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Speech by Chris

I was extremely nervous making the speech and the delivery probably left a little to be desired. But it was clear from the words how proud I was and how much I cared, which is 99% of the battle.

Speech Type: Best man

Speech Creator: Chris
Speech Date: 04/07/2018 12:07:41

Good evening everyone. For those of you that don't know me, I'm Chris, and I am an extremely proud Best Man. Though I suppose whether or not that Best Man status changes after this toast will be down to Adam.
On behalf of Adam, George, the absolutely stunning bridesmaids and the groomsmen, I would like to thank everybody for coming to share this special occasion with us.
I would first and foremost like to congratulate our gorgeous newlyweds on their moving vows, what's been a beautiful day so far and on what will be a great night of celebration to come.
Thank you also to my fellow groomsmen, Martin and Greg, for ensuring that Adam both enjoyed AND survived his Buck's party in my absence. I would have loved to have been part of the merriment, and promise to be there for Adam's next… (Just kidding Georgie)
With that said, I will crack on with what I promise is a short and sweet speech, so that we can all get on with the eating and drinking on Adam's dime before I melt into a puddle of perspiration and happy tears.
Adam has asked that I not be too crude, and to be honest, it is hard to find a story that embarrasses him sufficiently without also incriminating myself, so I will go slightly easy on him tonight. However, no story is exempt from being shared bar-side in a ‘quid pro quo’ fashion.
I met Adam 18 years ago now at medical school in London; though if his mother Kate is to be believed, his original career aspiration was that of Care Bear. Same difference I guess… 
Gosh, 18 years, many of Adam's friends at stripclubs both here in Australia and back in the UK were barely taking their first steps.
In truth, we weren't fast friends straight away; our differences appearing more evident than our similarities.
I was a little shy while Adam was very sociable; I was a telly addict and he preferred to read; I was very indoorsy and he was the mighty Profigliano of the hospital Mixed Hockey team; I was unduly anxious and Adam displayed confidence beyond all reasonable foundation… you get the picture.
But the idiom of ‘opposites attracting’ often proves to be more than cliché, and our few shared loves of (1) good food, (2) good booze, and (3) women that are way too good for us, allowed our differing personalities to gel into a bond that holds firm and fast to this day.
After 5 years of medical lectures, exams, pub lock ins, and hangover clubs, Adam and I proudly qualified as doctors, and our celebration lunch with our families together at one table is a memory that still means a great deal to me. 
The subsequent years however, were when our paths began to gradually diverge. I chose to leave my medical career behind me, and Adam met a tall, blonde, beautiful nurse – the siren who would eventually lure him away from me.
Though I was never taken for granted, our boozy nights out and hangover clubs became replaced with boozy nights out followed by my trying to sleep while the sounds of Adam and George's vigorous ahem ‘scrabble playing’ penetrated the thin walls of the doctor's quarters at our halls with ease. 
Ahhhh, I still think about those times fondly and often, particularly on cold lonely mornings back home. By the way, to any single ladies who have no plans for after the party, I am also an exceptional scrabble player… well I'm not bad… I know how to play is what I'm saying…
A couple of years later, Adam and George left me for good, emigrating to Australia. I thought maybe they would come back one day, which is probably one of the reasons why I resisted the temptation to visit until now.
But seeing how perfect their life is here, with a wonderful home, wonderful friends, a stunning 18-year-old babysitter and 2 beautiful children – Isobel and Alistair, radiating joy with every scream and tantrum – I can finally grant full custody of my best friend to George, wholly and with no regrets. He is scrubbed, and deloused and good to go. I truly love you both so much.
So if everybody would like to be upstanding and join me in raising a glass to my dearest friend and to the love of his life. May you be blessed with countless years of happiness together. To Adam and George x