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Speech by Neil

Speech Type: Father of the bride/groom
Speech Creator: Neil
Speech Date: 13/08/2017 07:39:56

In a break with tradition I thought that I would bring some items along from Laura's past to help as reminder's for my speech today.

This has meant that although I did have 24 years to prepare something for today, what with one thing and another, plus taking advice from my sister, I ended up printing this speech off the internet this morning.  I've not had a chance to read it all through yet so I hope it's a good one.

Well anyway at least I don't have to worry about it being witty and entertaining, as that's Ben and Ciaran's job as best men.

I'd like to start by welcoming you all to Laura and James wedding. It's really good to see so many of their family and friends here to celebrate their marriage. My first task is to thank everyone who has put their time and effort into helping to make this day such a lovely occasion.

I am certain that both Laura's Nan's and Granddad's are watching over her today and would be proud of the person they see here. In fact they have even looked after the weather.

Laura was only a toddler when I discovered girl's brains work differently to a boys and that Laura's is unique. We were on one of the footpaths in the local park with Laura riding her tricycle, foolishly I told her she could roll down the hill we were approaching. Too my amazement she got off the bike, strolled up the embankment, laid down and rolled over and over down the hill in her new coat.

Not sure how I explained that to her Mum, but this is the first of two important points from my speech that James needs to be aware of – “girls tell their mum everything”.

As soon as Laura learned to talk she gained the ability to summarize in detail what had been going on during the day whilst Jill was at work. Don't tell your Mum about this seems to mean record and tell her or your Nan as soon as you see them.

Laura, both me and your Mum are both aware of just how blessed we have been to have you in our lives and we hope you know exactly how much we love you and how very proud we are of the lovely young lady you have become. It has been an absolute joy for both your mum and me to watch a very talkative, extremely inquisitive and often clumsy little girl develop into the beautiful, young lady that it was my absolute privilege to escort down the aisle today.

After all it doesn't seem all that very long ago that you were dancing around in front of the mirror, hair brush in hand belting out some Spice girl hit, or was that last week.

She's never given us any trouble or reason to worry, she's a perfect young lady who I am proud to call my daughter and I'm sure James will be proud to call his wife.

I first became aware that Laura had found herself a young man when suddenly dinner discussions that had been on subjects such as reduction labels, stock levels, queue lengths and the amount of overtime left in the Tesco budget, suddenly came to focus more on the grocery area and a certain young manager by the name of James.

Your feelings for James were clear from the start and in fact your mother and I will always have fond memories of our 16 hour round trip to North Wales to collect a daughter who couldn't stay camping due to a terrible sickness virus, which was miraculously cured half hour down the road by a portion of sausage and chips. I'm not sure it was either me or your mum you were missing. Although it does remind me of that first evening when as a teenager you went to stay at Nan and Granddad's at the top of the road, had tea and then had to be collected in tears.

I know that tradition dictates that it is at this point that I am supposed to welcome James today into our family. But the truth is that we have now known him for some 8 years and from day one he has always been a member of the family happy to join in with all that's going on, an expert in assembling Gazebo's and an excellent cook when it comes to looking after BBQ's. Just not much of a rally driver.

You often wonder as a parent how your children will turn out. You wonder what sort of life decisions they will make. What friends they will choose? Who will they pick as a partner to share their life with? Will that person love and care for them as well as you would? And will you approve?

Well for what it's worth Laura your Mum, Barney and I think you have made a great choice.

From the first day we met James he has been an absolute credit to both Tracy and Lee.

At this point I can only apologize to both Tracy and Lee for the additional workload that Laura joining their family may have caused.

At first I wasn't sure if there wasn't some connection between the fact that Lee had to spend most weekends at the nursery repairing items that Laura had some hand in breaking during the week. However her mum tells me not to worry as Laura has always been clumsy.

Sticking with tradition I think at this point that I am also supposed to pass on some further worldly advice to my new son in law to help him in his new marital status.

Well I think I'm getting close to outstaying my welcome and I can see both the groom and best men eager to get on with their speeches. 

I do however have one final very pleasurable responsibility to fulfil.

Laura and James, may your marriage be a truly happy one and may you have a long and wonderful life together. It is my very great pleasure to propose the first toast to the happy couple.

So could I ask you please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the Bride and Groom.