Speech by Ryan

Speech Type: Best man
Speech Creator: Ryan
Speech Date: 12/09/2017 21:50:32


Right then, finally!!

Last but not least I'm Ryan, Jay's other best man.

Can I just start by apologising, I'm a little nervous and don't do public speaking a lot.

But I've got a confession to make, this is actually the 2nd time I've read this speech out in public! I actually did a practice run down at Crewe Old People's Home last Friday; I'm glad to say the feedback was quite positive.

The nurse rang me the following day to inform me that half the audience did actually piss themselves! So fingers crossed today goes just as good.

Now I'm a bit limited on what I can and cannot say in this speech because Jay did actually text me last week with a few do's and don't’s .

In fact I've still got that text message.

“Hi mate, regarding the speech and duties on the wedding day there are a few things bothering me that I was hoping you could do for me.

1.Try not to be too funny in your speech so you don't show mine up.

2.try to make me sound good. Maybe say I saved your life when we were kids, maybe say I pushed you out of the way of a car or put you out when you were on fire??

3. And most importantly don't tell people I'm wearing Cuban heels on the day to bump my height up to 5ft 5 ! I already look like the singer Pit Bull I don't want people thinking I'm the same height as him!

So as you can see I've got to be careful what I say.

I'd like to start by a saying what an amazing day it's been so far. Thank you both so much for allowing us all to be a part of your special day. And Jay I'm sincerely privileged to be stood here as one of your best men.

Now I'm actually relieved that today is happening because there was a time we all thought Jay was gay! And this has nothing to do with him looking the spitting image of Stephen Gately from Boyzone when we were in school.

You see Jay in school was a trend setter when it came to clothes! Hard to believe now I know because now he's always dripping head to toe in Cedar Wood!

But, believe it or not, there was a time Jay had nice clothes, nice shoes and looked the business!

I used to actually model my fashion sense on Jay with his parka jackets, loafers and Aquascutum shirts, but things changed that day he walked through the school gate wearing a pink polo shirt, a hooped earring in his ear and his honey blonde highlights in his hair. (Well, what hair he had.)

This is when I noticed a change in Jay!

Yep something definitely changed in him that weekend he went to that Ricky Martin concert in Manchester!

So I'm so glad we are here today and so grateful that when Jay's feminine side comes out after a few beers at home that chances are Natalie is completely oblivious to this as we all know she likes to get the wine open about 3pm whilst Judge Rinder is on, so she doesn't see this side of him.

Now I could stand here all day and tell you stories of me and Jay growing up but the truth is he's my best mate not just because we would go out doing stupid things but he's like a brother.

We both have a similar sensitive side where we connect as well and I'd like to think we could tell each other anything.

We both need a wife who can connect to this and I'm lucky to have found mine and now Jay as well.

Natalie your amazing, not only are you gorgeous and far too good for Jay but you connect with him and deal with everything life throws at you. You are perfect for each other and I couldn't wish for a better person to be married to him.

I love you both.

Please could we all stand and raise a glass to my best friend Jay and his new wife Natalie.


To Jay and Natalie.