Wedding Readings

Welcome to our library of wedding readings. This page should be able to help you find readings for your wedding, whatever style of wedding you choose to have. The readings vary from religious wedding readings to modern and traditional wedding readings. The readings all vary in length to ensure that whoever is going to deliver the reading at your wedding will be comfortable with whatever you choose for them. Be inspired by the wedding readings featured below and be sure to read through them all in order to find perfect choices for your special celebration.

Most Popular Wedding Readings

These wedding readings are the most popular ones on Hitched for a reason, but will still feel personal at your wedding. Inspiring, full of passion and utterly heartwarming, these non-religious readings are perfect for both a civil ceremony or church wedding.

Traditional Wedding Readings

If you're looking for a wedding reading that's stood the test of time, these traditional wedding readings are ideal. Some guests may have heard these oldies but goodies, while others will be hearing them for the first time. The Velveteen Rabbit is a great reading to have a child give - we guarantee there won't be a dry eye among the guests!

Romantic Wedding Readings

There's plenty of modern wedding readings among the classics in our selection of romantic wedding readings. Love and romance should be at the heart of your wedding day, so choose a beautiful reading to reflect that. If either of you have a favourite novel, that's also a great place to start looking for a meaningful reading.

Religious Wedding Readings

Honour your beliefs with one of these beautiful Bible readings about love. Each one is ideal for a church wedding and demonstrates your love, faith and commitment to one another and God. 1 Corinthians 13 is an enduring testament to love and one of the most popular wedding readings at Hitched HQ.