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Dream Job Alert: How to Become an Engagement Ring Tester!

When we think about our dream job, never in a million years did we ever imagine 'Engagement Ring Tester' would become a real-life career prospect - here's how you apply...

Person holding multiple stunning engagement rings
Lily Arkwright

Person holding multiple stunning engagement rings
Lily Arkwright

Dream jobs span across all industries. Some people dream of being an astronaut, a professional football player, a theater performer or even a member of the circus.

Here at Hitched HQ, when we close our eyes, we dream about sparkling, dazzling engagement rings - so imagine our delight when we discovered there’s such a thing as an ‘Engagement Ring Tester’ - and the best bit - the salary is equivalent to £2,000 for just one day’s work... Before you buy an engagement ring, why not test lots out first?

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Hiring: Get Your Dream Job as an Engagement Ring Tester

diamond engagement ring with single oval diamond and a diamond encrusted band
Lily Arkwright

Sustainable and ethical jewellery retailer Lily Arkwright are on the hunt for two lucky individuals to become their official engagement ring testers. With a salary of up to £2,000 for one day’s work (that’s more than £250 an hour!) and the chance to surround yourself with sensational diamond jewellery, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. 

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First thing’s first, what does an engagement ring tester need to do? 

This particular job requires the chosen candidates to take part in a full day of ring testing. The role requires employees to test several dazzling diamond rings, focussing particularly on the engagement ring style, practicality and sparkliness. The range of rings being tested are all lab-grown diamond and moissanite engagement rings which range in style, cut and composition. 

stunning vintage diamond ring with gold band, sapphire diamond and a vintage diamond halo
Lily Arkwright

After you’ve completed all that hard work testing and trying out the stunning selection at Lily Arkwright, it’s time for your payment. The two chosen candidates will, as their salary for the day, get to choose a diamond ring up to the value of £2,000 as a thank you for your tough labour. For a 7.5 hour day, that’s a £267/hour salary for giving feedback on diamond rings - not bad hey?

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Perfect for those who think a promotion to fiancé(e) could be around the corner, what better way to derive your perfect engagement ring style than a full day of trying and testing some out. Even if you already have a ring on your finger, or have no interest in getting engaged whatsoever - who’d say no to being surrounded by glistening diamonds for the day?

simple diamond engagement ring with single stone and silver band
Lily Arkwright

If you’re wondering how you can get your hands on an opportunity like this, it’s pretty simple. Applications to the competition held by sustainable and ethical jewellery retailer Lily Arkwright are open until 15th September. All they need from you is a photograph and an interesting fact about why you’d be perfect for the role. For full terms and conditions and the chance to enter, click here.

While you wait to hear back from this job of a lifetime, browse our edit of iconic celebrity engagement rings - there's some seriously big rocks to swoon over!