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The 34 Most Romantic Movies on Netflix Right Now

From classic tear jerkers to laugh out loud comedies and everything in between, here are the 34 best romantic movies on Netflix available to watch right now

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If you're anything like us over at Hitched you'll love a cosy Netflix night in, and our favourite genre of choice? You guessed it, romance. There's nothing better than snuggling down on the sofa with your besties, your other half or your pooch and getting lost in a good romantic movie. Pass the tissues!

But what if a heart-tugging tear jerker's not exactly your bag? Don't worry, we've got lots of suggestions here that will fill your must-watch list. From family favourites and coming of age teen hits to Oscar award winners and the classics that you've probably seen too many times, there's an option here to keep everyone entertained. Plus, we bet there'll be a few you didn't even know were on Netflix. 

So, if you're stuck for a date idea or just fancy a night in, check out our list of the 34 best romantic movies available to watch on Netflix now. Popcorn at the ready...


1. The Incredible Jessica James

Jessica, played by comedian Jessica Williams, is a struggling New York City playwright who has just gone through a bad breakup. As she tries to get over her split she meets recently divorced Boone (Chris O'Dowd) who together decide to break free from stalking their exes on social media with one simple solution - following each other's ex instead. 

Ideal for: Anyone who's not afraid to say 'I'm freakin' dope'.   

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2. One Day

If this film could come with a warning it would say 'don't watch when fragile.' Based on the best selling novel by David Nicholls, One Day follows the story of Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) who, after a brief college romance, go their own separate ways and decide to meet up on the same day each year to compare their progress in life and love.

Ideal for: Fans of Normal People.

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3. Love, Guaranteed 

After failing to find love on a dating website after 986 dates, Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.) goes to cash-strapped attorney Susan (Rachael Leigh Cook) for help in order to sue them. As they fight to win the case, Susan downloads the dating app too (purely for research purposes) and finds a lot more than she was expecting. 

Ideal for: Those who want an easy, feel-good watch. 

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4. Elisa & Marcela 

This subtitled Spanish drama is set in 1901, where Elisa and Marcela form a hidden love affair. In order to marry the woman she loves, Elisa adopts a male identity so they can trick the priest and be together. 

Ideal for: Foreign film lovers.

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5. The Time Traveler's Wife

If a romantic film stars Rachel McAdams you know it's going to be good, and The Time Traveler's Wife is no exception. A classic tear jerker, due to a genetic disorder Henry (Eric Bana) involuntarily travels back in time. When he meets and falls in love with Clare they face heartbreak as he continues his unavoidable time travelling. 

Ideal for: Anyone looking for a heart-felt film that's a little different from the rest.

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6. Crazy Rich Asians

Based on Kevin Kwan's best-selling novel, Crazy Rich Asians follows Rachel (Michelle Yeoh) as she accompanies her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) on a trip to Singapore to meet his family. When she realises he's part of one of the richest families in the whole of Asia, she's faced with a frosty welcome. 

Ideal for: A bit of escapism! 

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7. Holding The Man

It's 1970 Australia and a relationship is blossoming between two teenage boys. Over the course of 15 years we follow the touching love story of Tim (Ryan Corr) and John (Craig Stott) as they face everything life throws at them. 

Ideal for: Anyone who's after a beautiful and artistic yet emotional watch. 

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8. Marriage Story

Love isn't always smooth sailing and Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, is a down to earth portrayal of divorce and how love exists in all sorts of ways. 

Ideal for: People who are sick of clichés. 

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9. Notting Hill

Available on Netflix are some classic romantic films that never get old, including Notting Hill. Bookstore owner William (Hugh Grant) is thrown into romantic turmoil when famous American actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) appears in his shop. Can love blossom despite their different worlds?

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to watch a nostalgic movie.

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10. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Another fail-safe romantic movie on Netflix is How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Playful, light and easy-to-watch, when Benjamin (Matthew McConaughey) is challenged by his co-workers to get a girl to fall in love with him the last thing he expected was to meet Andie (Kate Hudson), a writer tasked with the challenge to lose a guy in, yep, you guessed it...  

Ideal for: Getting your girls and guys together for a fun night in.

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11. Love Jacked 

Hoping to find inspiration, Maya (Amber Stevens West) heads to South Africa and instead finds love. But when her whirlwind romance falls through she decides to avoid the humiliation of returning home alone by roping her new friend Malcom (Shamier Anderson) in to pretend to be her fiancé.  

Ideal for: Those wanting to laugh out loud.

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12. Rebecca

A modern adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier's gothic novel and Alfred Hitchcock's 1940 version, this movie is the perfect combination of romance and thriller. When a young newlywed arrives at her husband's family estate she soon finds herself battling to live up to his late wife Rebecca. 

Ideal for: Fans of psychological thrillers who don't want anything too mushy. 

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13. Someone Great

After being dumped by her boyfriend of nine years, Jenny (played by Gina Rodriguez) goes on a night out with her girls but crosses paths with her ex. A refreshing take on a classic-rom com, this film portrays the emotional turmoil of love. 

Ideal for: Anyone going through a breakup. 

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14. Falling Inn Love 

After losing her job and her boyfriend in San Francisco, luck is finally on the cards for Gabriela (Christina Milian) when she wins an inn in New Zealand. Eager to renovate the property and sell it, she garners a little help from her new neighbour Jake (Adam Taylor) and suddenly, returning to life back in the big city doesn't seem so appealing...

Ideal for: A fun and cosy watch. 

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15. Alex Strangelove 

High school senior Alex Truelove (Daniel Doheny) is on a mission to lose his virginity to his girlfriend Claire (Madeline Weinstein). That is until he meets new boy in school Elliott who doesn't hold back on expressing how he feels for Alex.

