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The Wedding Gift Idea Everyone is Going to Want on Their List

Love to travel? Here's how to make the most of your wedding gift list, allowing you to take more trips thanks to your guests! Hitched's own Dani Lankston discovered how it works...

A cosy cottage living room with a brown leather sofa and footstool in front of a woodburning stove with a fire burning

A cosy cottage living room with a brown leather sofa and footstool in front of a woodburning stove with a fire burning

If you are a couple who values experiences more than material possessions, we have the perfect gift idea for you! Receiving an Airbnb voucher is like having the freedom to explore and create memories. With a wide range of amazing places to stay, both in the UK and abroad, from cosy cottages to central city stays, the choice is all yours.

Prezola is a wedding gift list company that offers you complete freedom to personalize your gift list. You can choose from a wide range of options, including honeymoon funds, cash funds, homeware, and Airbnb vouchers to go towards a unique stay or experience! 

These vouchers can range from £25 to £500, you can request multiple vouchers to add together or book multiple trips from your list! What better way to start this exciting new chapter of your life as newlyweds than with an incredible getaway? You could use the voucher for a memorable mini-moon or to share a quirky experience together.

We know it can be hard when the excitement of the wedding day fades away and a bit of post-wedding blues kicks in. But imagine receiving a gift that not only gives you something to look forward to, but also helps you plan a future date with your partner. It's the perfect way to beat those post-wedding blues! Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity for you two to spend some quality time together as a newly married couple.

What I Spent My Airbnb Vouchers On 

Exterior shot of a small stone country cottage, in a field, at sunset

Prezola gifted me and my fiancé some Airbnb vouchers, so we could experience the process ourselves. We opted for a weekend getaway near Bath, England. We specifically chose a one bedroom converted barn quirkily named ‘Pigs in Blankets’ based in South Gloucestershire only a short drive from Bath city centre. We selected this stay because we were in search of a cosy and romantic getaway in the UK. 

And let me tell you, it was worth every penny. This converted barn was beautifully restored to create a cosy and homely atmosphere. Plus, we even had access to our very own tennis court. Talk about a steal! The best part was being just a short drive away from the historic Bath city centre, which you may recognize as the iconic filming location of Bridgerton.

It truly was a quintessentially English getaway, allowing us to escape the daily grind and spend some much-needed quality time together. That's why I can't stress enough what a great option an Airbnb voucher is at the top of your Prezola wedding gift list.

The Local Area

A view of the city of Bath, with an arched bridge over the river Avon

Bath is an absolutely stunning place to visit! Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you decide to visit. The rich historic culture, amazing food, and fantastic shopping options will keep you entertained and captivated. 

The charming cobbled streets and breathtaking architecture create such a laid-back and unique atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else in the UK. But here's the best part, many of these locations are actually scenes from movies and TV shows like Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey, The Duchess, and oh, did I mention Bridgerton? It's like this place deserves an award for the number of production crews that have been there! 

During our visit, we explored magnificent cathedrals, fascinating Roman spas and indulged in cream teas. It truly felt like a little slice of paradise, a complete escape from our everyday reality. Exactly what we needed to unwind and recharge.

Options With Airbnb

A gin and tonic on a table, with a chair draped with a cosy faux fur throw. A stone wall with a slate sign reading 'pigs in blankets' is visible behind

Airbnb offers a ton of amazing and one-of-a-kind stays and experiences. So if a cosy barn near Bath isn't your vibe, you are bound to find somewhere that is. Trust me, what could be better than a gift that creates lasting memories?

Airbnb also offers an incredible variety of experiences for you to enjoy. You can join either in-person or online activities hosted by incredible local experts. Whether you're into skiing, surfing, cooking, animals, music, or anything else, it's a fantastic opportunity to explore new hobbies and create unforgettable memories.

And let's talk a little more about the unique stays. From cosy treehouses to futuristic spaceships, they truly have it all! No matter who you are or the unique preferences you may have as a couple, I guarantee you'll find a one-of-a-kind stay that's perfect for you.

Signing Up to Prezola

When you sign up to Prezola, you'll be able to customise, select, and build your dream wedding gift list. This means that your guests can shop stress-free, knowing that they are getting you something truly special. Here are some reasons why we love the idea...

  • It's a win-win situation! You and your partner will receive gifts that you genuinely want, and your guests can take comfort in knowing that their contribution will be something you'll absolutely love.
  • Are you ready to create your dream list? You can add and edit whatever you want, whenever you want. Whether it's a honeymoon fund, cash fund, homeware, adventures, or anything else, the sky's the limit! (Psst, how about an Airbnb voucher?)
  • Sharing your list with your guests is a breeze. You can include it on your invitations, share it through your wedding website, or simply send it via Whatsapp, Facebook, or text. You have complete control over when and how your guests can see your dream list.
  • Once you've tied the knot, it's time to confirm your list and make those final choices. Once you've done that, your gifts will have safely arrived with Prezola, who will then work with you to arrange a delivery date that suits you.
  • Then, for the most exciting part, receiving and unboxing your gifts! It's like Christmas morning, but even better. Prezola will make sure your gifts are delivered right to your doorstep for free, on a weekday that works for you. Plus, you can transfer your funds whenever you like.

Of course if you select an Airbnb Gift Card, you can then upload these to your Airbnb app and start searching for that perfect getaway for you and your partner. So start dreaming and creating your list now!