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4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: 27 Fruit, Flower, Appliance, Linen & Blue Topaz Presents

From floral themed presents to handy home appliances and blue topaz bling, we've got your four year wedding anniversary gift covered

Chocolate coated strawberries

If you’re approaching your fourth wedding anniversary and are in need of some four year wedding anniversary gift inspiration, you can relax. We’ve done all the hard work for you and sourced the best presents available to buy right now, for a range of budgets.

The traditional gifts for the fourth year of marriage are based around flowers and fruit, a theme that’s surprisingly easy to adapt to suit your other half’s tastes. From vibrantly fruity gin (yes, please) to gifts that will keep your partner busy in the garden, there are plenty of ideas here to suit everyone.

"Flowers make the perfect fourth anniversary gift as what says 'I love you' more than flowers! As far as romantic gestures go, there is nothing more lovely than to be surprised by receiving a gorgeous bunch of flowers with a thoughtful message," says Chloe Hooper, brand manager at The Happy Blossoms

If you’re just not feeling the fruity, floral vibes, you can go for the more modern approach to fourth anniversary gifting and splash out on some appliances or stick with UK tradition and gift something made from linen. Alternatively, you can surprise your significant other with something made from the fourth anniversary gemstone, blue topaz.

Whichever tradition you choose to go for, each and every one of these fourth wedding anniversary gifts are guaranteed to earn you some serious brownie points. You can thank us after you’ve added them to your basket!

Before we get into things, we've highlighted the most popular picks in our edit for some speedy shopping:

Traditional 4 Year Anniversary Gift: Fruit, Flowers and Linen

Our friends across the pond generally keep to the tradition of fruit and flower wedding anniversary gifts for the fourth wedding anniversary, with many calling it ‘the flower anniversary’. As fruit and flower-themed gifts make for pretty awesome presents, plenty of people here in the UK like to stick with this too. Traditional four year anniversary gifts in the UK also see presents made from linen, such as cushions and unique fabric prints. 

4 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

1. Manchester Raspberry Gin – £38.74, Amazon

Bottle of pink raspberry gin

It’s safe to say that gin is having a moment and the more we become obsessed with the stuff, the more clever creators distil unique flavours and combinations. This raspberry gin from Manchester Gin will not only look stylish on your bar cart, but it will also go down very nicely indeed on a summer evening together, making it a great 4 year anniversary gift for her.

This tipple has a delicious taste of raspberries with a slight aroma of citrus, juniper berries and rose. One review even said that, "This is one of the nicest gins that I have ever tasted."

Pros & Cons: Gin tastes best when mixed with tonic or lemonade - we recommend popping a few cans in with this bottle so it can be enjoyed straight away. 

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2. Floral Tote Bag – £27, Hitched Shop

Pink and white floral tote bag

This floral tote bag is as practical as it is pretty and would make the ideal gift for a partner who is always on the go. With soft rope straps and a fabulous watercolour floral pattern, we're sure it'll be their new everyday bag. Plus, it can even be personalised with your loved one's name. 

"The magnetic snap closure is the best," says one reviewer - you won't have to worry about your belongings falling out but there is no fiddly catch to contend with. 

Pros & Cons: If this design isn't to your taste, it also comes in a tropical floral print and a pineapple pattern which both fit into the fruit and flower wedding anniversary theme. 

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3. Premium Flower Bouquet – from £35, Marks & Spencer

Colourful floral bouquet

Flowers never fail to put a smile on the face of the receiver and we expect that smile to be that bit wider when the flowers in question come from Marks & Spencer. These luxury bouquets stand out from the rest in terms of design and quality adding an opulent twist to the always-appreciated gift of flowers.

"If you're really struggling to decide on what to get your other half as a four year wedding anniversary gift, you're on safe grounds opting for flowers," says Zoe Burke, Editor of Hitched. "Marks & Spencer offer next day flower delivery which might just be a life-saver."

Pros & Cons: There are only a few variations to choose from as Marks & Spencer stick to seasonal blooms - this means your bouquet will be the best quality and the flowers will stay fresher for longer. 

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4. Fresh Fig & Cassis Townhouse Candle – £96, Jo Malone

Fresh fig and cassis Jo Malone candle

A Jo Malone candle is a fail-safe gifting classic and something that just about anyone would appreciate. Fresh, floral and fruity, this candle will fill the room with a glorious scent without even being lit so it'll last ages. One shopper described the fragrance as "warm and inviting." 

Why not use this wild fig and cassis scented candle to light up your table as you share a romantic home-cooked anniversary meal?

Pros & Cons: The candle pot is minimalistic and understated meaning it'll fit with any home interiors. Perhaps this was one of your wedding candles?