Ideal for: Those who are young at heart.

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16. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society 

Lily James plays a writer who visits a book club in a small town during World War II in order to write about them. As she bonds with the residents in this quaint place, she begins to fall in love with more than just the lifestyle and scenery.

Ideal for: Book worms.

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17. Dear John

Soon after John (Channing Tatum) and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) fall in love he must leave to complete his service for a year. To pass the time the pair exchange a stream of love letters to each other, but a lot can happen in 12 months and when war breaks out their relationship gets even harder.  

Ideal for: Long-distance lovers, or anyone who wants to see Channing Tatum topless. 

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18. A Perfect Ending

Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Rebecca (Barbara Niven), prompted by her friends, sets up an appointment to meet high end call girl Paris (Jessica Clark) who helps her embark on a journey of self exploration.

Ideal for: Those after a steamier romantic drama. 

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19. Set It Up

As New York assistants to high-powered bosses Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Power) spend their working days going above and beyond the call of duty. So, when the pair want more time off they figure out that all they have to do is get their bosses to fall in love. Simple, right? 

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to unwind.

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20. To All The Boys: Always and Forever 

Lara (Lana Condor) and Peter (Noah Centineo) are back again in their senior year of high school and plan on attending the same university. But when Lara returns from a family trip to Korea, does she still see a future with Peter? 

Ideal for: Those who loved the first and second film.

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21. Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga

Yes, you read that right, this movie is all about Eurovision and we bet you won't be able to watch it without smiling. Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigirt (Rachel McAdams) are two small town singers from Iceland with big dreams of winning the Eurovision Song Contest. As they attempt to win the competition they learn more about themselves than they ever imagined. 

Ideal for: A bangin' soundtrack that you'll be playing on repeat. 

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22. Cold Feet

Nigerian cinema is one of the largest film industries in the world and Cold Feet is a romantic Nollywood film you won't want to miss seeing. At a resort getaway, a couple's 15th wedding anniversary celebration is thrown into turmoil when when a former flame turns up. 

Ideal for: Showcasing Nollywood at its very best.

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23. Leap Year

This seriously sweet romantic comedy stars Amy Adams who travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend, but when she meets charming Irish innkeeper Declan (Matthew Goode) her proposal might not go to plan. 

Ideal for: Dreamy Irish accents and stunning scenery. 

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24. Just Go With It

Would this really be a romantic film round-up if we didn't include a Jennifer Aniston favourite in here? Just Go With It sees her star alongside Adam Sandler who recruits her to pretend to be his ex wife when he lies to his girlfriend that he's a divorced family man.

Ideal for: Classic rom-com lovers.

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25. Kita Kita

Another foreign language romantic movie is Kita Kita. When a tour guide in Japan goes blind, she befriends a fellow Filipino who shows her the world through his eyes. Artistic, heartbreaking and adorable, there won't be a dry eye in the house. 

Ideal for: Those who want to get lost in a love story. 

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26. Me Before You

Energetic Louisa Clark (Emilia Clarke) lands a job as a carer for paralyzed William (Sam Claflin) and she soon finds out looking after this cynical and sarcastic bachelor will test her patience. When life gets tricky and tough decisions have to be made, will love be enough to get them through?

Ideal for: Anyone wanting a thoughtful film.

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27. A United Kingdom

Based on the novel Colour Bar by Susan Williams, A United Kingdom follows the tale of a white Englishwoman (Rosamund Pike) and her marriage to King Seretse Khama of Botswana (David Oyelowo) as they fight for their love despite diplomatic uproar. 

Ideal for: Anyone in the mood for a beautifully filmed drama, highlighting an important time in history. 

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28. The Holiday

Okay, so we know you probably put this romantic film on every winter but did you know it's easily available to stream on Netflix too? Fed up with their love lives, when Amanda (Cameron Diaz) who lives in sunny LA and Iris (Kate Winslet) who resides in a charming English village decide to swap homes, they get a whole lot more than they bargained for. 

Ideal for: Fuzzy, festive feels.

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29. 50 First Dates

Set in Hawaii, vet Henry (Adam Sandler) falls head over heels for art teacher Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who has short-term memory loss after an accident. Each morning Lucy wakes up unaware of the previous day so Henry must go to extremes to make her fall in love with him all over again. 

Ideal for: Adam Sandler fans.

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30. Runaway Bride

This light-hearted chick flick follows Maggie (Julia Roberts) who has abandoned three men at the altar and journalist Ike (Richard Gere) who's been put on the case to cover her story. 

Ideal for: A fun night with your pals before your wedding (although, if being jilted at the alter is your biggest fear maybe give it a miss until after the wedding!)

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31. Think Like A Man

When four women purchase a best-selling relationship advice book they set out to solve all their love life problems. That is until their partners get drift of what's going on...

Ideal for: Watching with your other half for endless laughs. 

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32. Legally Blonde

Part romance, part girl-power movie, Legally Blonde follows law student Elle Woods as she embarks on conquering Harvard Law School and getting back at her ex while she's at it. Oh, and her adorable chihuahua Bruiser comes along for the ride too. 

Ideal for: Anyone who has the Legally Blonde 3 release date in their diary (20th May 2022). 

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33. Wimbledon

Tennis pro Peter (Paul Bettany) is over the moon when he's given the chance to play at Wimbledon, but when he ends up falling for American tennis star Lizzie (Kirsten Dunst) his comeback becomes complicated. 

Ideal for: Wimbledon fans, naturally.

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34. The Lovebirds

Not the most conventional romance film, a couple on the brink of a break-up find themselves caught up in a bizarre murder mystery and embark on a journey to find the killer and clear their names. 

Ideal for: Anyone fed up with the soppy stuff - this film is a laugh a minute. 

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