Chloe & Ross's Real Wedding

Chloe and Ross tied the knot during an intimate wedding ceremony at a Kent country hotel; the family and friend filled day was the “perfect” occasion that the couple had always dreamed of. Now both newlyweds, the smitten pair are planning a honeymoon to New York and San Francisco for late 2012.

Ross & Chloe-The Happy Couple

Chloe and Ross fell for one another whilst on a night out; an unexpected encounter as it was actually two of their mutual friends that had arranged to see each other. With four blissful years spent together as a couple, Ross felt the time was right to take things a step further and plucked up the courage to propose to the lady of his dreams. Knowing that Chloe would be too embarrassed anywhere other than in the comfort of their own home, Ross got down on one knee in the living room of the couple’s home.

Ross took his new fiancé to pick a ring of her choice, before the elated couple knuckled down to some serious wedding planning! 

Ross & Chloe's Wedding on 26 Feb 2012

Photography by: Jeff Oliver Photography

Wedding venue: Little Silver Country Hotel

Ross & Chloe's supplier list

Photography by:  Jeff Oliver Photography

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