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5. Floral Bath Bombs – £19.50, Quintessentially English

Floral bath bombs

Surprise your love with some candles, a glass of wine and a hot bubble bath filled with these floral beauties. This adorable gift is packaged in a pretty box and the sweet-smelling bombs are decorated with a variety of pressed flowers too.

Each bath bomb is hand made from sustainably sourced oils and butters that'll leave their skin soft to the touch and smelling glorious. 

Pros & Cons: They'll look just as pretty on the bathroom side as they will in the bath. Some of the products have glitter in them so the bath will need to be washed out after use. 

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6. The Wildflower Prairie Dried Bunch – £37, The Happy Blossoms

Colourful dried flower bunch

For beautiful blooms that will last a lifetime, look no further than The Happy Blossoms who offer on-trend dried bouquets. This gorgeous arrangement is perfect for a wedding anniversary and is inspired by wanders through a wildflower meadow - it'll brighten up any room. 

It's Chloe Hooper, brand manager at The Happy Blossoms recommendation: "If the recipient prefers dried flowers and something that they can have as a reminder of their anniversary gift for the year ahead then I would recommend The Wildflower Prairie dried flower bunch! With a gorgeous soft neutral colour palette of dried flowers, this is such a romantic and personal gift to mark a special anniversary."

Pros & Cons: If kept out of direct sunlight, this bunch will last a lifetime. You can mix and match them with fresh blooms throughout the year. 

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7. Personalised Birthflower Bracelet – £24, Bloom Boutique

Floral bracelet

We’ve got a soft spot for these cute bracelets from Bloom Boutique. Each bracelet comes with a unique flower charm for the month of your partner’s birth, set with a piece of their birthstone. This personal gift is guaranteed to hit your partner right in the feels.

"A special piece of jewellery is one of my favourite ideas for a wedding anniversary as your partner can wear it everyday and think of you," says Rima Barakeh, Deputy Editor of Hitched. "This bracelet is the perfect pick as it is simple enough to be worn on the daily and the personalised aspect shows you've put thought into it." 

Pros & Cons: You can choose from silver or rose gold depending on your partner's jewellery taste. You'll also receive a free ribbon-tied gift box and card. 

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8. Pink Linen Rose – £36, Etsy

Pink linen rose

Thinking outside the box for your four year wedding anniversary can be tricky but this rose is just the ticket. It is made from soft pink linen so it ticks two checkboxes - flowers and linen. Available in pink or ivory, one shopper said, "This beautiful rose so pretty and expertly made - mine is in a vase on my dressing table and looks so lovely." 

Pros & Cons: The vase isn't included but we reckon a single flower stem jar is all you'll need to finish this gift off. 

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4 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

9. Grow Your Own Blueberry Jam – £46, The Gluttonous Gardener

Grow your own blueberries kit

Fruit represents how much your marriage has grown and developed by the fourth year, kind of like how fruit ripens. If you plan to give your partner a present with a fruity twist, take a look at this jam-making kit from The Gluttonous Gardner.

You’ll get easy-to-grow blueberry bushes and a recipe for a delicious jam, so you can enjoy the fruits of your fruit for months to come – yum!

Pros & Cons: Personalised jam jar labels are included. They can be grown in a pot on a balcony or small garden if you have less space. 

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10. Personalised Pineapple Print – £25, Michael Stephen Carter

Personalised black and white pineapple print

You certainly can’t go wrong with a romantic quote print, but if this is not really your style then this fun print with a cheeky fruit themed pun would make a fantastic fruit-inspired gift! Guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this joyfully fruity print once they clock it on your wall.

It is available in A3 or A4 so can fit in a number of different spaces and can be framed for an additional fee. 

Pros & Cons: The black and white finish gives a sophisticated edge to this illustration. 

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11. Fruity Coffee Subscription – £90, Letter Box Hamper

Coffee subscription set

This coffee lovers’ three-month subscription box is a modern nod to the traditional gift of fruit. If your partner can’t function before coffee in the morning, they’ll adore these fruity blends, which come straight through your letterbox with a personalised note each month.

It also comes with chocolate and shortbread for that extra special touch of yum. Check out more subscription box gift ideas for couples here.

Pros & Cons: As they'll receive new flavours to try each month, there is bound to be a bean that they like. It's a fun way of testing out new varieties they might not typically get to. 

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12. Lemon Keyring – £18.64, Etsy

Lemon keyring

For a small but meaningful gift for your fourth year of marriage, how about this bright and zesty lemon pair keyring? It may seem a tiny thing but your partner will literally look at it every day and when they do, they’ll instantly think of you.

"If your partner is always losing their keys, a vibrant keyring like this lovely lemon is a brilliant idea," says Joanna Magill, Digital Writer at Hitched. "It is sleek enough to fit in a pocket without being bulky, but it won't go un-noticed if it slips in between the sofa cushions." 

