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Speech by Mark

Speech Type: Father of the bride/groom
Speech Creator: Mark
Speech Date: 26/09/2017 20:25:09

Hello everyone. 

First of all, thank you so much for joining us tonight to celebrate [Bride] and [Groom] wedding.

I must also extend a big thanks to the many people who helped with wedding preparations.

Your efforts have made this a very special day for everyone.

Before I offer a toast to these newlyweds please allow me to say a few words about these two special people.

I'll start with the groom.

Kim and I have known [Groom] for a few years now.

In our short time together we've been able to witness and appreciate many of his great qualities.

We've learned that he's thoughtful and good natured.

He's creative, industrious, and tackles projects with an artistic flair.

But better yet we've learned that [Groom] has strong character.

For example, 18 months ago [Groom] came to our house and asked permission to marry [Bride].

While Kim and I were anticipating an engagement…asking permission demonstrated a level of character that you don't see every day.

It was a very special moment for us, and it really tested our capacity to keep a secret.

But best of all during our time together, Kim and I have learned that [Groom] is the one for [Bride].  

This not based on one single thing, but on the many little things.

I think anyone who has spent any time with this couple would agree they connect in a special way.

And for these reasons, and the many more to come, we are delighted to call [Groom] family today.

Now for a few words about the bride. [Bride] is our first child.

When we brought baby [Bride] home for the first time… furthest from our mind was how beautiful she would look on her wedding day.

Our thoughts were probably more like…‘how could something so small…make so much noise?’

While [Mother] and I were fully committed to the new task of parenting… we were not immune to making a few minor new-parent mistakes.

Like the time [Bride] was just a few months old…she was on her changing table…and we looked away for just a second…the precise moment in time she decided to master ‘rolling over’…

Fortunately plush carpeting led to a safe landing and it turned out [Bride] was just fine…but I'm not sure we ever recovered.

Or there was the time on vacation. 

Somehow we managed to pull away from a gas station only to realize…after a few minutes of driving…that [Bride] was not in the car. 

Much to our embarrassment…we had managed drive on down the highway leaving our little miss alone at a gas station in Middle America.

Turned out [Bride] was fine, although a tad suspicious given we managed to remember the dog.

I'm sure there were other examples of parenting mishaps…but I'll spare further embarrassment. 

I'll admit at times parenting felt like trying to cook without a recipe.

Fortunately for us being a parent didn't mean going it alone.

We had much help from friends and family.

Many of you here tonight have been an important part of [Bride] life, and for this we are truly grateful.

And thanks to all you did…and perhaps in spite of a few things we did…[Bride] found her way to adulthood.

I'll admit it's a challenge to fully capture the relationship with your daughter on a few 4×6 cards.

The many years and the many memories.

All the moments that connect us… from bassinet to bride.

Each unique…each personal…all enriching.

But this I can say for sure.

It's a true blessing to witness a life so full of promise.

[Bride] has accomplished much in a short time, and we couldn't be prouder.

She continues to amaze us with her strength of character, her capacity for thought and reason…humility and grace.

Certainly not a duplicate of Dad or a replicate of Mom…but thankfully the reflection of all we could hope for.

And Kim and I couldn't be happier for [Bride] and [Groom] on this day.

Two people fortunate enough to find each other…

Two people meant to share life's journey…

Are now united in marriage.

Just for fun I asked [Bride] and [Groom] for a list of the small ways they have influenced each other so far.

Here is what [Bride] says about [Groom]…

[Groom] eats a LOT more vegetables now.

He's cooking meals – from scratch.

[Groom] shares his food now – especially fries.

And last…according to [Bride]…[Groom] is killing way more spiders.

Here is what [Groom] says about [Bride]…

[Bride] has found her hidden athletic ability as a Softball star.

She now plays fantasy football.

[Bride] enjoys Taco Bell now – and had her first Big Mac.

And last….according to [Groom]…her dancing skills have almost caught up to his.

I guess we'll find out tonight.

At this point it is customary for the father-of-the-bride to offer some tokens of marital advice. 

I'll offer that a successful marriage will certainly require all the classical notions of love and commitment.

But, from personal experience the bigger hurdles may appear from the more mundane.

Things like…the skill and persistence of the backseat navigator.

…or wrestling over command of the Netflix queue.

But hopefully along the way you will come to realize that a successful marriage does not result from finding a perfect person…it comes from seeing an imperfect person perfectly. 

This is where some effort may lie…but with effort comes reward.

So with this in mind, I'll offer a few simple tips:

First and foremost…stay friends. Your friendship will guide you through difficult times.

Place trust and stability ahead of excitement and adventure.

Don't obsess over what differs, but what compliments.

Give the little things a pass.

And last, remember the shortest distance between two people…is laughter.

So ladies and gentleman…a toast to the bride and groom.

“To a life full of love, happiness, joy and fulfilment, together.”