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100 Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions Every Couple Can Enjoy (or Mr & Mr/Mrs & Mrs!)

Put the nearlyweds to the test with these free printable Mr & Mrs quiz questions - we've also got a version for the Mr & Mr and Mrs & Mrs too

Mr and Mrs Quiz

Typically one of the most popular hen party games, the Mr and Mrs questions and quiz is the ultimate way for a couple to prove how well they know each other.

Even though the traditional name is a Mr and Mrs quiz, there's no limit to who can play it, and it works with brides or grooms on hens, stags and stens - all you need are some probing questions and shots for every answer they get wrong!

To help, we’ve got 100 free printable Mr and Mrs quiz questions (or 'Mr and Mr'/'Mrs and Mrs') that’ll break the ice and reveal some interesting facts about the couple...

100 Mr & Mrs Questions for Couples Quiz Games


We’ve got funny, naughty, silly and even dirty Mr and Mrs quiz questions (be careful who's in the room when you read those ones out!) with same sex versions of the printables too.

Whether you're looking for Mr and Mrs hen do questions ro play at the hen party, or are planning to host a couples quiz at the wedding, you're bound to find questions you love here! 

In a hurry? Not to worry, you can download these awesome Mr and Mrs questions for your quiz right here, and there are LGBTQ+ versions too.

Funny Mr and Mrs Questions

If the nearlywed has a great sense of humour, these really funny Mr and Mrs questions are perfect for your funny couples quiz! 

1. What would your partner say are your worst habits?

2. What are their worst habits?

3. What three words would you use to describe your partner?

4. What three words would they use to describe you?

5. If they had to take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?

6. What would they grab first in a fire?

7. What was the best present they ever gave you?

8. Who would play them in a movie of their life?

9. What are you most likely to argue about?

10. What are they most scared of?

11. What is their guilty pleasure?

12. What is their most embarrassing moment?

13. What is their proudest moment?

14. What were their exact words when they proposed?

15. If you compared yourself to any celebrity couple, who would it be?

16. If they could have plastic surgery, what one thing would they have done?

17. Where in the world do you most want to travel together?

18. If your partner could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

19. What’s the most romantic thing they’ve done for you?

20. What was the last movie they cried at?

21. What’s their party trick?

22. Which celebrity do they think they look most like?

23. What’s the one thing (apart from you) they couldn’t live without?

24. If they could have a super power, what would it be?

25. Who is their celebrity crush?

26. Which one of you would fetch more in an auction?

27. If your partner could be famous for anything, what would it be?

28. You, their favourite sports team, their mates, their job – order these in priority (use ones relevant to their partner).

Who is Mr and Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs who is questions always result in some hilarious answers, as most couples think they are the tidiest, bravest and most stylish one in the couple. 

29. Who is the funniest?

30. Who takes the longest to get ready?

31. Who is the most attractive?

32. Who is the best dancer?

33. Who gets the last word?

34. Who takes up the most room in bed?

35. Who does most of the cooking/housework?

36. Who is the one to remove the spider from the room?

37. Who is the better cook?

Naughty Mr and Mrs Questions

Mr and Mrs naughty questions are great to heat things up, but when it comes to the rude Mr and Mrs questions, be sure there aren't any family members around who won't want to hear the answers. Be especially careful with the Mr and Mrs questions dirty, rude and naughty alike! 

38. Which of your friends do you think they fancy the most? And which one fancies him/her?

39. Are they a boob or bum person?

40. Do they prefer boxers or briefs?

41. Where is the strangest place you’ve had sex?

42. How many dates did you go on before you did the deed?

43. What is their favourite position?

44. Who has the weirdest orgasm face?

45. In which room do they most like to have sex?

46. What do they think your bra size is?

47. Which celebrity, should they meet, would your partner be allowed to sleep with?

First Mr and Mrs Questions

Take a trip down memory lane with these fun Mr and Mrs questions. 

47. Where was your first kiss?

48. What was the first film you ever saw together?

49. What was their first job?

50. What’s the first thing they do in the morning?

51. Where did you go for your first date?

52. When did you first say “I love you”?

53. What was the name of their first boyfriend/girlfriend?

54. How old were they when they had their first kiss?

55. What was the name of their first pet?

Mr and Mrs Questions About Your Partner

How well do they really know their other half? Find out with these Mr and Mrs questions about their other half. 

56. How many times did they take their driving test?

57. What perfume/cologne do they wear?

58. Who is their best friend?

59. What colour eyes do they have?

60. Name all their cousins.

61. What are your pet names for each other?

62. How do you like to fall asleep? Cuddling or apart?

63. How many children do they want?

64. What’s their alcoholic drink of choice?

65. What shoe size do they have?

Favourite Mr and Mrs Questions

As well as knowing the basics, it's important to prove just how well the nearlywed knows what their partner loves. These couple quiz questions will really test their knowledge. 

66. What is your favourite body part of theirs?

67. What is their favourite body part of yours?

68. What is their favourite restaurant?

69. What is their favourite song?

70. What would they say yours is?

71. What is their absolute favourite meal?

72. What is their favourite film?

73. What is their favourite book?

74. What is their favourite dessert in a restaurant?

75. What was their favourite subject at school?

This or That Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions

Play the ultimate game of would they rather using these Mr and Mrs questions and a paddle. Give the nearlywed both options (one or two) and they have to use the two sides of the paddle to answer. 

76. Starter or desert?

77. Wine or beer?

78. City break or beach holiday?

79. Summer or winter?

80. Calls or texts?

81. Dinner or drinks?

82. Breakfast or dinner?

83. Pepsi or Coca Cola?

84. TikTok or Instagram?

85. City or countryside?

86. Dogs or cats?

87. Film or series?

88. Giving or receiving? 

89. Books or podcasts?

90. Makeup or no makeup?

91. Tattoos or piercings?

92. Live music or live comedy?

93. Past or future?

94. Planes or trains?

95. Dressed up or dressed down?

96. Dinner out or takeaway in?

97. Stuffed crust or thin crust?

98. Shower or bath?

99. Group dates or just you two?

100. Love or money?

What Are Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions?

No doubt you’ve seen the TV show, where couples are asked ‘Mr and Mrs’ questions about each other in a bid to prove they know everything about their other half – usually with hilarious results!

Well, Mr and Mrs quiz questions follow the same style except these questions are asked to a bride or groom at a hen, stag or sten party. Expect fun and leading questions, typically with a few naughty ones thrown in there too!

How to Host the Mr and Mrs Couples Quiz

Mr and Mrs Quiz

1. When you are planning your Mr and Mrs quiz game, think about what your friend is like, which questions would give the funniest answers and what they would enjoy. Family there? Don’t ask the sex questions or the whole party could get awkward.

2. Why not turn it into a drinking game? For every question they get wrong, they have to down a shot. For every Mr and  Mrs quiz question they get right, the rest of the party have to down a shot (just remember to order lots of plastic shot glasses!).

3. If the nearlywed isn’t a big drinker, you can have an item of fancy dress for them to put on for every Mr and Mrs question they get wrong. The more embarrassing, the better – and ideal for sending their partner-to-be a picture at the end.

4. Decide whether you want to use all or some of our Mr and Mrs questions (there’s 100 to pick from!) and start off by getting the answers from their partner ahead of the hen/stag/sten night. You can edit the questions to make them personal to the couple or add in a few of your own and watch your friend squirm! You know that ‘Never Have I Ever’ you’ve been dying to bring up – now’s the time.

If you’re planning a hen party or looking for even more hen party game ideas, why not download our list of hen party dares or check out our list of hen party bag fillers?