Pros & Cons: There's only one fruit design to choose from but this lemon is giving a seriously cheery vibe. 

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Couples 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift 

13. Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster – £24.95, Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat fruit selection tray

"Look, if it were us, you couldn’t go wrong with fruity truffle chocolates from Hotel Chocolat," says Zoe. "Stick on a movie, pour the wine and try to get your partner to share these beauties with you!"

Bursting with fruit flavoured chocolates, we're talking passion fruit truffles, blackcurrant bombes and strawberry cheesecake batons, they are zesty, zingy and made from real fruit. It's no wonder shoppers have given this selection box 4.8/5. 

Pros & Cons: There's an even number of each flavour, so they'll be no arguing over who gets to try what. 

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14. Grow Your Own Flower Garden – £15.99, Border in a Box

Grow your own flower garden from seeds gift box

Forget pre-grown flowers, with this kit you can grow your own blooms from seed. These English cottage garden flowers will sprout from April until October so you can enjoy a colourful selection all summer. They've been specifically chosen because they are loved by bees so you'll be helping the environment too. 

Expect forget-me-nots, fox gloves, lupins and more, plus wooden plant markers so you can keep everything on track and a sowing guide with planting plan for some advice. 

Pros & Cons: The seeds just have to be scattered on top of soil so the growing process is really simple. You'll have to wait a few weeks for them to flower but it'll be super satisfying. 

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15. Floral Linen Cushion – £15, Marks & Spencer

Colourful floral linen cushion

Combining the tradition of florals with the idea of gifting linen on your fourth wedding anniversary, this stylish scatter cushion from Marks & Spencer ticks all the boxes. Chuck it on your bed or sofa for an instant decorative refresher. The pom pom trim adds a playful detail. 

"It has a beautiful pattern with a mixture of blue, pink and purple colours made of cotton and linen. It looks stunning on a plain chair," suggests one shopper. 

Pros & Cons: This cushion stands out from the crowd so it is best suited to jazz up a simple or plain room. 

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16. Chocolate Strawberries – £26.99, Etsy

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate strawberries are the epitome of romance and while you could attempt to whip some up DIY style, you'll be hard pressed to get them looking as inviting as these. The fresh, sweet strawberries are coated in Belgian chocolate, before being dipped with heart shaped sprinkles and carefully placed in a gift box. 

If you have specific requests, reviews state that you can opt for your favourite blend of chocolate.  

Pros & Cons: These don't have a very long shelf-life so we recommend eating them within two days of arrival. Somehow we don't think that'll be a problem...

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17. Personalised Linen Time Print – £23.99, Getting Personal

Personalised linen print with a white frame

Upon first glance you might wonder where the fourth wedding anniversary element lies with this gift- if you look carefully you'll see that the print itself is actually crafted from linen. Personalise it with your names and wedding date, and choose whether you want it framed with an oak, white or black finish. 

Pros & Cons: Double-check the personalisation before submitting as no returns will be accepted. 

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18. Personalised Love Heart Anniversary Hoop – £12.50, Modo Creative

Love heart initial embroidery hoop

Another linen idea is this personalised embroidery hoop with your initials, a special date and a heart motif. The fabric has been stretched across the hoop and has a vintage or country style feel to it. It'll look great hung up on a wall or door, or propped against a shelf or bedside table. 

If you're on the hunt for a present that is easy to post - this is it! "This was my brothers fourth wedding anniversary keepsake. They live in Oz so I needed something small and light for posting, but I also wanted something special," says a reviewer. 

Pros & Cons: This design is hand pressed in their Yorkshire studio so each one is completely unique. 

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19. Personalised Linen Photo Album – £85, Be Golden

Personalised linen photo album

Haven't got your hands on a wedding photo album yet? Your fourth wedding anniversary is a great time to do so as you can buy a beautiful linen version to store your photographs. This album is embossed with personalised foil font in rose gold, copper, silver or gold and the linen is available in grey, green, pink, vanilla or black. 

If you're giving this as a gift, there is the option to add a luxury box. 

Pros & Cons: It has 40 pages of thick cream photo board so that you can write messages and stick photos on both sides. 

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20. Personalised Smash Flower Pot – £27.99, Getting Personal 

'I love you' flower pot made from chocolates and sweets

For a fun take on a fourth wedding anniversary gift, consider this smash flower pot. It is made completely from chocolate which can then be smashed to reveal even more treats, including pink Champagne truffles and Lindor balls. 

It is available in two sizes, small or large, and a wooden spoon can be added in order to do the smashing. Personalise it with a message that has up to 25 characters. 

