19 Infuriating Things People Say When You’re Planning a Wedding

Trying to keep your cool when people say things like THIS while you're planning your wedding is not easy!


Planning your wedding is stressful enough as it is, so when your friends and family start asking you annoying question after annoying question, it just adds to the exasperation.


We’ve put together a list of the most frustrating, irritating and outright infuriating things people will say to you while you’re planning your wedding – just to prepare you!

1. Do you like your ring?


Err, yes, do you like my ring? And even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be having that conversation with you, I’d be having it with my partner.

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2. Have you set a date?


1 – I literally got engaged five minutes ago, and 2 – You will find out my wedding date when I send out the save the date cards, which have the sole purpose of telling people my wedding date. Does that answer your question?

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3. How much is that costing?


Thank you so much for expressing an interest in the cost of my wedding, I didn’t realise you were paying and it therefore has anything to do with you? 

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4. How are you paying for this?


I’d rather not discuss my personal finances with you. Strangely enough!

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5. Are you inviting so-and-so?


I know this is your polite way of trying to guilt me and my partner into inviting the people you want, but I’m basically paying £100 per head for people to eat dinner and I’m sorry but your second cousin hasn’t quite made the cut.

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6. Are you pregnant?


No but thanks for making me feel like a whale just before I’m about to wear the most important dress ever, not to mention being photographed more in one day than I have been in my whole life. I think I’ll just skip lunch.

7. Are you trying for a baby?


Yes, the first thing I thought about when I got engaged was ‘I must make sure I get pregnant deliberately, before the wedding so my dress that I spent a fortune on doesn’t fit’.

(Although, these gorgeous maternity wedding dresses make it rather tempting… )

8. How are the preparations going?


If one more person asks me ‘how the preparations are going’ I’m going to call the whole thing off.

9. Have you picked your bridesmaids yet?


You know I’ve picked my bridesmaids, please stop trying to guilt me into making you one too…

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10. You’ve got ages yet!


Maybe in your world I have ages, but in the wedding world I’m about five months behind schedule.

11. What’s your wedding dress like?


If I’m keeping my wedding dress a secret from the love of my life who I’m going to spend forever with, what makes you think I’m going to show you?

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12. When my friend got married they…


Stop right there. This is my wedding, not your friend’s.

13. If I were you I’d…


Well you’re not me and it’s not your wedding so I’m not sure where you’re going with this?

14. Where’s your venue again? Should I book a hotel?


Erm, I don’t know, maybe check the save the date, wedding invitation and wedding website that I spent 5,000 hours creating? You know, the ones that have ALL THIS INFORMATION ON THEM!

15. It’ll fly by!


I’m getting married in TWO YEARS. When has two years ever flown by? And anyway, I need it to crawl by as slowly as possible, I’m so unprepared!

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16. Have you had cold feet?


What you really mean is, do I still want to get married? The answer is yes, I do want to get married, no, I haven’t changed my mind and yes, you shouldn’t ask that question again.

17. Are you dieting for the wedding?


A diet? Well I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m guessing you think I should be?

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18. It’s not too late to back out!


I’m quite aware that I don’t have to get married, but actually, I’d quite like to. Thanks, though.

19. Not long now…


Thanks, I too, own a calendar.


And if you thought these weren’t annoying enough, wait until you read about the most annoying things people say to newlyweds – you have SO much to look forward to!