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Who is TikTok Star Monica Geldart & Who is She Marrying?

Curious about hilarious TikTok personality Monica Geldart? We dig into who she is and everything we know about her wedding!

Close up of TikTok star Monica Geldart wearing an oversized orange blazer and a black crop top, smiling at an event
Dave Bennett / Getty Images

Close up of TikTok star Monica Geldart wearing an oversized orange blazer and a black crop top, smiling at an event
Dave Bennett / Getty Images

You probably see social media star Monica Geldart all over your For You page on TikTok, or on your Instagram search page, but who is she?

We dig into everything you need to know about the comedic actress Monica Geldart, including her age, her husband-to-be, her history as a teacher and whether or not she actually has a child (her videos are very convincing!). 

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Who is Monica Geldart?

TikTok sensation Monica Geldart is from Yorkshire, and became famous after going viral on TikTok with her character sketches. Prior to the pandemic, she was working as an arts technician at a school in Harrogate, but told Absolutely Yorkshire that she had dreams of becoming an actor. 

She told the magazine: “I joined TikTok in May 2020 when school was shut, and we were in lockdown. I used to see the kids at school on it all the time, doing dances, but I didn’t think it was for me.”

She cites female comedians Catherine Tate and Victoria Wood as her inspiration, saying she started creating comedic skits on the app - mostly centred around her experience of working in a school, whilst the school was on lockdown during the pandemic.

She became famous for her hugely relatable video content around teaching, but also branched out to create the character of the mum to fictional daughter ‘Maisie’, as well as some skits as a diva-ish bride, following her own engagement. 

Does Monica Geldart Have a Husband?

Full length image of Monica Geldart and her fiance Connor Calland at an event. Connor wears a dark suit over a black polo neck, and Monica wears a satin strappy mini dress in a pale blue
Dave Bennett / Getty Images

Monica Geldart doesn’t quite have a husband - but she is engaged! She is engaged to Hollyoaks actor Connor Calland, who she met through Instagram.

The couple have recently purchased a home together, and are planning to get married in 2025. 

They got engaged in 2023, with Connor proposing at home after a failed trip to the beach to walk their dog, Nellie - who you might recognise from some of Monica’s sketches!

What is Monica Geldart’s Age?

Monica Geldart is 25 years old - her birthday is on July 22nd. 

Does Monica Geldart Have a Child?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Monica has a child - her sketches where she plays the loving but interfering mum to Maisie are that realistic.

She does have a dog, Nellie, but for now her child remains fictional!

Is Monica Geldart a Teacher?

Monica Geldart made her name by creating viral sketches set in a school, parodying teachers and SLT (senior leadership team) staff, as well as various types of students. She didn’t work as a teacher, but did work as an arts technician at the school she had previously attended.

She's since gone on to create multiple characters, including the mum to Maisie, mentioned above, as well as a demanding bride, and partnered with fellow influencer Chris Hall to create the YouTube series 'Jobsworth'.

Where Does Monica Geldart Live?

A northern girl through and through, Monica was born in Sheffield, but grew up in Harrogate. She was living in Leeds when she first met her husband-to-be, Connor, but they have since moved in together in Southport, near to Connor’s family. 

When is Monica Geldart Getting Married?

Monica and her fiancé Connor are currently planning a 2025 wedding!

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