Father Of The Bride/Groom Example Wedding Speeches

The Father of the Bride speech should be personal and heart-warming and should sound up lifting about his daughter and son-in-law’s future. Your speech should begin by thanking the guests for attending and should acknowledge the Groom’s parents whilst welcoming your new son-in-law to the family.

When preparing your speech, think about what you want to say to your daughter; it may include your bond with her, special memories of her as a child and watching her grow in to the beautiful woman she is today. You can incorporate some funny anecdotes but be sure not to include anything that would embarrass her! If you know the Groom well, you can add a few stories of him too; however, he will get a lot of focus in the Best Man’s speech so you can dedicate this time to your daughter.

You may want to talk about relationships and give some tips to the newly weds. Keep it light and avoid any pessimistic views from spoiling the occasion.

Good luck! Once you have delivered your Father of the Bride speech, you can send us a copy and we’ll add it to our examples to help others.

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Father Of The Bride/Groom Wedding Speeches

Nov 2017
Apr 2001
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Malcolm McElroy
Oct 2010
Aug 2013
Kenny Gregory
Apr 2017
Richard Hale
Jul 2009
Bill Smith
Apr 2012
Howard Hoyt
Jun 2012
frank dartford
Nov 2014
Anthony Bantoft
Jul 2010
Aug 2017
Rick Pearson
Jul 2014
Matt Perkins
May 2013
Jun 2013
John Gregson
Oct 2013
Howard Hoyt
Oct 2012
Adrian Doyle
Jul 2012
Rob Mackay
Jul 2012
Alan Draper
Feb 2009
Leo Mason
Jun 2014
Jack Toll
Aug 2007
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James W
Dec 2011
Terry Barker
May 2015
Bob Westwick
Dec 2011
Andy Thompsett
Apr 2012
Robert Leigh
Feb 2015
David priestley
May 2015
Charlie Fraser
Apr 2016
Gary Huntley
Jun 2015
Steve webb
Jul 2010
Roland Elliott
Sep 2013
Tim O
Jun 2015
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Darren Hurrell
Jul 2007
Giuseppe Pileggi
Aug 2013
Chris Reynolds
Mar 2012
Ken Hastings
Sep 2013
Robert Bonham
Oct 2014
David Rooke
May 2014
John Wheelock
Jun 2009
Andrew Tomlinson
Mar 2014
Andy Hill
Oct 2013
Paul Tanner
Oct 2012
Michael Donoghue
Jul 2006
Dec 2012
Alan Gorton
Nov 2012
Derek Twomlow
Jan 2013
John Hanaghan
Jul 2007
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