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7 Signs You’re Already An Old Married Couple

Do you pass the old married couple test yet?

Whether you’re not-quite-married-yet or newlyweds, there are certain things that only happen when you’ve been in a long-term relationship.

Do any of these things sound familiar? You may well already be an old-married couple celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary.

Score more than five and we’ll fetch the matching slippers now!

1. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences


Your other half starts telling a story you’ve heard a thousand times and you can’t help, well, speeding it up a little bit.

2. Your Idea Of An Awesome Saturday Night Is Staying In On The Sofa


Preferably in your pyjamas, with a takeaway curry and five episodes of that new series you’re addicted to on Netflix.

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3. They’ve Seen You In Your Pants. No. Your Real Pants.


The sexy, black lace set is now stuffed down the back of your drawer and your partner’s accustomed to seeing you in those grey, wide cotton comfies (you know the ones, with the hole in the waistband).

4. You Love A Good Bicker


They didn’t take out the bin yesterday and now the whole house smells of two-day old salmon teriyaki. You couldn’t be bothered to hang out the washing and now it’s all a bit mildew-y. These kind of fights usually end in a fit of giggles or a lot of eye-rolling – for some reason you kind of like it.

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5. You’re All About The In-Jokes


You know each other’s lives so well, there are certain jokes that only they get.

6. Silence Is Golden


You’re both totally comfortable sat together doing nothing. Sometimes whole hours go by before one of you talks first (usually to offer the other a cup of tea).

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7. Most Of Your Texts Revolve Around What You’re Going To Eat Later…


Gone are the days of cute little love letters or maybe even raunchy suggestions. Nope, now it’s all about whether you should have pasta or pizza (pizza… always pizza).

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