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The Most Romantic Kissing Pictures

Cringe out at the thought of your photographer catching a kiss on camera? These pictures prove that they can be cute NOT cringe!

Mastering your ‘kiss pics’ on the wedding day can be tricky. Getting the perfect balance between looking totally in love but not being too cringey is a tough one.

With National Kissing Day just around the corner on the 6th of July, we thought it was only right to round up our ultimate list of the best kissing pictures. Get ready for some serious relationship goals!

A Kiss in Paradise

The only way we can describe this adorable kissing picture is absolute bliss. The sky couldn’t be any bluer and the couple couldn’t look happier. What a gorgeous recipe for an even more gorgeous image.

See more from this photographer: Lukas Hanusek


Girl Power

Taken shortly after the legalisation of same sex marriage in the UK, these brides are fully embracing each other and their new titles as Mrs and Mrs. We love the black cab addition too, it’s totally British and makes for the perfect kissing picture accessory.

See more from this photographer: Slepokur Photography


Reflection of Love

One thing that really defines a good photographer is their ability to capture an image in a unique way and this is one of the best examples of that we have ever seen. The beautiful moment this couple are sharing has been photographed in such a different and endearing way – it really does tell a story of its own.

See more from this photographer: Damian Burcher Photography


A Sunset to Remember

One backdrop which will always romanticise a picture is a gorgeous, warm sunset. This photographer has picked an absolutely spot-on angle and setting to shoot this image. It is exactly the type of picture you would want to remember your wedding day with.

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See more from this photographer: Tom Jeavons Photography


Rain Rain Go Away

If there’s one way to make the most of rain on your wedding day, it’s using it to your photographic advantage which is exactly what this photographer has done. The shooting of this image shows that the couple have found a cosy hideaway from the wet weather and the result is just beautiful!

See more from this photographer: Jon Thorne Wedding Photography


Kisses by the Car

Despite not technically being the focus of this wedding picture, our eyes were drawn straight to the couple when we saw this. The colour scheme of the whole image is beautiful and bright and the couple look so in love.

See more from this photographer: Diana V Photography


You May Now Kiss the Groom

If there’s one thing we love here at Hitched it’s a woman who knows what she wants and we have no doubt in our minds that this bride knows exactly what she wants. That’s her man, that’s her groom and that’s who she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

See more from this photographer: Hillier James Photography


The Sweetest Kiss

The first word that comes to mind when we look at this image is just adorable. The love and compassion this couple have for each other is so clear to see and the softness of a kiss on the nose says a thousand words in our opinion. What a gorgeous couple and what a gorgeous photograph.

See more from this photographer: Jhrphotography


Bursts of Love (and Colour)

The most magical thing about this kissing picture is the array of colours it showcases. It’s a fun, vibrant and bold picture that says so much about this couple and their relationship – what a beautiful shot.

See more from this photographer: Lumiere Photography


Swept off Her Feet

This photograph looks like it could have been taken straight out of a movie. The bride is literally being whisked away by her groom and the technical side of the photo makes it all the more special to look at.

See more from this photographer: Markuza Photography


Kisses in the City

We love the ‘London’ element of this picture. With the UK’s capital city behind them, and plenty of passers-by as their audience, this couple couldn’t be more in their own world if they tried. That’s the real beauty of this shot, it’s like there is no one else around.

See more from this photographer: Benni Carol Photography


Love and Culture

The staging of this shot is what sets it apart from the rest. What an exquisite backdrop for a wedding photo and what a beautiful couple at the centre of it all. If this picture is anything to go by, this was one stunning wedding.

See more from this photographer: David Bostock Photography


Cobbled Streets and Kisses

From one incredible location to another, this couple chose the perfect spot for a kiss. The way they hold each other speaks volumes and it’s photographed beautifully.

See more from this photographer: My Rural Tribe


Look They’re Kissing!

They’ve been caught, the bride and groom are having a kiss and this guy wants everyone to know about it. This shot is comical, romantic and totally epitomises what a wedding is about. On another note, how amazing is the bride’s dress, we are having serious outfit envy right now.

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See more from this photographer: Jon Harper Wedding Photography


A Romantic Silhouette

Silhouette photos have the ability to be so powerful and romantic, just like this one below. The beaming sun in the background is beautifully shot and we love the detail of the veil and the way it sits in the wind.

See more from this photographer: Murray Clarke Photography


Confetti Fun

There’s no better feeling than being involved in the celebrations at a wedding and this is so apparent in this image. The confetti is flying, the couple are happy and the photographer has captured it all.

See more from this photographer: Sarah Fleet Photography


The Happy Couple

From one confetti shot to another and this is a real timeless picture. The action of the confetti makes for a great addition to the image and the black and white effect brings out every inch of detail from the vintage bouquet to the cute floral baskets.

