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How To Create Your Wedding Gift List: 10 Top Tips

We've got 10 top tips to ensure your wedding gift list is easy to make and buy from - are you ready to start compiling your free wedding gift list?

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When it comes to planning your wedding you might be diving into tasks you've never had to do before, such as creating that all important wedding gift list, and that can feel a little daunting. 

But what could possibly go wrong with picking loads of things you want and having other people buy them? Well, it can get pretty complicated - especially if you have a large guest list, which is why we recommend registering with free wedding gift list providers Prezola or The Wedding Shop. Not only will they save you time, they'll make the whole process stress-free and fun to do. Oh, and your guests will thank you for it too!

We spoke to expert wedding gift list services Prezola and The Wedding Shop who shared their top tips to help you streamline the experience, avoid getting given multiple toasters or down-right strange gifts, and ultimately create the best wedding gift list ever. 


10 Top Tips for Creating Your Wedding Gift List

1. Decide Which Type of Gift List You Want

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There are loads of different types of wedding list companies which are available online. Some companies offer specific types of services and have rules as to what you can add and where you can add them from so make sure you know all of the information about a company before you use them.

As the UK's favourite online wedding gift list, creating your gift list at Prezola is a great way to start your newlywed adventure. "Starting your gift list is easy, free and only takes a few minutes. Choose from big name brands you already love, to small artisan makers you are yet to discover," explains Prezola. More over, they work with a large portfolio of brands that have green credentials, meaning you can create a beautiful home while reducing your environmental impact - ideal if you are looking to create a sustainable wedding gift list

As well as registering for your Wedding Shop gift list online, you can book an appointment at their London townhouse where you can build your perfect wedding gift list in person. "We've packed 11 beautiful rooms with inspiring products to give you lots of exciting gifting ideas. It's the perfect way to immerse yourself in the gift list experience, and they'll even be a glass of bubbles and a goody bag waiting. You'll be able to curate your list from our 450 brands, honeymoon funds, charity contributions and personalised funds," shares The Wedding Shop. 

2. Get Advice

Before you create your gift list, speak to a recently married couple and ask them how they went about creating their list. They may have some useful tips and ideas on what they would have done differently which could be really helpful for you and your partner. Talk to them about which services they looked at using and what type of things they asked for. There’s no one better to speak to than those who have been there and done it.

Prezola also have an amazing inspiration section bursting with ideas if you're not sure where to start. "From the latest trends to new arrivals and gift list inspo, it's all lovingly curated by our in-house experts," explains Prezola.  

Whether you create your gift list at The Wedding Shop online or in a showroom, you'll have your very own Gift Guru to hand who will help you at every step of your gift list journey. Via email, virtual appointment or in a showroom, they'll be your point of contact when it comes to anything regarding your gift list. 

3. Vary the Budgets

To ensure that your gift list is accessible and fair, vary the items from low cost to more expensive items so that your guests have a sizable choice on what to buy for you without having to stretch their budget.

The last thing you want is to make any of your guests feel pressured into spending more money on a gift from your list than they can't afford. On the other hand, some guests will want to spend more and get you something really special, as well as the guests who will decide to chip in and buy a higher priced item together – so make sure there are a variety of items in your list.

4. Don’t Underestimate

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There are no rules to say that every item on your list has to be bought, so don’t just put a limited selection on there. A lot of couples get shy of adding too many presents onto the list with the fear that they will seem greedy or rude, but this is not the case. 

There may be a lot of attendees with similar budgets and as things are being bought for you and being ticked off the list, they may struggle to find something for themselves to buy so having a large number of gifts gives choice. It also adds an element of surprise as to what you get if you provide a choice for people.

5. Leave Enough Time

We advise you to create your gift list around six months before your wedding to give your guests plenty of time to buy their chosen present. If you leave it too late you pose the risk of things that you like being out of stock and your guests may run out of time to get them.

In a hurry? Prezola's ready-made collections of quick-picks mean you can easily and speedily add gifts to your list! 

6. Choose Wisely

Think carefully about what type of gifts you want - there are many different types of gifts you can ask for, but consider what you need, maybe household appliances, garden furniture or even contributions towards your dream honeymoon.

You'll be spoilt for choice with a Prezola wedding gift list. "If you can dream it, you can add it to your Prezola gift list. Whether it’s a unique adventure, poolside cocktails, or that bar cart that you’ve always wanted, it's all possible,' reveals Prezola. 

Use it to your advantage as there probably won’t be another time where you can put together a list of all your desirables and have everyone else pay for them!

7. Make Sure it’s Accessible

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Some of your guests may be less savvy with the internet and online buying, so make sure that the site you choose to use is accessible and easy to navigate around.

Some sites have facilities where you can tick that you are going to buy an item without physically ordering it from that site. This way, your guests who don’t feel comfortable internet shopping can pick an item and then go out to the shop and buy it.

Sharing your Prezola gift list with guests couldn't be easier. "You can decide when guests can see your list and how you share it with them. Whether that's via your wedding website, Whatsapp, Facebook or text," explains Prezola. 

Making sure your wedding gift list is accessible is also seriously simple with The Wedding Shop. They revealed that, "Each Wedding Shop gift list has a unique URL, so when you’re ready you can easily share this with guests to let them know how to find your list. You can also request complimentary cards that you can include within your wedding invitations, and you'll be notified on your dashboard when a guest purchases anything from your list too." Result! 

8. Have Someone Else Monitor It

So as to not ruin the surprise, have another member of your wedding party monitor the list once you have created it. Choose everything you and your partner could possibly wish for, and then hand over control to someone else. This way you won’t drive yourself crazy seeing what people are choosing and it gives you a little bit of surprise when you open the gifts that have been bought for you – even though you did choose them yourself!

Another reason for this is that there are so many planning aspects that go into a wedding, as we’re sure you’re slowly discovering, and the last thing you need is to be distracted by who is buying what on your gift list.

9. Make It Personal 

Let your personality shine through on your gift list. "Guests love it when your gift list is personal to you and reflects you and your partner's personalities. Personalise your gift list by adding a photo of you together and include a welcome message for your guests too," recommends Prezola. 

10. Don’t Forget Thank You Notes

You’ve planned the wedding, the gift list worked perfectly, and now you get to live your own marital birthday and open all of your gifts. Amongst the excitement of opening dozens of presents, make sure you keep tabs on who each gift is from and make yet another list. The Wedding Shop have you covered with this - their Thank You Manager will automatically record which guests purchased each gift, making sending thank you cards a breeze. 

Thank you cards may seem like a small thing, but they really mean a lot to your guests and it is really important that you do them to show your appreciation. We also have a guide to writing your wedding thank you notes to help you along the way.

If you’re looking for some seriously fancy – or completely ridiculous – gift list inspiration, why not read about our favourite celebrity wedding gift lists