While the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged has been mostly met with excitement, the announcement also brings mass heartbreak amongst fans who would do anything to be in Meghan’s shoes right now.

Prince Harry’s fan base (including the team at Hitched – sob, sob) have expressed total and utter devastation at the fact that he’s now officially ‘off the market’, taking to the Internet to voice their shock and sadness.

Here are some of our personal favourites…


Worst Monday Ever!

— Alyssa Conroy (@alyssaconroy) 27 November 2017

Like Mondays couldn’t get any worse, right?

We’ll Never be Royals

TFW you realize @lorde was right all along: We'll never be royals. #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #RoyalWedding #harryandmeghan pic.twitter.com/51qRS6RGvA

— The Gist by PureWow (@thegist) November 27, 2017

When all you want to do is be part of the Royal family and Meghan takes it all away from you, just like that!


— samantha fagundes (@samanthafagu) 27 November 2017


Dying Inside…

Congrats to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle…although being honest I'm dying inside because my chances of becoming a princess are pretty much non existent now…. pic.twitter.com/9yXxR7iOc4

— Mindy™ (@romancebooknerd) November 27, 2017

Don’t mind me, just mourning the life I could have had.

BRB, Just Eating My Feelings

Me when I saw that #PrinceHarry was engaged to not me pic.twitter.com/EmX456fKgK

— Marina Girl (@MarinaGirlSays) November 27, 2017

If I just keep eating chocolate, maybe the pain will go away?


Prince Harry is getting married. And not to me. pic.twitter.com/biKQV92SV0

— Jessica (@thisistharealjb) November 27, 2017

Why not me? Why her? Why today? WHY have Harry and Meghan ruined my life?

So Selfish

— s h a k e y a. ?? (@swillss_) 27 November 2017

Who knew a Prince could be so selfish?

How is This Happening?

So Prince Harry is really not going to marry me? ??☹️ pic.twitter.com/Qoq98nDFIf

— Jacky (@ForeverJCom1) November 27, 2017

Someone pinch me, this has to be a sick, twisted dream.

I’m in Mourning

if anyone needs me today i will be mourning my pending status as part of the royal family due to prince harry's engagement. my only hope now is if there is some long lost relative who is a royal of some other country like in princess diaries. pic.twitter.com/2zBCfaG84A

— Allison Canzanella (@ajc6789) November 27, 2017

I guess it’s back to dreaming about being the Princess of Genovia, again.

The Heartbreak is Real

Me @ prince harry 🙁 NOT HAPPY pic.twitter.com/V6NIuDluzI

— Emma Lou (@emmaahoward) November 27, 2017

So this is what it feels like to have your heart screwed up and cut in two…

No, no, no, no…NO

Prince Harry is getting married and it’s not to me.
So far Monday has been a 0/10. pic.twitter.com/KyllkZbDE0

— Laurie Hiebert (@LaurieAnn_99) November 27, 2017

Make that a -10/10.

Life Isn’t Fair

Finding out Prince Harry is officially off the market pic.twitter.com/QXlaBm0fuZ

— McKaila (@K102Kaila) November 27, 2017

When my mum told me ‘life isn’t fair’, I never truly believed her, until today.

Christmas is Over

Prince Harry is engaged and it’s not to me. CHRISTMAS IS RUINED. #RoyalEngagement pic.twitter.com/C1eSypozsJ

— BachShitCray (@Bach_ShitCray) November 27, 2017

Cancel Christmas, cancel my birthday, cancel 2018, cancel everything!

Surely This is a Joke?

So Prince Harry is really not going to marry me? ???? pic.twitter.com/2cXVYIGDPT

— Sweet Honey ?? (@AyandaOnline) November 27, 2017

Are you sure today isn’t April fools?

But I Love Him

When you wake up and realize that Prince Harry is engaged!!!! #IWantedToBeHisPrincess #Heartbroken pic.twitter.com/EreWhSS5Np

— Jenna Louise (@CoachJWylie) November 27, 2017

Love concurs all, right?

Today is a Sad Day

Me when I found out #PrinceHarry is officially off the market today pic.twitter.com/8jgnbGVSqx

— 107.5 Beach Radio (@1075BeachRadio) November 27, 2017

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my room thinking about how sad I am.

This Face Says it All

prince harry is off the market ladies pic.twitter.com/iowdKJvhRs

— ira (@irturi) November 27, 2017

Ice cream, PLEASE fix my broken heart.

Cue Kim Kardashian Crying Face

Well, I guess I’ll never be the princess I’ve always known I was meant to be. Thanks a lot, Prince Harry. pic.twitter.com/NIOfummrcD

— Sarah (@SarahDownSouth) November 27, 2017

Yeah, cheers Prince Harry.

20 YEARS!?

When you realize Prince Harry is engaged and now you have to wait another 20 years for the next appropriate royal to fall in love with you pic.twitter.com/wMcEaDmSR3

— rmk (@beckymaekolt) November 27, 2017


Where Was I?

Not sure why Prince Harry got engaged without me, but, okay…….. pic.twitter.com/2sS6YBbeQF

— kat ☃️ (@kat_hjl) November 27, 2017

Sorry, did my invitation to my own engagement get lost in the post?

It’s not just Harry who’s breaking hearts, a few of Meghan’s fans are in a pretty bad way too!

What About Us?

Go ahead Prince Harry, not like the rest of us peasants wanted to marry Meghan Markle or anything. pic.twitter.com/TfU7rH6YMx

— jordan pitre (@jordanpitre) November 27, 2017

Did you ever stop to think about us, Harry?

Harry Who?

I used to be jealous of Meghan Markle for dating Prince Harry but after watching Suits, I'm jealous of Harry for dating Meghan #Suits pic.twitter.com/ZCbDvhXEuI

— Daryl (@xwickedmindx) September 10, 2017

Meghan, please notice me, please!

Lost My Girl

— Lil’ Richie (@DelGales) 27 November 2017

Prince Harry a.k.a ‘Mr. Steal Your Girl’…