Revealed: The Most Popular Wedding Dates of 2020!

Getting married in 2020? Find out whether your wedding hashtag will be competing for attention on social media as we reveal the five most popular wedding dates

Most popular wedding dates of 2020

Thinking about when to jet off on your summer holidays? If you’re likely to be a wedding guest next year, you’ll want to avoid these weekends! The most popular wedding dates for 2020 have been revealed and it’s set to be a busy summer.


We surveyed all our Hitched couples with a 2020 wedding date to find out when they’ll be saying ‘I do’ – and the dates they’re avoiding. Unsurprisingly, Saturday dates proved most in demand, but the leap year also lead to some interesting plans…

If you’re a couple still wanting to marry in 2020 or planning ahead for a 2021 wedding, it might be worth bearing these popular dates in mind too if you don’t want a potential clash (and you might be able to bag a bargain for a less popular date!).

The Most Popular Wedding Dates of 2020

Most popular wedding dates of 2020

1. Saturday 20th June

More than 10,000 couples surveyed said they would be tying the knot on this day making it the most popular wedding date of 2020.

The 20th June marks the summer solstice meaning couples will be able to party into the early hours on the longest day of the year. It’s also the day before Father’s Day so will be a touching moment for any parent who gets to walk their child down the aisle and celebrate with them as the clock strikes midnight.

Unfortunately it also clashes with Euro 2020. While match dates haven’t been released yet, if England are playing, couples could find a fair few numbers of guests calling in sick or sneakily watching the match on their phones during the vows…Worried? We’ve got a whole guide about what to do when your wedding clashes with the football.

2. Saturday 25th July

It’s quite a steep drop to the next most popular wedding date, but a no-less-impressive 6,926 couples told us they’d be marrying at the end of June.

3. Saturday 1st August

August might be the most popular month to get married overall, but it only features third on our list. This weekend coincides with the Summer bank holiday weekend in Scotland so expect a fair few nuptials north of the border.

4. Saturday 5th September

Schools will have just started back by the 5th September so you’re pretty safe to assume all your nearest and dearest will be back from summer hols. Around 6,400 couples were planning to marry on this date – luckily September is generally considered one of the nicest months to marry, with pleasant weather and less rain than July and August.

5. Saturday 6th June

June doesn’t look like it’s going to fall out of favour anytime soon. Nearly 6,000 weddings will take place on the 6th of June, which is also the anniversary of D-Day.

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Other Notable Wedding Dates

Most popular wedding dates of 2020

New Year’s Eve

Over 1,300 couples will be seeing in the New Year married! Since your guests will be staying up late and celebrating anyway, lots of couples took the opportunity to combine it with their nuptials. And, of course, you’ve got the next day off to recover and recuperate. You’re following in the footsteps of lots of celebrities too, with Will Smith, Kate Hudson and even Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne having New Year’s Eve weddings.

Saturday 29th February

2020 is a leap year and the 29th of February fortuitously falls on a Saturday. It’s proven the most popular day to marry in February as couples take advantage of having the special date as their anniversary (or perhaps to cut down on anniversary gifts in the future…) A total of 1,309 couples told Hitched they’d be marrying on the 29th, which is nearly 40% more than on the traditionally romantic Valentine’s Day.

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May Bank Holiday

The Government decided to shift the early May Bank Holiday – which usually falls on the first Monday in May – back by four days to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE day. May Day will now take place on Friday 8th May next year.

Unfortunately this left those who’d planned their wedding to coincide with the anticipated Monday bank holiday in quite a pickle. 912 couples had planned a wedding on the Sunday before that bank holiday and another 533 on the Monday. It’s still trumped by the 1,258 couples who’ll be saying “I do” on the new Friday May Day bank holiday and 2,549 couples on the Saturday.

And the Least Popular Wedding Date of 2020…

While winter weddings are growing in popularity due to cheaper prices and their festive atmosphere, there’s also downsides, like questionable weather. It seems Tuesday 7th January didn’t inspire too many couples: just 22 are tying the knot.


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