Speech by Mark English

Speech Type: Best man
Speech Creator: Mark English
Speech Date: 30/11/2010 15:32:57


Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for coming today, it's amazing to see all of these people who have travelled a very long way for a free meal and a free glass of wine!

Personally I'd wish you'd all stayed at home and made my job a little less nerve wracking!

But yeah, thanks again for coming today and helping make Neil and Leanne's wedding such a special and memorable occasion, I'm sure you'll all agree that the bridesmaids look fantastic, even more so the glowing bride, Leanne you look stunning today.

For those of you that don't know me, my name is Mark, best man for the day and also Neil's younger brother, its taken 25 years to realise but Neil has finally conceded that I am the best man!

He did mention that if I did a really good job today I've got a good chance of being best man at his next wedding as well!

Being a younger brother to Neil has its pro's and con's, he has always been someone to look up to, someone to go to if I ever had any trouble, although the one time I did need him we both got knocked out so to be honest he really isn't the best person to go to!

He'd only been living in Dudley a few weeks and he got his nose broke for about the 5th time, but he's kept a low profile since then so Neil, well done for that!

Now as you all probably know the job of the best man is to tell embarrassing stories about the groom, but to be honest I don't want to be responsible for the worlds shortest marriage so I'll swerve them like the plague!

He has however always had an eye for the ladies, I remember once we were sat in the beer garden at our old local when all of a sudden Neil shoots his head up like a meerkat and says “Lads have a look at that blond walking up the road, she's canny fit like, we all looked over…….

A few seconds later I thought to myself, I know her from somewhere…….

And then it hit me……….

I turned to our Neil and said “Neil………that's your Aunty Jan you've just been pervin on!!!   Sorry Aunty Jan!!

It's very difficult to summarise the last 25 years I've known Neil, I'd just like to say that over the years he has been the best anyone could hope for in a brother, he's also my best mate and I've always been able to go to him for support in dark hours.

Neil, I know you will maintain your high standards as a fantastic loving husband and father

Everyone will agree that you two really do make a fantastic couple….

Leanne I know everyone up at home loves you to bits….

So on that note ..… I would like everyone to raise a glass….


To love, laughter and a happy ever after…Cheers