Pros & Cons: This might be a messy job, so steer clear from any white sofas or cream carpets. 

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Modern 4 Year Anniversary Gift: Blue Topaz and Appliances 

If you fancy going ultra-modern, you can always choose an appliance gift, another popular pick from the USA, or a present featuring blue topaz, the gemstone that represents the fourth wedding anniversary.

21. Nespresso Machine – from £69, John Lewis

Coffee machine

Appliances are a modern gift choice for the fourth wedding anniversary and while they may not scream ‘romance’ they’ll still be gratefully received. A Nespresso machine from John Lewis is a guaranteed hit, who doesn’t want barista-style coffee in their own home every day?

Pros & Cons: There are several different types of Nespresso machines to choose from on John Lewis so you can find one to suit your taste and budget. 

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22. Wood Pellet Pizza Over– £299, Ooni

Pizza oven

Personally, we’ve been looking for an excuse to buy a pizza oven and if it were our fourth wedding anniversary, we’d definitely be taking advantage! This pizza oven from Ooni is sure to be a hit with your summer BBQ guests and is a bestseller for a reason. 

It has a whopping 2,000 reviews which rate it 4.7/5 - "Wow, I heard it was good but it is even better than expected. Cooked a homemade pizza in 60 seconds!" says one shopper. 

Pros & Cons: As long as you keep the pellets topped up, your oven will stay at a consistent high temperature for pizza cooking perfection. 

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23. Kenwood Mixer - £419.99, John Lewis

Cream Kenwood mixer

If your other half is destined for the final of Bake Off, then they’ll really appreciate this stand mixer from John Lewis. The Kenwood mixer takes all the hard work out of mixing and folding and is the perfect partner for anyone who loves baking a sponge or whipping up a soufflé.

It is available in an array of different colours to match your kitchen and is even fitted with a splatter guard to protect from mess. "This mixer is real value for money when compared to other mixers on the market," says one out of 172 glowing reviews. 

Pros & Cons: You can pay an additional fee for a two year accidental damage guarantee. 

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24. Ninja Air Fryer - £149.99, John Lewis

Grey Ninja air fryer

Air fryers are having a major moment but if you are yet to jump on the bandwagon, your fourth wedding anniversary is the prime time to do so. This practical appliance makes cooking meals quick and easy, not to mention a lot healthier too. 

The Ninja air fryer is the brand to know and is rated 4.8/5. "This is an incredible product, food cooking times have been cut dramatically and the food tastes amazing! I am super happy with my Ninja! A must have for any household," says one shopper. 

Pros & Cons: It might take you a few uses to get the hang on how long to cook items for but once you do, you'll save so much time and effort. 

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25. Blue Topaz and Silver Pendant Necklace – £28, Tigerlily Jewellery 

Blue topaz and silver necklace

Delicate but undeniably beautiful, this gorgeous necklace is the perfect gift for your sparkle-loving spouse. Featuring a silver chain and settings, it’s a timeless piece that we reckon your partner will wear for many anniversaries to come.

It'll fit into their existing jewellery collection seamlessly thanks to the simple design, but it is still special enough to be given for a special celebration. 

Pros & Cons: The necklace is presented in a jewellery box and if you let them know it's a gift, they will tie the box with ribbon.

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26. Blue Topaz Clover Stud Earrings – £199, QP Jewellers 

Floral shape blue topaz stud earrings

You can't go wrong with a pair of simple studs and these gorgeous blue topaz and 9ct gold earrings are a fail-safe option no matter what your partner's jewellery preference is. They represent both the traditional gift of flowers and the modern of blue topaz so you're really hitting two birds with one stone. 

Pros & Cons: Topaz is the birthstone of November so they would be even more apt if your partner was born in that month. 

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27. Blue Topaz Cufflinks – £88, Amazon

Blue topaz and silver cufflinks

Spoil your other half with this pair of blue topaz cufflinks that they can wear on their next evening out. They are rhodium plated so they won't tarnish and will stay looking shiny for longer. The round shape looks amazing from all angles and they will arrive in a luxury gift box. 

Pros & Cons: They are a little fiddly to do up on your own so we recommend having someone on hand to help. 

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What is the 4 Year Anniversary Gift?

The fourth year anniversary gift depends on your location. In the USA the theme is fruit and flowers which represents a relationship in full bloom. But what is the fourth year wedding anniversary gift in the UK? "Traditionally, the fourth wedding anniversary is linen," explains Zoe. "It is indicative of a relationship that is always growing stronger." 

Alternatively, the modern fourth wedding anniversary gift is a practical appliance or a present that incorporates blue topaz. 

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with a date night. Our guide includes free ideas that are just as fun as the spenny ones - ideal if you've blown the budget on a gorgeous fourth wedding anniversary gift...