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Why Dubai is the Perfect Location for Your Proposal-Moon

Your dream proposal and proposal-moon are possible when planning your big moment in Dubai. We've teamed up with Dubai's leading proposal-moon experts to bring you everything you need to know about getting engaged in Dubai.

A 'will you marry me?' rose sign surrounded by candles on a rooftop in Dubai

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Are you planning to pop the big question and need to find the perfect setting? 

From its vibrant metropolitan areas and bustling streets to its colourful markets, golden deserts, azure sea, and sandy beaches, Dubai offers infinite possibilities for your once-in-a-lifetime proposal. While you’re there, why not indulge in a luxurious proposal-moon to honour your milestone?

We spoke with Dubai’s leading proposal planners, Farah of Emotions Events and Caroline of Proposal Boutique, to hear their insider secrets, so you can learn everything you need to know about getting engaged in Dubai.

Read on to discover how your dream proposal and proposal-moon in Dubai can be made a reality.

1. Can you get engaged in Dubai?

A proposal in Dubai city surrounded by candles and flowers

The short answer is yes!

More than just a city of skyscrapers, Dubai is one of the world's dreamiest destinations – with the ocean, desert, and bustling city at your fingertips, there’s something for everyone here. 

"Dubai is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. This bustling city has many enchanting areas, from blissful beaches that stretch for miles to majestic deserts that glow under the sun, as well as glistening skylines like no other. Modern, innovative settings like The Palm and iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa offer a glimpse into the future. Whatever you dream of, we can do it," says Farah from Emotions Events, which may be one of the reasons why Dubai is trending more and more as the ideal destination for proposals.

Caroline from Proposal Boutique has found Dubai particularly popular for UK couples who envision warm weather, serene beach views, and an impressive cityscape for their big question.

2. Where are the best places to propose in Dubai?

A rooftop proposal in Dubai with LED 'MARRY ME' letters and flowers

When it comes to where your dream proposal will take place, Farah ensures there are countless romantic settings to create a moment that lasts forever. "From a quiet beach to the desert, luxurious rooftops, lavish dinners, and hot air balloon rides  – we have endless options." 

Farah and Caroline work with many clients who wish to propose on a private rooftop, whether they want views of the sea, or to be surrounded by twinkling city lights under a blanket of stars. Palace Downtown and Address Downtown are hotels offering private roof terraces for hire. For couples who desire the utmost privacy for their important question, Caroline recommends Palace Downtown. "It’s fully private, has the best view of Burj Khalifa, and you are so close to the largest choreographed fountain show in the world." The vibrant water display resembles fireworks, which perfectly resonates with your big ‘yes’ moment. 

Al Naseem Beach is one of the top engagement spots for Proposal Boutique’s UK clients. Here, you can hire a private stretch of beach and have the impressive Burj Al Arab as the backdrop for your proposal. Caroline encourages couples to customise the space to bring their vision to life with floral decorations, candles, musicians, and even fireworks.

A proposal outside Burj Al Arabic

The Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and Dubai Creek invite couples to bask in traditional Arabian architecture as they sail on an abra. From this traditional wooden boat, you can gaze in awe at the illuminated buildings as the setting sun turns everything to gold.

Desert proposals are also incredibly popular, with fantastic services that can pick you up from your hotel and whisk you away to your own stunning oasis.

A desert proposal picnic laid out on the sand in Dubai

Farah finds that many of her clients want to propose in front of iconic buildings, and Dubai is full of awe-inspiring choices. From Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Opera, Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Frame, and so many more - Dubai is renowned for its record-breaking architecture.  

The iconic Burj Khalifa, standing at over 828 meters, is the tallest building in the world and offers extraordinary views of Dubai. A must for out-of-this-world proposals; we’re delighted to say you can get engaged here. Couples can pop the question on the observation deck 124 floors up, overlooking the whole of Dubai. There’s also the restaurant, where you can enjoy a proposal over a romantic meal a deux. 

3. What do couples need to consider if they’re getting engaged in Dubai?

A proposal on the pier in Dubai with red roses, candles, and a violinist

For your proposal abroad, there are many logistics to consider. Caroline and Farah advise couples to consider whether they desire a grand proposal or something more personal and intimate.

For your once-in-a-lifetime proposal in Dubai, you should absolutely hire a photographer and videographer to capture every moment. 

Proposal Boutique and Emotions Events always encourage couples to document their magical day - a day that has been thought about and planned for weeks, months, or even years. Both offer these services in their proposal planning packages, or couples can discover photographers and videographers in Dubai through Instagram and Google. 

The possibilities are endless, from finding the perfect venue to choosing if you want balloons, flowers, fireworks, food and drinks, musicians, and more! Of course, there’s also the speech, the ring, and what you wish to do for the rest of your proposal-moon. 

A Dubai beach proposal with a rose petal aisle surrounded by candles and flowers, leading to a heart-shaped floral proposal sign

Popping the question in Dubai means you’ll have unlimited options for a proposal as unique as your love story. Make your big ‘yes’ moment iconic with a romantic song specially composed for your beloved while a videographer captures your incredible music video. Farah has also crafted custom frames and sourced bespoke flowers to create one-of-a-kind backdrops.

Caroline and Farah recommend that when couples are choosing the time of year to visit Dubai, they consider the weather and decide whether they want their proposal to be outside or inside a venue. "‘You can do both," Farah says, "for summer, indoors offers the best choices.”

4. What are some new emerging proposal trends in Dubai?

Hot-air balloon and helicopter proposals are trending. "For the more adventurous, hot air balloon rides at sunrise over the desert offer peacefulness and spectacular views of the desert and wildlife," says Caroline. We love the sound of starting a new romantic adventure with your partner in the sky! Farah offers an incredible helicopter proposal experience, where the team can lay out the big question on the ground for your beloved to see from above.

