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The Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2022: 46 Rings to Bookmark

If you’re planning to propose in 2022, don’t go ring shopping without our guide to the engagement ring trends to have on your radar. Discover the styles that will definitely get a ‘yes’...

White man's hand wearing a black and white wristband holding a red ring box with a white gold and diamond oval halo ring inside

For a timeless piece of jewellery symbolising eternal love, picking an engagement ring with trends in mind may seem counterintuitive, but hear us out. Taking in the latest engagement ring trends, whether influenced by celebrity engagement rings, fashion or advancements in technology (lab grown diamonds, we’re looking at you), can help you to identify your partner’s unique style and engagement ring priorities. From a twist on a classic halo ring to sustainable jewellery upcycling ideas that’ll give a family heirloom a new lease of life, engagement ring trends needn’t be flash in the pan. The latest trends can provide essential inspiration in a crowded market and ensure that you propose with a ring that’s truly tailored to the recipient. 

Not sure what’s hot? We asked the experts for their engagement ring trend predictions for 2022, and they had tip-offs aplenty. Read on to discover the most requested settings, the gemstones setting hearts aflutter and how Bridgerton has had an effect on engagement ring design (yes, really). 

The 6 Biggest Engagement Rings Trends for 2022

Trend 1: Trilogy Engagement Rings 

White couple in black leather jackets joining hands with the woman wearing a white gold diamond trilogy ring and a white manicure

Three jewels on a band certainly isn’t considered a crowd – jewellers report that three stone engagement rings are soaring in popularity. “For the last year or so, we've experienced renewed enthusiasm for trilogy designs”, says award winning bespoke jewellery designer Rachel Boston. “A trilogy ring is quite a timeless, classic design, but we believe that this renewed interest has to do with the fact that there is also a lot of space to play around with different design elements, which allows the wearer's personality to shine through.”

The best way to leave your mark on a traditional trilogy setting? “Particular favourite styles of trilogy ring at the moment include a mix of sapphires and diamonds, with white diamonds framing the more unusual coloured central stone for a very pretty finish”, explains Rachel. “All-white diamond designs with more unique cuts for the side stones, such as kite or epaulette diamonds, are also sought after”. 

Rachel puts the surge in popularity of trilogy engagement rings down to their versatility. “These are rings that will stand the test of time, but still make a statement - they represent a perfect balance of personality and classic elegance”, says Rachel. “There are endless possible variations and we've really enjoyed bringing our clients' unique ideas for their trilogies to life lately. We definitely see this as a major engagement ring trend that will carry on throughout 2022 and beyond.” 

1. Rita Ring – £4,600, Rachel Boston

Gold ring with a large round diamond centre stone and two smaller diamonds either side

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2. Oval Blue Sapphire Trio Ring – £2,340, Shimell Madden

Gold ring with a central oval dark blue sapphire and two round white diamonds either side

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3. Diamond Modern Trilogy Ada Ring – £8,275, Ruberg 

Gold band with three white diamonds lined up in ascending size

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4. 14 Karat Yellow Gold and Diamond Trilogy Band – £3,900, Ila 

Woman with olive skin and a light pink manicure in a white t-shirt wearing a white diamond trilogy ring with a square shaped diamond at the centre with two round diamonds either side on a gold band

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5. Essential Trilogy Ring – £POA, Budrevich 

White gold trilogy ring with a central round white diamond surrounded by two pear cut diamonds

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6. Davia Ring – £4,350,  Michelle Oh

Yellow gold trilogy ring with a hexagonal yellow diamond at the centre and two triangle cut white diamonds either side

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7. Round Cut Peach Morganite Ring – £950, Mejuri

Mixed race woman with freckles and auburn curls wearing a triple stone ring on a gold band with a round morganite and two asymmetric round white diamonds of different sizes to the left

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8. Phoebe Green Sapphire Trilogy Engagement Ring – £2,470, EC One 

Gold trilogy ring with a central olive coloured oval sapphire stone and two pear cut diamonds either side

