Kuksy & Tolu's Real Wedding

Tolu and Kuksy married in a beautiful beach wedding in Naples, Florida in front of 60 of their nearest and dearest. The wedding was decorated with an orange and green colour scheme, and they took inspiration from the beach setting for their wedding theme.

Tolu & Kuksy-The Bride and Groom

Kuksy and Tolu met by chance when a mutual friend introduced them. Kuksy was on her way into town when she bumped into her friend, who introduced her to Tolu. She played hard to get for a year, before beginning a five year relationship with him.

Tolu decided after five happy years to propose to Kuksy, but it didn’t quite go to plan. He engineered a fake argument so he could say ‘I don’t want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore’, and planned to follow it up with ‘I want to be husband and wife’, however he didn’t account for Kuksy’s feisty nature! She answered ‘Fine!’ and stormed off…

After some begging, he ended up getting down on one knee at home, with Kuksy in her pyjamas. It wasn’t very glamorous, but it was sincere and intimate. The excited pair spent almost two years planning their wedding abroad. 

Tolu & Kuksy's Wedding on 31 Oct 2013

Photography by: Kristen Weaver Photography

Tolu & Kuksy's supplier list

Photography by:  Kristen Weaver Photography

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