Proposal Boutique has also planned proposals in mountain igloos, like Hatta Dome Park, for a luxury glamping engagement, private rooftops in the city, and even secluded beaches.

A luxury mountain glamping igloo set up for a proposal in Dubai

Farah loves Aura Skypool as an intimate setting for a private proposal. This gorgeous venue stretches into the sky and is home to the world’s highest 360° pool. With sweeping views of the Dubai skyline, a dreamy outdoor pool, remarkable service, and luxury interiors, this extraordinary setting lends the perfect atmosphere for romance. 

Caroline has worked with many couples who are re-proposing and women who are opting to be the ones to get down on one knee the second time around. "It is similar to a wedding vow renewal, only for proposals."

Couple proposing in front of a helicopter in Dubai

5. Are there services that can help couples plan their proposal in Dubai? How do you find them?

Dubai proposal on the beach with light up

When hiring vendors for your big question, proposal planners like Emotions Events and Proposal Boutique can handle everything, from sourcing diamonds for the engagement ring to smooth transportation, accommodation, decorations, entertainment, photographers, and more. 

"We can take the whole job from A to Z," Farah ensures, with Emotions Events helping couples in love celebrate life’s big moments since 2017. This dynamic team of designers, architects, and event specialists fully plan and execute phenomenal proposals from start to finish. 

Proposal Boutique is another leading proposal planning company in Dubai, and they have worked with couples visiting from the UK and around the world for over eight years. They never fail to help deliver the perfect marriage proposal. 

Not just experts in organising your fairytale proposal, experienced proposal planners can design an entire itinerary of activities and extraordinary experiences for the rest of your romantic holiday in Dubai.

You can choose from a selection of inclusive packages or have a proposal entirely tailored to your one-of-a-kind romance (these are Farah’s favourite proposals!). Check out Emotions Events and Proposal Boutique’s websites to learn more about these fantastic services.

6. Is a proposal-moon (a holiday to celebrate your engagement) a popular trend in Dubai?

A romantic proposal picnic set up on the beach in Dubai

After your magical ‘yes’ moment, Caroline recommends "continuing the celebrations at an iconic venue, such as the Sky View bar of  Burj Al Arab or dinner at Pierchic." Caroline says that your venue will likely prepare a celebration cake for you both if you tell them you’re commemorating your engagement ahead of time. 

Couples are not only proposing in Dubai but treating themselves to a romantic proposal-moon to celebrate their love.  More and more are elevating their proposals with luxury experiences. Dubai offers the perfect canvas for the diverse needs of nearlyweds across different cultures and is on the rise as a go-to destination for getting engaged. Phenomenal spas and hotels, tranquil beaches, exquisite restaurants and more await lovers seeking an unforgettable proposal moon.

There are so many exciting experiences newly engaged couples can explore for the remainder of their proposal-moon. Farah has organised everything from romantic desert adventures to supercar transport, as well as underwater massages, relaxing cruises along the Dubai coast, sandboarding on the dunes, and delectable dining experiences for each day. 

7. Can you buy engagement rings in Dubai?

The great news is yes - Dubai is an ideal place to purchase your engagement ring. Dubai is famous for its thriving gold market which features jewellery crafted by expert goldsmiths.

A diamond-encrusted engagement ring from Dubai

All jewellery sold by merchants is regulated for authenticity, so you can rest assured your ring will be of high quality. You can also find high-end jewellery brands in Dubai from around the world, like Fergus James. Couples can stroll through the Dubai Gold Souk for inspiration and might even find their dream proposal ring. Looking for something crafted entirely bespoke to you? Dubai has many skilled jewellers who can custom-make your engagement ring in a short time span.

Farah and Caroline’s clients often come to them for help with finding a ring, and they encourage them to purchase it in Dubai. "The quality and value are much more affordable than in the UK," Caroline says, and she assures couples that finding a ring in Dubai means you can avoid all sorts of disasters like forgetting it at home or having it pulled out at airport security. 

Many Dubai jewellers, like Manish Jewels, use ethically sourced, GIA-certified diamonds and work with couples to craft bespoke rings that reflect their love story.

Proposal planners like Emotions Events and Boutique Proposal will not only help you find your dream engagement ring but can ensure it is stamped and comes with a certificate. 

Couples can communicate over the phone about the desired design and materials and arrange for delivery to their hotel. They also offer a ring collection service and will prepare it for your big moment, making your evening flow smoothly.

8. How can you keep a holiday proposal a surprise?

There’s no denying that planning your proposal abroad can be challenging to keep secret from your beloved, with many elements to handle and preparations to make. Hiring a proposal planner like Emotions Events or Boutique Proposal takes the weight off your shoulders and ensures your partner won’t stumble upon your bookings. 

Farah assures that since she takes care of sourcing and booking venues and vendors, you won’t have to tip-toe around your partner in the weeks and months coming up to your big question.

Whether you wish to organise your engagement independently or hire trustworthy experts to sweep you both off your feet, Caroline’s top tips for keeping your proposal a surprise are:

  • Don’t tell too many people you plan on proposing as there is a risk of someone accidentally telling your partner.
  • Don’t tell people at the hotel that it is a proposal as they could accidentally mention this in front of your partner.
  • Keep everything on email if possible and ensure that phone notification previews are off.
  • Do all your planning away from your partner so they don’t notice an increase in phone use before the holiday.
  • Stay cool on the proposal day as much as possible and allow plenty of travel time to your proposal location so that you are not stressed.

Considering popping the question in Dubai? Not just a dream destination for proposals and proposal-moons, Dubai has everything you need for your wedding, honeymoon, anniversaries, and more. 

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