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9. Yellow Sapphire Trilogy Ring – £4,000, Sophia Perez 

Gold trilogy ring with a central oval yellow sapphire and two pear cut white diamonds either side

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10. Beekeeper Three Diamond Trilogy Ring – £2,895, Alex Monroe 

Ornate floral gold ring with bee details and a central round white diamond and two asymmetric round white diamonds of different sized above it

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Trend 2: Brown Gemstones 

Close-up of white woman's hand wearing a gold band with a central light brown diamond and a diamond studded wedding band below it

In the rainbow of engagement ring jewel options, brown hues may seem to be the underdog, but for 2022 they’re anything but according to Arabel Lebrusan, founder of Lebrusan Studio

“In recent months, we've witnessed a surge in demand for gemstones in warm, autumnal hues – a trend that we can definitely see persisting throughout 2022”. There’s a brown gem to suit every taste and skin tone too, as Arabel explains that “the earthy colour range spans from peach to champagne, honey, chocolate, taupe, grey and everything in between, making for a surprisingly rich pool of options.”

The surge in interest in engagement rings featuring brown gemstones is multifactorial too. “Brown stones are easy to wear, complemented by any metal colour and they’re often slightly more affordable than rarer and historically more 'desirable' hues”, explains Arabel. “It's no wonder that brown sapphires and diamonds are proving to be such a hit with many a modern day suitor.”

11. Hebe Antique Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring – £POA, Lebrusan Studio

White woman's hand wearing a half eternity style gold engagement ring with a round cognac coloured diamond at its centre with a diamond studded wedding band underneath

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12. Fancy Champagne Diamond Ring – £2,333.88, Amberjack Jewellery 

Gold band with a round champagne diamond at its centre

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13. Aura Fancy Brown Round Brilliant Diamond Ring – £4,075, De Beers

Olive skinned woman with short dark hair wearing a diamond studded white halo engagement ring with a round brown diamond central stone

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14. Feather Ring with Champagne Diamond – £4,650, Ellie Air

Modern gold band with triangular detail with a diamond shaped brown gem at its centre

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15. Emory Fancy Brown Ring – £3,360, Hatton Garden Diamond London

Hald eternity gold halo band with a speckled central brown diamond

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16. Cognac Diamond Strata Ring – £5,500, Shivani Chorwadia

Matte gold ring with graphic oblong details and an emerald cut brown diamond at the centre

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17. Aditi Gold Sherry Diamond Constellation Ring – £2,600, Flora Bhattachary 

White woman in a white shirt wearing a flower shaped gold wing with white diamond petals and a round central sherry diamond

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18. Cushion Brown Diamond Ring – £10,200, Fernando Jorge 

Olive skinned woman wearing a double banded silver ring with a cushion cut brown diamond at its centre

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19. Le Vian Strawberry Gold and Chocolate Diamond Ring – £1750, Ernest Jones 

Strawberry gold ring with ornate beading and white diamond halo and half eternity details and a central square chocolate diamond

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Trend 3: Pear and Oval Engagement Rings

White male jeweller holding an oval diamond white gold halo ring in both hands with jewellery tools in front of him

Jewellery designer and certified gemologist Emma Clarkson Webb has noticed engagement rings changing shape recently. “I’m hardly seeing any requests for round cuts at the moment”, reveals Emma. “This is unusual but I suspect that people are looking for more unusual cuts.” Emma predicts that the shapes set to win our hearts for 2022 are Hollywood influenced. “Pear-shaped and oval diamonds are hugely popular at the moment – perhaps the latter is down to the Kourtney Kardashian and Hailey Beiber effect?”. Kourtney and Hailey’s oval diamond engagement rings may feature diamonds the size of gobstoppers, but you don’t need to go big for high impact – unusual placements and coloured stones can set your engagement ring design apart. “Colour still reigns supreme”, says Emma, “particularly green and yellow stones. I’m also making a lot of rings using sapphire, tsavorite and tourmaline centre stones.”

