule, a cruise style honeymoon will have your whole schedule planned out for you.  You’ll know prior to your booking the actual route that the ship will take and where you’ll be docking along the way.  When your cruise ship arrives in a port you’ll be giving specific times of when you’ll need to be back on board before heading on to the next location. Cruise ships tend not to wait for passengers who are late, so it’s important to have good time keeping skills when exploring new places.

Fine Dining

There will be plenty of dining options whilst on board your honeymoon cruise; from casual restaurants that may be open 24 hours a day, to formal restaurants that require you to dress up a little. Some cruise liners will give you the choice of sitting on a dinner table with a group of couples that you don’t know.  You don’t have to accept this option if you prefer to dine as a couple every night of your honeymoon.

Formal Nights

Most cruise liners will have a formal night or two which will require you to wear black tie to dinner and to any entertainment on board. Be sure to pack a couple of different formal outfits so that you can join in the fun on board. You may even be invited to have cocktails with the captain at some point, so take a variety of smart and casual options in your suitcase.


Depending on where your honeymoon cruise is sailing to, you may find that you need lots of different currency so that you have money to spend whilst in each port. Speak to your cruise booking department about what currencies you may need to exchange in advance.  There may be a foreign exchange on board if you forget to change your money at home. There is usually also a post office and an internet café on board a cruise ships as well.


With a cruise honeymoon you’ll get the best of both worlds. For part of your honeymoon you might spend consecutive days at sea, but on others you might have different international stop every day.  Be prepared to have a busy time when your cruise liner docks in a port. Pre-arranged excursions can be booked in advance, however, they may come at an additional cost.


Added Extras

Although your cruise package will include your room, your food and the stops along the way, you may find that you’ll need to pay for drinks, extra items such a photographs or mementoes and gratuity. The cruise liner may offer you transport into a town or a location once docked, so be prepared that you might need to pay extra for this type of service. You may also find that in the small print of your contract that there is an automatic gratuity added to your bill either daily or at the end of your cruise. Make sure you’re aware of all costs before you travel, so that they don’t come as a surprise.