Seasonal Wedding Theme Inspiration

If you're stuck when it comes to choosing a wedding theme, why not be inspired by the time of year?

Wondering how to style your wedding; then look to your date for inspiration. Every season brings to mind it’s own image of colours and styles. Using the flavour of your chosen season can create a striking and memorable theme for you wedding day.

Spring is a wonderful time of year to get married, the world is waking up again after its long winter sleep and everything feels fresh and new. The gardens are brimming with beautiful blooms and the trees are filled with romantic blossoms. Subtle pastel shades create a fresh spring look; so choose a style of dress for your bridesmaids but have each one in a different pastel colour. Decorate tables with potted miniature daffodils or snowdrops and carry armfuls of tulips. Fill glass jam jars with candles to create a “garden” look and give guests plantable seed paper as favours. A traditional afternoon tea served with pink champagne will tantalise your guest’s taste buds and create a wedding cake to remember by stacking gorgeous fairy cakes on glass plates. Find a local Morris-dancing group to entertain your guests and why not organise an Easter egg hunt for the children or the young at heart. Browse spring wedding ideas in our inspiratin galleries.

Summer is still the most popular time of year for weddings. No body wants bad weather on their wedding day and although not guaranteed June, July and August hold the promise of warm summer sunshine and bright sunny days. After the cool fresh pastel colours of spring the heat of summer offers a spicier colour palette to choose from. Hot pinks, lime greens, vibrant oranges and yellows create a tropical feel ideal for warmer weather. Dare to be different and dress your bridesmaids in strong vibrant colours and have them carry a single exotic flower to create a striking contrast to the normal bouquet. Take your tables and chairs into the garden for the wedding breakfast and enjoy a delicious barbeque with griddled fish and lime. Provide entertainment with the sound of a steel band to create a fun and relaxing summer atmosphere. Browse summer wedding ideas in our inspiratin galleries.

Autumn days are cooler and there maybe less flowers around but nature is still resplendent in earthy tones and textures. Autumn weddings should reflect the hues outside by incorporating colours of gold, coppers, rusts, browns and reds. Create unusual tables centres by nestling chunky candles amongst arrangements of seasonal fruits. Mark each place setting with ripe apples or pears adorned with a leaf shaped tag bearing each guests name. In place of a floral bouquet carry a hand tied collection of foliage with wheat, dried grasses and berries. For your wedding fare choose simple foods, rustic soup served with chunky homemade bread, roast meats and seasonal vegetables followed by cheeses and fruit. Entertain the children by adding an element of Halloween in the shape of trick and treat bags full of ghoulish goodies. Browse autumn wedding ideas in our inspiratin galleries.

Winter is a magical time of year for a wedding. The dark winter nights are filled with the warm glow of candles and the twinkling of fairy lights. It is a time when families naturally get together to celebrate and enjoy the festive time of year. For your winter wedding you have the chance to be a snow queen wrapped in a white fur trimmed cloak. Dress your bridesmaids in pale icy blues and silvers and turn your flower girls into tiny snow fairies, with silver wands and wings. Carry pure white flowers but create interest and colour by adding silver twigs, white feathers and sparkling silver and pale blue beads. Scatter tables with white feathers and iridescent table confetti. Place blue glow sticks under layers of white tulle to light your tables and for height create a stunning centrepiece from silver twigs twisted with white fairy lights. Mark each guests place with a pale blue bauble labelled with their name. For your wedding cake indulge the chocoholic in you and have a mouth-watering creation made from curls of white chocolate. Browse winter wedding ideas in our inspiratin galleries.

Article courtesy of Emma Jackson
Event Planner and Coordinator
Cherished Events

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