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Five Arguments Every Couple Has During Wedding Planning & How to Solve Them

Is wedding planning causing arguments? Relationship expert Anna Williamson explains five common disagreements, and how to fix them

Couple in the middle of a wedding planning argument on a bench, the woman is facing away whilst the man has his head in his hands
pexels/vera arsic

Couple in the middle of a wedding planning argument on a bench, the woman is facing away whilst the man has his head in his hands
pexels/vera arsic

Once the ring is on your finger, you’ve posted your obligatory social media engagement announcement and the last of the champagne is drained, the excitement of getting engaged segues into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning.

For many couples, wedding planning arguments can occur. Let’s be honest, even for the most loved-up, #couplegoals type couples, getting married and committing to another person for the rest of your lives is a huge undertaking. Getting married is so much more than just a ‘big day’, it’s a big deal! 

There is so much that goes into planning a life together as a couple, so it’s only natural that you might experience some conflicts during the planning stages. 

Here are the top five reasons couples argue during the wedding planning process, and how to resolve them - you can find more relationship advice and support on my platform, The Relationship Place

1. Money

Same sex male couple embracing each other after a disagreement

Managing your finances as a couple is one of the biggest causes of disagreements. There can be conflicts in opinions, wishes and wants as you budget for your big day.

Who pays for what in the wedding? What does the big day look like, and how much will that cost? Working out who pays for want can be a big cause of strain for couples.

The solution: when you start to plan your wedding budget, discuss and decide on your wedding priorities together. You may have to compromise, but remember, the day is about the two of you.

2. Interfering In-Laws

Nothing reveals a family’s stress points like their own respective families, and this can ramp up during wedding planning as everyone has their own opinions, values and beliefs. It can cause friction as you try to balance everyone’s ideals with your own.

The solution: Agree that you will both deal with your own respective families, that way no one is placed in a position outside of their comfort zone. Practice politely saying, “Oh, that does sound nice, but we’ve decided to do this.”

3. Mismatched Efforts

Woman resting her head against a man as he sits on the sofa and she perches on the arm
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When one of you is a wedding planning keen bean, and the other is…less fussed, it can lead to feelings of frustration and resentment. 

The solution: Be honest about how you’re feeling, and offer up tasks and wedmin for them to complete to ensure more of an even share.

4. Disagreeing Over Suppliers

There are so many wedding suppliers to choose from, and only so much wedding budget to go around. If you have your heart set on a videographer, and your partner has a certain band in mind, it can cause arguments as you plan your wedding. 

The solution: All you can do here is compromise - review your budget and decide how much you can allocate to each of you for personalised details, or look for more affordable versions of what you both love. 

5. The Guest List

Planning your guest list is hands down one of the biggest sources of stress around planning a wedding. Who do you invite to your wedding? Who can you (tactfully) say, “Sorry, you’re not invited to my wedding,” to?

If your partner wants all of their sports team to attend and you have 40 cousins who you’re super close to, it’s going to cause some issues. 

The solution: Each of you need to write down a list of who you absolutely can’t imagine your day without, plus a B-list of evening guests. Give yourself as even of a split as possible, but remember, you’re both becoming one big family!

If you’re struggling with wedding planning arguments, fortunately couples’ advice platform The Relationship Place is here to help with any gripes, disagreements or conflict any couple might be facing whilst planning their big day. 

The Wedding Planning Plan can help you work through conflict, tricky situations, and help plan what your future together will look like after you’ve said ‘I do’. All through easy access coaching videos which you can watch and work through in your own time straight to your device.

Check out our free Wedding Planning video NOW to get a feel for what’s on offer and then if you like it there’s plenty more.

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