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Speech by Charlie

I got a lot of help from this site and thought I had submitted my speech to try and assist others. I am back again due to my second daughter’s wedding in September.  I found that making an A4 sheet of paper into two columns and printing on both sides and allowed the speech to be on one sheet of paper that I could fold in half instead of one large page. It worked for me.  

Speech Type: Father of the bride/groom
Speech Creator: Charlie
Speech Date: 09/07/2017 13:17:31

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have a moment of your time please as I have a very important role to perform.  To those of you who don't know me, I'm Laura's dad Charlie and as of today, Bernard's father in law.  Also to those of you here who do not know either Laura or Bernard, can I ask, what are you doing here, your wedding reception's next door!  As the father of the bride it is my duty and privilege to give the first speech.  I'm basically the warm up act for Bernard and Gerald.

I'm a wee bit nervous today but it's not because I'm making this speech. I've been married over 30 years and during that time lived with my wife and two daughters, so it's very unusual for me to get to speak for longer than 30 seconds without being interrupted and if I do get to speak for longer than 30 seconds it is even more unusual to be listened too, so it's a new experience for me.

This is an important day for my wife Lesley and I…..a special day, when we welcome Bernard officially into our family. He now becomes part of our family and we become part of his. Both Bernard's mum and dad Ann and Jed, have known Laura for many years and they, just like Lesley and I, know that this pair are meant for each other.  I am actually overwhelmed and pleased to see how many of you came here today to celebrate this very special occasion and I know some of you have travelled a great distance to be here, so welcome one and all. Being here clearly shows your loyalty and commitment for and to your family and is an expression of true friendship and love.  I'm on safe ground here when I say that I want you all to know how much we, both sets of parents, appreciate you taking the time to be here with us to celebrate on this special day.

Also at this time, but on a sadder note it is worth remembering those family and friends who are no longer with us and could not be here to celebrate the wedding of Laura and Bernard.  I know Laura's granny & granddad Margaret & Tommy Newberry and Bernard's Granny Josie Flanagan would have loved to have been here and also June, Tommy & Margaret's eldest daughter. They are in our thoughts and we really wish they could have been here today. So, before I get to the main toast, can I ask that you please stand and drink a toast to absent friends and family. My toast is “To absent friends and family!”

I have looked forward to this day for many years. Today was the first of me seeing Laura in her wedding dress and she looked beautiful.  Laura makes a stunning bride and as her father you would expect me to say this but it does not make it any the less true! Those who know Laura will know she is a kind and wonderful woman but she will always be my little girl and I want the best for her.  I know Bernard is a good man, who has already impressed us with his thoughtfulness and unshakeable love for our daughter.  What more could a parent want for their child?  I have more praise for Bernard here, about a page and a half, about how great a guy he is but Bernard


(Directly to Bernard):-

It's been said Bernard that a man is not complete until he is married and then he's well and truly finished and it's also worth remembering that a man who gives in when he is WRONG is a WISE man. But a man who gives in when he is RIGHT…… is married!

I wish you both every happiness in the future. If you are even half as happy as Lesley and I, then you will be happy indeed.

Marriage is an important commitment and it takes more than just falling in love to make a marriage work.

It needs patience and compromise…… and I should know- I have been patiently compromising for years!  As the only man in a three women household, what option did I ever really have?

Seriously, it is wonderful to be able to celebrate with friends and loved ones and Lesley and I are so excited for Laura and Bernard as they embark on this adventure called life together.

To you both it is worth bearing in mind, neither of you will ever be perfect, but you can be a perfect match for each other. A successful marriage is not about finding a person you can live with, but finding a person that you can't live without and I know that you've found that with each other.

Now, in spite of having been married 38 years I'm no expert on marriage but I would like to share one bit of advice with you. If you've fallen out, never go to bed angry.

Be like your Mum and I …and stay up and fight all night.

Like all of us here, both of you will no doubt face some challenges along the way but if you both pull together and are always kind to each other, you will get through anything and enjoy many, many happy joyful times together.

Our only advice to you both is to always put the other one first and talk about everything openly and honestly.  A marriage should be a partnership.

If you both do that, you will always be happy and know you have someone you can rely on.

And whilst you have each other, don't forget that you'll always have the support of your family and friends. That you don't get rid of us that easily.

So, with those few words Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to ask you to please stand and raise a glass and join me in a toast to our two VIP's, my daughter Laura and my son in law Bernard who happen to be the Bride & Groom.  My toast is “To the Bride and Groom”