Wedding Coordinator Secrets Revealed

We asked wedding coordinators to explain what they do and how it works for you


Well, it is probably easier to begin with what they don’t do! Many people worry that they will lose control of their wedding preparations if they use a wedding consultant but nothing could be further from the truth. They are there to attend to your ideas, needs and style. Another misunderstanding is that they will spend all your hard earned money unwisely. Again, not so. In fact, the reverse happens and they will secure discount on your behalf from the suppliers you select.


“Whatever you want to create in life, you must first create in your imagination”

A wedding co-ordinator is someone who is there for you. They will work closely with you to ensure you day is a special as it can possibly be. Essentially, they play a supporting role and whatever your imagination has created, they will help turn into a reality.

Once you have announced your engagement, you will find there are many decisions to make before you say your vows — venue, service type, photographers, flowers, cars, stationery…and so on. Then there are the contracts to sign, progress checks to make, invitations, guest lists to compile, wedding lists to put together. And there is the day itself! It is not surprising that many brides find it all too difficult to cope with the arrangements and events leading up to their wedding and it is said that it rates alongside moving house and bereavement as one of the most stressful life events. It may be you don’t have the time to arrange your wedding, or you want someone else to take the stress and strain so you are free to enjoy the lead up to your special day and the day itself, then consider using a wedding co-ordinator to help you.

They will take care of as little or as much as you want. This is because most wedding co-ordinators will tailor their services to meet your needs. They possess the expertise, knowledge and flair to support and guide you through from the planning to the big day. Your imagination may have created a themed day, or perhaps you are seeking something understated but elegant. It may be an extravagant affair or a small, intimate and romantic atmosphere. It could well be all, or even non, of these but whatever your imagination, a wedding co-ordinator will help you crystallise your thoughts and once the detail is agreed, they will set to work organising suppliers and ideas for your approval. Having agreed your suppliers and confirmed all your bookings, your wedding co-ordinator’s next task could be to write and despatch your invitations as well as manage the replies. They will keep a close eye on all the arrangements and confirm everything with suppliers just before the wedding. If you want, they can even be there for you on your special day. Unobtrusively of course, making sure the church is decorated to your instructions, the cars are where they should be, the flowers are fresh, the photographer is in place, and the guests are settled. Whilst you are taking your vows, your co-ordinator will return to the venue (having been there first thing in the morning) to check your table decorations and that all is ready for the arrival of the bride and groom and their wedding party.

The key to using a wedding co-ordinator is communication. They are there to serve you and so long as you tell them what you want, they will do everything they can to meet your needs. A further benefit of using a wedding co-ordinator is the financial control they bring in respect of your spending. Many couples overspend, in some cases quite considerably, so when engaging a co-ordinator do provide them with a budget within which they must work. You will find the real cost of a wedding co-ordinator may be very little as the savings they negotiate with suppliers are passed on to you.

And finally, did you know it could take as long as 250 hours or 6 working weeks to plan your wedding!

“If you can imagine it, you can become it, and if you can dream it, you can achieve it” — William Arthur Ward


Author: Barbara Foley
Telephone: 01462 441420