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Speech by Peter

Speech Type: Father of the bride/groom
Speech Creator: Peter
Speech Date: 25/07/2018 16:25:54

Good afternoon everybody on behalf of Sharon and myself, I would like to start by welcoming you all and to thank you for coming here to celebrate.

To celebrate the 44 year anniversary of our meeting here back in 1974.

Oh and also, of course, more importantly, this very special, happy occasion, the marriage of our daughter Rebecca to Paulo. The venue was specifically chosen by Bex and Paulo knowing our history here.

We thank you both for that and hope that this is a prelude of many happy years together.

We know that many of you have made long journeys to be here.

Paulo's mother Mira and best man Paulie have come from South Africa and Paulo's brother Nelson and family have come from Canada. Welcome to you all.

And to everyone else we thank all for coming and hope you have a great time here today.

Now if you want to get an inkling of what Bex was like as a small child than look no further than her lovely daughter Raina, a child full of energy like Bex and always on the go. Never sleeping when she should just like Bex, irritating her brother whenever possible like Bex, but always a wonderful happy little soul.

Bex was very talkative as a small child and when she wasn't forming long sentences she would gabble away in a language only known to herself.

When Bex was about 11 or 12, I recall when we used to play tennis while we were on holiday in Tenerife. She had a good style and her tennis shots were excellent. The only problem was that if the ball wasn't returned to the spot where she was standing, she wouldn't move to hit it, so that anybody partnering her would be dashing about the court trying to retrieve everything. Mark or I was lucky enough to share that responsibility.

My purpose here today isn't to embarrass Bex.

You are a wonderful daughter; and have provided us with so much joy and happiness over the years. 

It has been a joy for both your mum and me to watch you develop from our gorgeous baby daughter into the very beautiful, clever, compassionate and extremely loving daughter, mother, and now wife, that you have become.

And it was my honour and privilege to escort you down the aisle today.

I know that tradition dictates that it is at this point that I am supposed to welcome Paulo today into our family, but he has been part of it for a while now, with exceptional BBQ's whenever the weather permits, so we have had quite a few this year.

Also I have always thought that Paulo and I have had a mystic connection from the very start.

It seems that we both share a very strong interest in the spirit world.

Two spirits to be precise.

Gin and whiskey.

Together we have quite a substantial collection.

It only remains for me to say – Bexty and Paulo, happy marriages begin when you marry the one you love, and they blossom when you love the one you married.

May your marriage be a truly happy one, and may you have a long and wonderful life together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have one final very pleasurable responsibility to fulfil.

It is my very great pleasure to propose the first toast to the happy couple. So, could I ask you please to be upstanding and raise your glasses to the Bride and Groom.

“The Bride and Groom.”