Even simply your metal choice can subtly enhance the beauty of a pear or oval engagement ring. “White gold really helps a diamond pop in its setting and makes the stone appear that it’s floating”, explains Emma. “Yellow gold is as popular as ever: it really does have the most flattering hue which works on any skin tone.” 

20. The Hover Ring – from £1,094, Vrai

Gold band with Vrai engraved on the inside with a floating upright pear cut diamond at the centre

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21. The Helena Ring – £1,995, Kimaï

White woman in a cream coat and light blue jumper wearing a wavy diamond studded band with an oval diamond floating at the centre

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22. Soleste Pear-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – £29,200 Tiffany & Co

Hald eternity white gold halo ring with a pear cut yellow diamond at the centre

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23. Solid Gold Athena Green Tourmaline Ring – £2,200, Maya Magal

White woman with a light pink manicure wearing a gold ring with a large oval green tourmaline stone at the centre

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24. Contour Solitaire Engagement Ring – £1,115, Vashi

Olive skinned woman in an olive green silk dress wearing a gold ring with a sharp pear cut white diamond at its centre

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25. Mia 18 Karat Gold Fine Sapphire and Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring – £2,125, Dinny Hall

Brown skinned woman with dark hair wearing a sideways oval diamond halo ring with a thin white gold band

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26. Luminaire Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring – from £2,660, Budrevich

White diamond halo ring with an upside down pear cut diamond at the centre

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27. Lantana Ring – £1,260, Taylor & Hart

White gold band with a small round red ruby inlaid, an oval white diamond at the centre surrounded by three diamond petals either side of the central stone

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28. Oval Engagement Ring – £3,600, Lily Kamper 

Gold half eternity band with bright sapphire shoulders and a central pink tourmaline oval stone

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Trend 4: Alternative and Hidden Halo Rings

Close-up of black woman's hand against pink fabric wearing a double diamond encrusted band with a central diamond and a hidden diamond halo beneath it

Halos are as hot ever – all of the expert jewellers featured namechecked halo settings as especially in demand. As for what’s new, halos are becoming more low key for 2022, as Arseniy Budrevich, founder of Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio, explains that “halos are increasingly being set with smaller melee stones, creating a more delicate look than the chunkier halos of years past.” 

“Another trend that we predict will continue its upward trajectory in the coming year is the hidden halo setting”, states Arseniy. A hidden halo is a band of diamonds or gemstones that sits below the central stone rather than around it, and that can only be seen from profile view. Basically, it’s a sparkling secret until you look a little closer. “Hidden halo settings are perfect for lovers of understated beauty and clean craftsmanship”, says Arseniy. “This style of design has greatly benefitted from the increased use of microscopes for setting in the British jewellery industry, allowing smaller stones to be set with great accuracy”. In short – your halo’s never looked so polished. 

In addition to small, precision placed diamonds, mixed metals halos are major according to Emma. “Mixed metals are having a real moment; my clients are combining yellow and white gold and rose and white gold which delivers a really lovely, impactful look.”

29. Haven Diamond Engagement Ring – £1,005, Brilliant Earth

Close of of woman holding a gold ring with a central diamond in a claw and a small diamond halo visible from a side profile

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30. Ophelia Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring – from £2,440, Budrevich

Platinum ring with a central diamond and hidden white diamond halo below it with a diamond bridge underneath the hidden halo

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31. Zara Ring – £2,000, Savvy + Sand

Close-up of white woman's hand wearing a rose and white gold mixed metal double halo ring with beading details and a round white diamond at the centre

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32. Emerald Modern Halo Engagement Ring – £POA, Ana de Costa 

Gold ring with a large emerald at it's centre, mixed round and baguette cut diamond halo and hidden round diamonds below the halo

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33. Beyond Brilliance White Gold and Rose Gold Diamond Halo Ring – £2,250,  Beaverbrooks

White gold halo ring with a hidden rose gold bow beneath the halo with a small diamond at its centre

