Flowers for Your Flower Girls: Ideas That They’ll Love

From pomander bouquets to ever so pretty flower crowns, help your girls look the part with these gorgeous floral ideas


If you’re looking for beautiful ways to include flowers at your wedding then consider these lovely ideas for your flower girls. A basket or bouquet of flowers would really make them look the part and a flower crown or hair accessory is another great option for younger flower girls. Check out these ideas for your flower girl flowers that they’ll absolutely adore. 


Flower Crowns

We love this beautiful statement flower crown from Blue Sky Flowers. The pink peonies add a fun pop of colour and they would complement a pink or white flower girl dress.

Why don’t you have a go at making your own flower crown? Check out our easy guide to learn how.


Flowers by Blue Sky Flowers; Image credit Kate Nielen Photography

If your flower girls don’t want to carry a bouquet then a flower crown is an excellent alternative. If your wedding is filled with vibrant summer wedding flowers, then choose a crown for your flower girls that complements this – like this pink rose crown with contrasting white flowers.


Flowers by The Flower Bird; Image credit Claire Graham Photography

Getting married at a rustic wedding venue? A natural looking flower crown with lots of greenery and foliage is perfect for your flower girls. The addition of roses and smaller blooms in neutral or pastel colours would also make the crown ideal for vintage weddings. 


Flowers by Blue Sky Flowers; Image credit Xanthe Berkeley

A crown made of gypsophila (baby’s breath) would be ideal for younger flower girls, as the plant is fairly small and has a softer texture than most flowers so it won’t irritate them. This kind of flower crown looks great at weddings at any time of year.


Image credit: Nicola Milns Photography


Pomander bouquets are typical flower girl flowers as the round shape and ribbon makes them easy to carry, plus it’s ideal if they don’t want to wear a flower crown. Pomander bouquets can be any colour that you want, however we suggest opting for a ribbon colour that complements the bridal wear or the colour scheme.


Image credit: Cindy Kirkland at Creative Works

Although we featured this pom pom bouquet in our alternative ideas for your bridal bouquet article, we think it would also be a great option for your flower girls. The multi coloured pom poms are a fun look and your flower girls could even take them home as a memento of the day.


Image credit: Run Wild Bouquets

Flower girl flowers should be fairly small and not too fussy, so a nosegay bouquet like this simple white one would be perfect. Nosegay bouquets usually include more foliage than other bouquet styles, so they would be perfect for rustic or outdoor weddings.


Image credit: Sarah Gowler Photography

If you saw Pollyanna and Alex’s real wedding, you’ll remember that they had five flower girls in colourful dresses that stole the show! Take note and choose dresses for your flower girls that have floral detailing – this will complement their bouquets if they’re having one. 


Image credit: Minna Rossi Photography

If you have one or two flower girls, it can be a great idea to give them a smaller version of your bouquet so that the colours flow seamlessly. Also – how cute are those fluffy shawls!


Image credit: Stucio & Waow


A beautiful flower wand will make your flower girl feel like a true princess. Flower wands make popular keepsakes for after the day and your girls will love waving them around as they get into their important wedding role.

Silk wedding flowers are a great option for the flower girl flowers as they can be ordered well in advance and will keep for a lot longer. We love this burgundy silk flower wand from Silk Blooms.


Image credit: Silk Blooms

Wands with fake floral detail are a great alternative to real flowers if your flower girls have allergies or don’t feel comfortable holding a bouquet. These felt wands from Muscari Whites Florist feature the cutest polka dot ribbon detail and the butterfly toppers will appeal to younger flower girls.


Image credit: Muscari Whites Florist

Flower Baskets

Baskets filled with flowers are another great idea for your flower girls. This super sweet wire basket of flowers from Silk Blooms comes in a cute heart shape and would really complete your flower girl’s look.


Image credit: Silk Blooms

Not only does this little wicker basket of flowers look lovely, it can also be personalised with your flower girl’s name along with the wedding date for a special touch. The basket would look great as they carry it proudly down the aisle and it would also serve as a thank you gift for them to keep.


Image credit: Seahorse at Not on the High Street

Hair Accessories

If your flower girls aren’t keen on holding flowers or wearing a flower crown, then how about a cute little floral hair accessory instead? These pink organza flower hair pins are super delicate and can easily be tucked behind the ear. If you’re thinking about wearing your own wedding hair with flowers then check out Hitched for more ideas.


Image credit: Chez Bec at Not on the High Street

Petal Confetti

The traditional role of the flower girl is to walk down the aisle scattering petals along the way. If your flower girl will be fulfilling this duty then take a look at the gorgeous biodegradable confetti from Shropshire Petals


Wicker baskets are also an easy way to hold the flower petals and they will really look the part as your flower girl walks down the aisle.


Images credited to Shropshire Petals


When you go to buy your flowers, be sure to take our list of essential questions to ask your wedding florist with you – so you can be sure that you’re making the right decision.