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Wedding Hair with Plaits: 19 Beautiful Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Plaits are the ultimate dreamy romantic hairstyle. Unleash your inner Disney princess with these timeless wedding hairstyles with braids

Back of a boho bride's head with blonde hair in a loose low bun with a plait and flower accessories
Wildflower Hair Company

Back of a boho bride's head with blonde hair in a loose low bun with a plait and flower accessories
Wildflower Hair Company

Do you want a wedding look that is timeless, elegant AND romantic? Then a braided wedding hairstyle is the option for you. Braids and plaits have experienced a serious comeback recently, and are now one of the most popular hairstyles for brides, bridesmaids and guests. 

The great thing about braided wedding hairstyles is that they cater to all hair types, lengths, colours and tastes - and there are endless ways to style it! From braided updos with accessories to glossy fishtail plaits to sophisticated French braids, you’re guaranteed to find a style you’ll fall in love with, and once you take it out, you’ll be left with some seriously luscious waves. 

19 Stunning Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Braided Wedding Hair

1. Double Plaits - Wildflower Hair Company

The back of a boho bride with her arms outstretched wearing a shawl. Her blonde hair is in half up plait and the rest is in a plait at the nape of her neck decorated with flowers

Uh oh, it’s double trouble with Wildflower Hair Company! This style incorporate two relaxed braids and tops the whole thing off with flowers, for the ultimate hair style for a rustic wedding ceremony. 

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2. Boho Braids - Wildflower Hair Company 

Back of a bride wearing a backless dress. Her blonde hair is in a half up plait with several small plaits in her down hair

Sometimes the plait doesn’t have to be the main focus of your braid wedding hairstyle. This boho ‘do by Wildflower Hair Company has tiny plaits, both regular and fishtail, as part of a hair down look, giving a more subtle rustic look.

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3. Double Fishtail - Amanda Roberts

Blonde hair in a side fishtail plait leading into another fishtail plait with loose tendrils at the front

The saying 'two is better than one' has never been more true than in this Amanda Roberts hairstyle. We absolutely love fishtail plaits - the more the better!

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4. Punk Dutch Side Braids - Make Me Bridal

Profile of a bride with her blonde hair gathered at the back and 3 dutch braids plaited down the side of her head

Plaits don't always need to be soft and delicate - just check out this punky look by Make Me Bridal. Loose curls held back by Dutch braids make this look almost like a mohican, perfect for brides who don't conform to the norms. 

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Braided Wedding Updos

5. Milkmaid Braid Updo - A Finishing Touch 

Back of a brides head with blonde hair in a milkmaid braid

This braided updo is the perfect complement to a boho wedding dress. Milkmaid braids are very versatile and can be easily changed by switching up the types of braids you create it with - this style by A Finishing Touch has been created with normal plaits. 

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6. Crown Braid Updo - Wildflower Hair Company 

Back of a bride's head with blonde hair in a crown braid

At first glance this may look similar to the milkmaid braid, but look again - while the milkmaid braid sits several inches back from the forehead, the crown braid sits right on top, where a crown should be. Check out this stunning example from Wildflower Hair Company

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7. Thick Braided Updo - Katy Djokic 

Back of a bride's head. Blonde hair is gathered into a low updo made up of a plait with loose tendrils at the front and a bejewelled floral accessory

Braids at the nape of the neck scream elegance - just look at this chic updo from Katy Djokic, with an extra thick plait and some loose tendrils for a windswept, fantasy feel. 

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8. Braid Base Bun - A Finishing Touch 

Back of a bride's head with blonde hair in a high bun with a thick plait around the base

Buns have been a staple hairstyle since the beginning of time. If you want to transform your messy bun into a boho bridal bun, simply plait a section of your hair and wrap it around the bottom, just like the team at A Finishing Touch

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9. Textured Braid Bun - Wildflower Hair Company 

Back of a boho bride's head with blonde hair in a low messy bun with plait at the side and floral acessories

Perhaps more of an ‘undo’ than an updo, this messy bun features a gorgeous side braid, making it a shining example of Wildflower Hair Company’s signature boho chic. Loosely curled tendrils and flowers complete the romantic look. 

