Britain’s Scariest Wedding Venues

Fancy the idea of a haunted wedding venue? We've gathered the scariest and spookiest wedding venues in the UK for a truly ghoulish day


Are you and your partner lovers of all things scary? Then what better place to say your vows than in one of these seriously spooky haunted wedding venues?! From harrowing spirits to terrifying tales, these might just be the scariest wedding venues in the UK…


Alnwick Castle, Northumberland


Alnwick Castle is a historical wedding venue steeped in culture, with a magical twist. It doubled up as Hogwarts itself in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

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If that’s not scary enough for you, the castle is also rumoured to play host to its very own hunchback vampire, which is said to stalk the grounds and spread disease in its wake!

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Hampton Court Palace, Surrey


Arguably one of the most famous historic wedding venues in the UK, and once home to King Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is an incredibly interesting place to host your wedding.

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As well as its impressive history, Hampton Court Palace is also home to a fair few ghosts and a variety of haunting ghost stories – including that of Skeletor, The Grey Lady and two of King Henry VIII’s wives, Catherine Howard and Jane Seymour.

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Athelhampton House and Gardens, Dorset


Though it looks unlikely, Athelhampton House is one of the most haunted buildings in the country due to the spirit of a pet ape (no really!). Rumour has it that it was buried alive and still scratches the walls of a secret passageway in the middle of the night…

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If that doesn’t sound scary enough for you, there’s also a pair of fighting ghosts who lay in Athelhampton House’s Great Chamber – are you brave enough to take a look?

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Amberley Castle, West Sussex


Thrill-seeking couples should definitely consider saying their vows in the Grade I listed, 12th century Amberley Castle. It’s a truly stunning wedding venue, rumoured to be haunted by a young girl called Emily who committed suicide there.

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It’s said that your best chance of seeing her ghost is in and around the Herstmonceux room, according to terrified witnesses who’ve experienced her haunting presence.

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Loseley Park, Surrey


Set within 1,400 acres of rolling countryside lies Loseley Park. The dominant ghost in this wedding venue is a woman in brown, who has apparently been spotted on the staircase…

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It’s believed that she commutes to nearby Baynards Park to spend time with their ghost, the headless Sir Thomas Moore – who’d have thought it!?

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Ackergill Tower, Caithness


Ackergill Tower is a magnificent Scottish wedding venue which dates back to the 14th century. Its grandeur and grounds are truly spectacular and make the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous wedding.

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The ghost you’re most likely to see here is that of Helen Gunn, an abductee who fell from one of the towers whilst trying to escape. Her ghost, otherwise known as ‘the green lady’, is now said to regularly haunt the tower she was once kept in.

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Farnham Castle, Surrey


Located in the picturesque village of Farnham lies Farnham Castle, a beautiful wedding venue with a few supernatural guests residing there.

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The castle is said to be home to a ghostly monk, phantom-like voices and ghostly children running across the upper balcony. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the shadowed figure which haunts the guardroom, and the young girl who lives on the staircase.

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Berkley Castle, Gloucestershire


Berkley Castle is one of the most beautiful-looking wedding venues, but its harrowing history is what really draws us to it. Visitors can still see the deep dungeon where rotting animal carcasses were once thrown, and sometimes – it’s rumoured – accompanied by that of humans.

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Edward II suffered a gruesome death here and it’s said you can still hear his harrowing screams from the hot poker torture at the castle.

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Lumley Castle, Durham


Situated in the town of Chester-le-Street, is former 14th century manor house Lumley Castle. Believed to be the most haunted place in County Durham, Lumley Castle is a seriously scary venue.

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The ghost of Lady Lily Lumley is likely to accompany you and your guests on your wedding day at Lumley Castle, along with phantom children, a ghostly apparition of a man and the joker of the group, the phantom Black Jack.

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Nonsuch Mansion, Surrey


Nonsuch Mansion is a Georgian manor house which is located in Nonsuch Park – a stunning setting that’s haunted by shadowy figures and the sound of ghostly cheers attending a banquet.

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This is the perfect wedding venue for couples who want a spooky story to tell their guests, but don’t want to marry in an actual haunted wedding venue.

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Elvey Farm, Kent


Elvey Farm is located in Pluckley, also known as the most haunted village in England – but wait, it gets spookier…

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The village woods are said to be home to around 16 ghosts, whilst the farm itself has just one supernatural friend – a military man who calls the stairs within the barn his home.

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Seckford Hall Hotel, Suffolk


The old Tudor house, Seckford Hall, is steeped in spooky history – it’s said to be haunted by Sir Thomas Seckford himself, who’s been spotted wandering the halls in the dead of the night.

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Don’t let that scare you away though. The hotel has also played host to an Ed Sheeran music video, so it can’t be that scary!

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