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Celebrities Who Got Engaged on TV: Who's Still Together & Who Isn't?

From TOWIE proposals and strip-tease celebrations to Kardashian proposals caught on camera, here are some of the most iconic celebrity proposals that took place on TV...

Tommy Mallet down on one knee proposing to girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou

Are you ready to take your obsession with reality TV couples one step further? We hope so as we've taken a serious trip down memory lane and put together a list of celebrity couples who got engaged on TV. Is there anything more iconic than a reality TV proposal? We think not...

Celebrity engagements in recent years have become bigger and better than ever before! From Kravis's sea of red roses to engaged lass Vicky Pattison's dreamy Dubai proposal - the sky is the limit when it comes to insane engagement announcements from the stars.

With more and more elaborate proposals popping up from our favourite celebrity couples, it got us thinking about on-screen proposals. How could we forget the good old days when the TOWIE gang were popping the question left, right and centre? And who could forget the two Geordie Shore proposals - one of them even used an aeroplane message, remember?

The Most Iconic On-Screen Celebrity Proposals From Throwbacks to Current Couples

Join us on our reality TV tour where we revisit some of the most iconic on-screen proposals from reality television. Some of these will feel like full-blown throwbacks which will have you questioning your age (join the club!), while others are scarily recent, proving that the days where celebrities give us a front-row seat into their relationships are far from over - thank God!

Prepare to reminisce some of the most amazing moments in TV history from some of our favourite reality TV couples - some of them are actually still together, too!

1. Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian being held up by Travis Barker infront of a dea of roses after they got engaged

Relationship Status: Married!

We thought our front row seats to the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner clan were over for good when they announced the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians - but boy were we wrong. Season 1 of their new series, The Kardashians (now on Hulu) saw one of the most iconic on-screen proposals, like, ever!

Travis Barker’s getting down on one knee to ask Kourtney Kardashian to marry him was undoubtedly one of the biggest moments to be shown on reality TV, and let's be honest, there's some pretty steep competition.

Despite the fact that Kourtney and Travis's engagement was leaked to the press almost instantly when it happened, followed by the pair both sharing the news on their social media, Kardashian fans still went wild for the moment it was shown on TV some months later. Whether you love them or feel quite the opposite, there's no doubting this family are somewhat of a phenomenon for reality TV fans.

You can read all about Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's three weddings here - yes, you read that right, we said three!

2. Mario Falcone & Lucy Mecklenburgh - TOWIE

Relationship Status: Split Up

Whilst Mario Falcone is now happily married with a son, and Lucy Meck is engaged with two children, we still can't quite seem to get past the moment Mario got down on one knee, on a yacht, in front of TOWIE film crew and popped the question to his then-girlfriend.

Mario and Lucy dated over a decade ago in the early days of TOWIE. Their relationship was plagued with cheating rumours on both sides, including Lucy's night of passion with co-star Mark Wright and Mario's infidelity with a Sugar Hut 'honey'. 

Though we did love the drama of this pair, splitting up was probably for the best as both of them seem incredibly happy with their partners. Mario married his partner Becky Miesner in a romantic Italian ceremony, while Lucy and Ryan Thomas's nuptials are a 2023 celebrity wedding we're hoping to see. 


3. Mark Wright & Lauren Goodger - TOWIE

Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger smiling at the camera while being photographed at a TOWIE event
Getty Images / Wire Image / Mike Marsland

Relationship Status: Split Up

The second TOWIE proposal to make the list is one of reality TV's most famous couples. Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger's on-and-off relationship was tumultuous, but boy did we love them. Their eventful 11 years together dominated the early series' of TOWIE. We watched them break up, make up and we even got to witness Lauren pushing Mark into a pool in front of all his friends - legendary!

But it was Mark's proposal to Lauren that sticks in our head the most. For a couple who were so rocky most of the time, we couldn't believe our eyes when Mark popped the question. The pair had been together for so long, more than ten years at that point!

Mark proposed to Lauren in episode two of the 2011 series. Despite our high hopes, they didn't last. Mark is now happily married to actress Michelle Keegan while the lovely Lauren has had a trickier time in the love department but has gone on to start a family with partner Charlie Drury. 