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34. Eva Ring – £6,500, Rachel Boston

Hexagonal sapphire, white diamond and white gold halo ring set on a gold band

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35. Dark Halo Sapphire Ring – £575, Lark & Berry

Rose gold band with a light pink sapphire at its centre and a halo of pave set diamonds on a blackened gold base

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Trend 5: Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage Art Deco style square diamond halo ring with floral diamond shoulders and a diamond encrusted brand against a dark green foliage background

We all know that fresh trends draw on the past, but who knew that Netflix could have such an influence on engagement ring trends? Arabel explains all. 

“Driven by the likes of Bridgerton, The Crown and Spencer, next year we expect to see an ever-increasing appreciation of timeless and romantic designs. Be it an uptake in second-hand relics or thoughtfully vintage-inspired designs, we anticipate a surge in demand for rubies and sapphires, halo settings and emblematic details.” Whether modelled on a vintage style, or the real deal, retro rings have eternal appeal.

36. Edwardian Gold, Ruby & Diamond Triple Cluster Ring – £1,875, The Antique Jewellery Company

Close-up of white woman's hand wearing a dark ruby trilogy ring with diamond halos around each ruby

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37. Sapphire Ring with a Diamond Halo – £1,087, The Diamond Store

Close-up of white woman's hand wearing an oval sapphire double halo ring with a thick diamond encrusted white gold band

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38. The Vintage Ring – from £2,850, Fenton

Close-up of black woman's hand wearing an oval ruby white gold double halo ring

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39. 18 Karat Gold Opal and Diamond Cluster Ring – £2,800 Kojis

Gold band with a large round diamond halo and an oval opal stone at its centre

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40. Edwardian Gold and Platinum, Diamond and Sapphire Cluster Ring – £1,950, The Antique Jewellery Company 

Close-up of white woman's hand with a white manicure wearing a floral style sapphire and white diamond halo ring with a gold band

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41. Emmeline Antique Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring – £2,670, The Vintage Ring Company

White woman with a light pink manicure wearing an asymmetric three diamond ring with a large round diamond on its centre on a curved white gold band

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42. Bespoke Vintage Style Ring, £POA, Rachel Boston

Gold band with an oval light green stone at its centre surrounded by a striped gold ring and halo of small white diamonds

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43. Debutante Ruby & Diamond  Ring – £2,200, Aspinal of London

Oval ruby gold halo ring with white diamond shoulders

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Trend 6: Upcycled Heirlooms

Couple on a rug on the beach in front of a fire holding hands with the woman wearing a square cut diamond halo ring

It’s not just vintage rings that are en vogue – giving second hand jewellery a new lease of life makes for a bespoke engagement ring with history as well as personality. Arabel illustrates why upcycling an heirloom will find real ground going into 2022.

“Two years into the pandemic, we are perhaps more appreciative of life’s simple pleasures than ever before; of family, togetherness and collective memories. Be it melting down and reusing some inherited gold, modernising an aged design or rehoming an old gemstone in a new band, upcycling an heirloom is an incredibly romantic way to honour family legacy and bring a special piece of your past into your future.”

Reusing jewels isn't just for nostalgia’s sake, either. “In the context of a climate emergency, consumer demand for sustainable metals, gemstones and manufacturing is higher than ever before”, emphasis Arabel. “Remodelling is an opportunity to create a brand new jewel with minimal requirement for new materials; small in environmental impact but huge in sentimental value.”

44. Bespoke Antique Diamond Engagement Ring – £POA, Lebrusan Studio

Close-up of white woman's hand wearing a round diamond solitaire white gold engagement ring

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45. Remodelled Ring – £POA, EC One

Gold double stranded band with a hexagonal white diamond at the centre and two round white diamonds either side with beaded edging

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46. Five Stone Antique Diamond Ring – £3,650, Ruth Tomlinson 

Beaded rustic gold ring with five diamonds on the band, with the central round diamond being the largest

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