Claire & Paul's Real Wedding

Paul and Claire first met on an unplanned night out. Six years later Paul surprised Claire with a Christmas proposal, resulting in so much champagne being consumed that Christmas dinner was never cooked! The couple had cheese for dinner, but they were happy, and had a beautiful diamond ring…

Paul & Claire-Claire and Paul

Neither of them planned to go out on the night they met, but Claire and Paul both found themselves in Chaos in Portsmouth. Claire’s friend told her a man was checking her out, so she walked up to Paul, tapped him on the nose with her fairy wand and told him she liked a man in glasses…the rest was history!

Six years later, on Christmas day, she unwrapped a present containing two bottles of champagne, with a ring nestled in between. At first she only noticed the drink, before Paul pointed out the extra box. “That looks like an engagement ring,” Claire stated. After Paul confirmed it was, an awkward silence followed, before she declared: “Do it properly then!”

A five year engagement followed before the couple became husband and wife in an amazing seaside themed wedding full of fun and personal touches.

Paul & Claire's Wedding on 07 Sep 2013

Photography by: Marianne Chua Photography

Wedding venue: Rosie's Vineyard

Paul & Claire's supplier list

Photography by:  Marianne Chua Photography

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