4. Ricky Rayment & Marnie Simpson - Geordie Shore

Relationship Status: Split Up

From one addictive reality TV show to another. Geordie Shore saw two proposals, the more recent of the two, and by recent we mean 2015, was the moment TOWIE boy Ricky Rayment asked Geordie lass Marnie Simpson to marry him. We're just going to come out and say it, this has to be one of the most awkward reality TV moments in history. At one point, we were pretty sure Marnie was about to say no!

The couple first got together at an National Television Awards after-party in January 2015. It was only five months into their relationship in June that Ricky popped the question, and three months after that that they split up. If that's not a whirlwind relationship, we're not sure what is...

5. Joey Essex & Sam Faiers - TOWIE

Sam Faiers wearing a v-neck red satin dress and matching lipstick, smiling next to Joey Essex wearing a pale blue shirt at an event
Getty Images / Film Magic / Fred Duval

Relationship Status: Split Up

Here's a celebrity couple you will have forgotten all about! Die-hard TOWIE fans will agree that the early seasons featured several unexpected pairings, none more so than Sam Faiers and Joey Essex. Sam began her time on the Essex franchise dating Mark Wright after he split from his ex-fiancé Lauren Goodger. Their fling was short-lived and she soon began dating happy chappy Joey Essex. 

The couple first got together in 2010 but split just a year later. It was clear Joey never fully got over Sam, and the pair reconciled a year later in 2011. In 2012, Joey became the second cast member to pop the question on-air.

After the proposal, the pair celebrated at their engagement party where they were treated (if that's the right word...) to a strip tease by fellow cast members including James Locke and Dan Osbourne. 

6. Maeva D’Ascanio & James Taylor - Made in Chelsea

Relationship Status: Still Engaged

Made in Chelsea star Maeva D'Ascanio made headlines when she decided to go against tradition and propose to her boyfriend James Taylor in an episode of the popular reality TV show. Fans and co-stars were shocked at the romantic gesture from the fiery cast-member, but we think it was pretty cool.

Maeva has never tried to hide the fact that she really wants to get married and have kids, and, clearly, she got tired of waiting for her boyfriend to get down on one knee, so she did it herself. Though we think her proposal was incredibly bold and cool, James didn't exactly agree.

He turned down Maeva's proposal, only to pop the question to her just one month later during a tip to Italy - the footage of this proposal was also aired on the show.

These two have been pretty busy in the last year, with not one, but two on-screen proposals and the small matter of documenting their pregnancy and birth of their first child on TV. 

7. Georgia Kousoulou & Tommy Mallet - Baby Steps

Tommy Mallet down on one knee proposing to girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou

Relationship Status: Still Engaged

After getting together on TOWIE in 2014, Georgia and Tommy have become the show's longest and most successful relationship with more than eight years under their belts. Before their on-screen proposal, Georgia and Tommy experienced another huge relationship milestone when they welcomed their first child together, Brody, on 5th May 2021. 

Whilst on-set, filming their show, Georgia & Tommy: Baby Steps, Tommy decided it was time to pop the question to the mother of his child. Choosing the perfect location, Tommy got down on one knee whilst the family were on holiday in Mexico. He proposed to Georgia under a pergola, surrounded by roses with views of the ocean at sunset as their backdrop.

Tommy admitted that his proposal inspiration was from none other than Kravis - a fellow TV proposal couple. Love these two as much as we do? You can find out everything you need to know about Georgia and Tommy's wedding plans here. 

8. Vicky Pattison & Ricci Guarnaccio - Geordie Shore

Relationship Status: Split Up

Rounding off this iconic list is none other than Geordie lass, Queen of the Jungle and Loose Woman, Vicky Pattison. We adore Vicky's love of love. Ever since she burst onto our screens in Geordie Shore back in 2011, Vicky has made it no secret that she loves being in love, and we watched that on screen for the first time when her and them-boyfriend Ricci Guarnaccio took their relationship to the next level.

The pair's rocky relationship was well documented on the early series' of Geordie Shore, but Ricci was besotted by Vicky and decided to propose to her during a cast trip to Mexico. He took her for a romantic meal and arranged for a plane to fly over with the words, 'Will you marry me?' trailing behind. 

Their love wasn't meant to be, and we can't say we're disappointed because right now, we've never seen Vicky happier. Proving everything happens for a reason, Vicky is now planning her dream wedding to fiancé Ercan Ramadan. She's head over heels!

Find out everything you need to know about Vicky Pattison and Ercan Ramadan's wedding plans here. 

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