11 Things Only Couples in Long-Term Relationships Know

If these 11 things are happening in your relationship, chances are you're going to be together for pretty-much-ever!

There are certain milestones you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will hit in your relationship that will set in stone the fact that they’re here to stay.


From household chores to bedtime routines, here are 11 things that only couples in long term relationships will understand, and don’t worry – NONE of it changes once you get married! You’ll still be doing these things on your 50th wedding anniversary.

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1. Bedroom Rules Are Strict


There are sides (obviously) and you also know their preferred sleeping style and a few acceptable cuddling positions.

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2. All Conversations Revolve Around Food


You talk about what you’re having for dinner while you’re out at lunch and when you’re eating dinner, conversation moves to what you should eat the next night. Food. Is. Life.

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3. Hairy Legs Are No Biggie


Shaving is reserved for special occasions and the summer months – they totally need to earn smooth, silky legs. Right?!

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4. Big Romantic Gestures Are No More


It’s true, those days of a dozen red roses and soppy notes are no more. The gifts are now chocolate-based for that time of the month, and takeaways for when you feel blue – which are just as romantic but in a different way.

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5. Bodily-Function-Talk is Acceptable Now


Whether it’s sniggering at a loud parp or squeezing each other’s spots, you take intimacy to a whole new level. This is how you know you’ve got a partner for life!

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6. Silence is a Gift


Sometimes the most important time a couple can spend with each other is just being quiet doing their own thing. You know you’re in a long-term relationship when you don’t even have to say a word to one another to communicate.

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7. There Are No Secrets


Desperately want to forget that time you had gastroenteritis in Corfu? They won’t let you! But no matter how bad it is, your secret is always safe with them.

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8. Household Roles Are Non-Negotiable


There’s no fighting about this one – it’s set in stone: you’re on spider catching, they’re on unclogging the drain.

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9. Being Apart is Actually Alright


Gone are the days when an hour apart would feel like an entire lifetime. They love rock climbing and you’re terrified of heights. You love running, but it hurts their knees. You both know it’s okay to go and do your own thing and have some time apart.

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10. No Words Needed


That stage where you can communicate without words is just magic. Hands signals, an eye roll or even just a look can tell you partner exactly how you’re feeling, or create a good few minutes of giggling that no one else will get.

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11. Comfort is EVERYTHING


Your priority each day is to get into comfortable clothes as soon as humanly possible. Is the front door locked? Good. The bra is coming off, pyjama bottoms are going on and Netflix is already loading – DO NOT answer the door to anyone.


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