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“Disrespectful” Wedding Guest Wears White to Friend’s Wedding and is Mistaken for the Bride

A woman has been slammed online for sharing photos of herself at her friend’s wedding – wearing white!

There are lots of unspoken rules all wedding guests should follow – RSVP on time, switch your phone off during the ceremony and don’t drink too much at the free bar.

One of the most important rules of all, however, is never to wear white (unless you happen to be attending a white-themed wedding and the couple have requested that you do of course!). But seriously – it’s not your day, and the bride should be the star of the show.

One woman has come under fire online after she shared a picture from her friend’s wedding, where she was seen wearing a long and floaty white dress.

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Image: Reddit

The unnamed woman, who is engaged, posed in her white wedding guest dress with her fiancé before she was mistaken for being the bride.

After going viral, the image ended up on Reddit, where users have been quick to slam the woman’s “selfish” actions.

The post was captioned: “The fact that the (engaged) woman in the photo captioned it ‘not their wedding’, shows she’s self aware about wearing white to a wedding, but chose to anyway.”

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One user replied: “I think, if one of my friends is so disrespectful to put a white dress on my wedding I will ask her to leave or don’t appear in the pictures. Like what is the f**king excuse to be so selfish to wear white dude?”

Another agreed, commenting: “I hope the bride goes to that friend’s party using not just a white dress but also a white dress that really looks like a wedding one. That’s what I would do in her shoes.”

Another user wrote: “I agree, 100% would ask her to leave.”

Wedding Guest Wore White to a Wedding

Image: Getty

Some users, however, said they’d be fine with a wedding guest wearing white to their wedding, but not if the dress actually looked like a wedding dress.

Chat then turned to trying to track down the white dress, with lots of users agreeing it’d actually be the perfect simple wedding dress for their own wedding!

One wrote: “If I was going to get married again, I would like a simple dress like that.”

Another replied: “If anyone finds it, let us know! It’s ridiculously cute.”

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It might be a lovely dress, but could you ever forgive your friend for turning up to your wedding in a long, white dress? Let us know!