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10. Braided Bun - Something Blue Hair and Makeup 

Back of a bride's head adjusting her cornrow braid bun decorated with clips saying 'LOVE'

The statement hair clips in this Something Blue hairstyle add a super original and modern take to the braided bun. This look is everything. 

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Half Up Wedding Braid Hair

11. Wavy Hair with Half Up Braid - Katy Djokic

Back of a bride's head with long blonde hair in a plaited half updo

Half up wedding hairstyles have made a real comeback since Kate Middleton’s elegant look at her 2011 ceremony. Take a leaf out of Katy Djokic’s book and add a braid to really turn up the romance of this look. 

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12. Loose Half Up Side Braid - Wishbone and Comb 

Bride with pink hair, plait tied at side and decorate with a silver leaf accessory

Wishbone and Comb captures the ultimate wedding elegance with this loose half up side braid. Make sure to leave some strands out framing your face for the ultimate romantic look, and consider adding accessories for some extra flair. 

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13. Waterfall Braid with Flowers - Katy Djokic 

Back of bride's head. Blonde hair gathered in half updo with waterfall braid and white sprigs

A waterfall braid is a half French braid where part of the hair is braided and the rest cascades down like a waterfall (the clue’s in the name). This braid by Katy Djokic is an intricate style without looking overwhelming - curled hair adds some extra softness to the finished look. 

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14. Braids and Bun Half Up - Wildflower Hair Company 

Back of bride's head with blonde hair in half updo with two plaits, bun and accessory

This detailed style from Wildflower Hair Company manages to include all the boho wedding hair staples - braids, half up, bun, waterfall braid, curls, accessories - without feeling too overcrowded. Genius!

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15. Fishtail Half Up - Wildflower Hair Company 

Back of a boho bride with long blonde hair in a fishtail half up with floral accessories

Elevate your braided half up by swapping out a regular plait for a fishtail plait. Keep the curls, pop in some flowers and you’re good to go - check out Wildflower Hair Company for more inspiration. 

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Braided Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

16. Short Half Waterfall Braid - Wishbone and Comb 

Short ombre curled hair with a half up waterfall braid

It can be difficult to create a full up do with shorter hair, but you can always opt for an elegant half up. This style from Wishbone and Comb starts off as a waterfall braid before transitioning into a regular plait over the beautifully curled bob. 

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Unique Braid Bridal Hairstyles

17. Fishtail Bridal Braid - Wishbone and Comb

The back of a woman in a backless pink dress with a long fishtail braid with blue floral accessories

Fishtail braids will never go out of style, and they’re a great way to make long hair look even more impressive. Wishbone and Comb pairs this style with a backless dress to make sure that all eyes will be in your hair. 

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18. Mermaid Bridal Braid - Katy Djokic Wedding Makeup and Hair Styling 

Back of a bride's head with blonde hair in a mermaid braid with white floral sprigs

Mermaid braids are taking the world by storm - and it’s easy to see why. It’s a unique and modern style fit for an undersea princess on any occasion. This mermaid braid by Katy Djokic somehow manages to be both effortless and impressive at the same time. 

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19. Bubble Braid - Katy Djokic Wedding Makeup and Hair Styling 

Brunette bride in backless dress facing away from the camera with hair in a bubble braid

Here’s one you might not have heard of - what on earth is a bubble braid? This quirky style is everywhere, from the runway to the red carpet, and involves creating teased ‘ bubbles’ within a ponytail. This Katy Djokic style takes things one step further by including plaits. 

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How to Braid Hair for Your Wedding

If you fancy having a go at braiding your own wedding hair, don't fear - there are plenty of styles simple enough to pull off yourself and impressive enough to wow all your guests. 

Before starting to braid, it's important to prep your hair, no matter the texture. Get things started by applying a heat protectant product, before blow drying your hair straight to give yourself a lovely blank canvas to work with. Now you're ready to begin. 

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