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A Countryside Kiss

We love the location this couple have chosen for their wedding pictures. The greenery in the background, beautiful outfits and flowing veil all come together to make this wonderful shot look the way it does.

See more from this photographer: Philly J Lewis


A Couple With Style

These two could literally be models…and they may be. Models get married too, and a gorgeous pair like this are bound to create an even more gorgeous kiss pic – see below ‘Exhibit A’.

See more from this photographer: Charly Woodhouse Weddings


A Field of Their Own

The sunlight reflecting off the strands of wheat in this field really creates an ambiance perfect for a wedding picture. This photographer has picked the perfect moment to capture, for sure.

See more from this photographer: KN Vision


For the Love of Nature

There isn’t anything not to love about this picturesque shot. From the couple’s whimsical look to the greenery that surrounds them, it all comes together to create a truly romantic and memorable shot that the pair can cherish forever.

See more from this photographer: Lukas Hanusek


“Love has no limits, no age and no labels”

The above quote is actually one from the photographer, Natalia Slepokur. She explained to Hitched that this photo is from a ceremony which took place on the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.

Having got married 60 years prior, they decided to hold a ceremony at the same church they got married in in San Giovanni. They were walked down the aisle by their children who were there for emotional and physical support and were extremely happy renewing their vows.

They later received a framed ‘congratulations’ letter from The Pope! They are a true love story and this picture tells it so well.

See more from this photographer: Slepokur Photography


The Cutest Couple

The colourful wedding bouquet, vintage dress and sharp suit are a genius combination and we love that the couple have sealed their phenomenal levels of style with a marital kiss. It’s beautifully shot and the lighting is perfect.

See more from this photographer: Love and Stories Photography


Let the Sun Shine

Sunlight and the way you picture it really can transform an image into something magical. In this particular shot it’s added a golden sheet over the couple and gives them an enchanting glow.

See more from this photographer: Columbia Photography


An Arty Shot

Some photographers really make their images unique through their artistic style and we think this is what has happened here. The shot is incredibly beautiful and has a lovely tone to it but the best part of it all is the way it’s staged. We love the way the veil cascades down the stairs and leads our eye up to the happy couple.

See more from this photographer: KN Vision


A Trick or Two

Using props in wedding pictures is becoming ever more popular and one which really takes a photo to a next level is smoke colour bombs. They create the most exceptional background to an image and can accentuate the colour scheme. The use of white smoke here really makes this picture special.

See more from this photographer: Emma Jane Photography


I Now Pronounce You…

Encorporating the wedding guests into a kissing picture is an amazing technique because it captures the emotion of more than just the bride and groom.

See more from this photographer: Wedding in the City


A Wedding in the Country

This country-loving couple haven’t let the glam and glitz of planning a wedding get the better of them. Armed with a stunning wedding dress, a dapper suit and a pair of wellington boots, they are ready to show the world how happy they are.

See more from this photographer: Samie Lee Photography


A View Like No Other

Stood in front of an exceptional view, this couple can’t see anything else but each other – and this is exactly how you should feel on the day of your wedding. As beautiful as the backdrop is, this picture is all about them.

See more from this photographer: Hayley Petit Photography


Old School Loving

Slinging his girl back and kissing her like he should, this groom is showing the bride exactly how he feels about her at this moment in time. We can only imagine how in love with this picture the couple are.

See more from this photographer: Tom Jeavons Photography


An Incredible Shot

There are almost no words to describe this shot – it has a magic to it that we can’t quite put our finger on. It could be the huge presence of beautiful nature or the angle it’s been taken at or even the totally in love couple having their moment – whatever it is, it’s working for us!

See more from this photographer: Benni Carol Photography


A Kiss on the Beach

How cute is this? We adore the ‘fun’ element to this picture. The balloons really keep the vibe light and loving and they add a beautiful bit of colour too.

See more from this photographer: One Thousand Words Photography


Ooh La La

Is there a more romantic place to have your wedding photographs than at the foot of the Eifel Tower? We think not. This groom clearly couldn’t wait another minute before taking hold of his beautiful bride and we’re just so happy it was caught on camera.

See more from this photographer: Rose Photographer


Under the Veil

Kissing underneath the bride’s veil is a common photographic practise for wedding pictures and it works really well in creating such romantic images, just like this one below. The result really is breath-taking.

See more from this photographer: Alan Barnes Photography


Candle Lit Kiss

We were totally lost for words when we saw this kissing picture. The candle lights create such a magical vibe and perfectly frame the newly married couple.

See more from this photographer: Murray Clarke Photography


Young Love

There is something so stylish yet timeless about this image. The black and white effect has given it a certain finish that really exaggerates the romance between this bride and groom and we really love that.

See more from this photographer: Paul Ingram-Tedd Photography


Disappearing Into the Distance

The perfect image to end this article with was always going to be this… The blurring of the couple means it’s time to leave these in-love pairings to it!

See more from this photographer: Zibi Studios Photography


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