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35 Totally Emotional Father of the Bride Photos That Will Make You Well Up

Fancy feeling a bit emotional? Check out these gorgeous pictures of brides and their dads - they're guaranteed to make you well up

Everyone knows the father of the bride speech is a huge honour and responsibility. But there’s so many special moments with your Dad on your wedding day that we needed to celebrate them!

We will never get bored of looking at our favourite first look wedding photos – it’s a truly special moment when the bride and groom set eyes on each other for the first time. But something else that always gets us welling up at Hitched is that look of pride on the father of the bride’s face when he sees his daughter and accompanies her down the aisle…prepare to feel super emotional!

We love the slight smile on this father of the bride’s face as he accompanies his daughter down the aisle – you can feel the pride radiating from him.

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Image credit: Ben Bull Photography

We are transfixed by the emotion on this dad’s face – he looks so proud and full of emotional as he sees his girl all dressed up for her wedding.


Image credit: Hayley Baxter Photography

Although you can’t see the bride in this snap by Damian Burcher Photography, you know she is unveiling her bridal look to her bridesmaids and her dad. Judging by their reactions, she looks pretty incredible!


Giving away your daughter to her new husband is always going to be an emotionally charged moment, and you can really see that in this father’s face. The bride looks blissfully calm, but the emotion in his face melts our hearts.


Image credit: DGTL Couture

If your heart wasn’t melted enough, what about this tender moment between a dad and his little girl on the morning of her wedding? It’s enough to make us well up, and the moody black and white film just adds to it.


Image credit: Foden Photography

Much is made of the best man’s speech and the groom’s, but the father of the bride’s speech is a really momentous part of the wedding. He gets to welcome his new son-in-law to the family and tell his daughter how proud he is of her – it was all too much for this dad.


Image credit: Gavin Conlan Photography

You can see the pride in this father’s face and how close they must be – Jon Harper Photography has captured a beautifully intimate moment between the bride and her dad, and we bet this is a picture they’ll both treasure forever.


If you weren’t feeling emotional enough, it’s going to hit you now. Just look at this father of the bride’s face – you can tell he’s fighting back happy tears as his sees his daughter all dressed up for the first time on her wedding day.


Image credit: LC World Photography

We love this snap of a proud dad watching on as his daughter makes her vows to her future husband. The way the out of focus couple frame him is a really beautiful composition.


Image credit: Light Source Weddings

This was clearly one emotional wedding ceremony – we wonder if the couple wrote their own wedding vows? It’s made the father of the bride and the guest behind him both shed tears.


Image credit: Millhill Digital Photography

Quite often you’ll see pretty pictures of the bride being helped into her wedding dress – not so often do you see the bride helping to dress the father of the bride. It’s a cute role reversal!


Image credit: Parkwin Photography

This bride has her eyes on the end of the aisle – presumably on her groom, but we love the way her dad’s eyes are firmly fixed on her. They’re linking arms and holding hands too – so sweet.


Image credit: Rafe Abrook

This dad couldn’t be happier as his daughter fixes his buttonhole to his suit jacket – we love how the choice of boutonniere matches the bride’s flowery wedding hair.


Image credit: Rob Pack Photography

We love how adoringly this bride is looking at her proud father – you can tell it’s the happiest day of her life and he is thrilled to be sharing that moment with her.


Image credit: Stephen Wright Photos

You can see the gravity of the situation on the face of this father of the bride – whilst her smile stretches from ear to ear he’s taking this moment very seriously and is probably trying to imprint every step into his memory.


Image credit: Benni Carol Photography

When Andy saw his daughter, Grace, for the first time on the morning of her wedding he could barely hold it together, as this heart-warming picture from Hayley Baxter Photography shows.


The bride in the picture, captured by Big Fish Photography, looks elated to have reached her groom at the end of the aisle, but study her dad’s face and how he’s holding her hand in both of his. It’s enough to make you well up.


This dapper dad is ready to accompany his daughter on the walk of a life time. We love how photographer Bill Haddon captured the moment he calmly and reassuringly offers his arm to her.


Look at the grin on this dad’s face! We love that Hayley Baxter not only captured that with her expert photography, but also the tender hug between the bride and her dad.


You can’t not feel happy looking at the smiles on the faces of this bride and her dad – it’s clear to see he’s overjoyed to be standing next to such a radiant looking bride.


Image credit: David Bostock Photography

You can see the mixture of pride, happiness and pure emotion on this dad’s face as he nears the end of the aisle with his daughter. It’s always going to be a tiny bit sad to give away your daughter and we’re willing to bet he’s fighting back tears.


Image credit: Foden Photography

This confident dad is grinning just as much as his daughter is – it’s clear he’s a big fan of his new son-in-law and can’t wait to welcome him to the family.


Image credit: Inspired Images

There’s something super touching about seeing a grown man well up, and this snap of a dad fighting back tears as he sees his daughter on her wedding day is beautiful.


Image credit: Jon Harper Photography

Clearly this father’s response was too much for the bride and for her mum – they’ve both been left wiping away tears.


Image credit: Hayley Baxter Photography

This cool father of the bride has got his shades on as he walks his daughter towards her outdoor wedding ceremony – maybe it’s for style points or maybe it’s to hide any stray tears.


Image credit: Light Source Weddings

This bride is delighted to get a hug and a kiss from her dad on the morning of her wedding. You can tell by her facial expression that she got the exact response she wanted from him when he saw her for the first time that morning.


Image credit: It Must Be Love Photography

In another picture from It Must Be Love Photography, this father-daughter duo are about to tear it up on the dance floor! Are you thinking about having a father-daughter dance? We’ve got lots of father-daughter dance song ideas.


Just look at the delight on this dad’s face as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Rob Dodsworth Photography snapped this image at just the right moment.

rob dodsworth father bride

In this clever shot from Philip Burke Photography, you can see that the bride is just as emotional as her dad as they see each other on the morning of her wedding – she is wiping away a tear and he looks simply amazed at how beautiful she looks.


We love this shot of the bride and her dad in the back of the wedding car – your journey to the ceremony with your dad is a great opportunity to spend a precious few moments together and this pair look like they’re having the time of their lives.


Image credit: RRM Photography

This dad looks so proud to be passing his daughter’s hand to her groom – you can see in her face and the tilt of her head how elated she is to be sharing that moment with him.


Image credit: Sandra Reddin Photography

This dad is trying to keep his facial expression under control as he walks his daughter towards her waiting groom – you can tell he’s taking the task seriously and is taking in every moment.


Image credit: Stone Photos

This snap from Wedding Photography to Love makes us feel a little emotional ourselves – the father of the bride has an almost sad expression as he watches his little girl make her vows to her future husband. It’s always going to be hard as a dad to accept your baby is all grown up!


There’s a lot of emotion in this picture from It Must Be Love Photography – we can’t tell if the father of the bride is cracking up with laughter or welling up with emotion – either way, it’s a great snapshot of an emotional moment during the couple’s ceremony. Perhaps there were some funny wedding vows involved…


You can see this dad is trying to hold back the tears as he sees his daughter all dressed up for her wedding – just look at his mouth! You can feel the pride his is feeling just radiating from the picture.


Image credit: Hayley Baxter Photography

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