Disco Balls at Weddings: 25 of Our Favourite Ideas

You can never have too many disco balls at your wedding - here's the most cool and creative ways to use them in your décor

Disco balls are the latest new wedding décor trend and we absolutely love them! Bring some cool glamour to your wedding by using them in a variety of ways, from aisle decoration and place cards to lighting up the centre of the dance floor.

It’s completely up to you what they symbolise too. Will you play up your mirror balls with vibrant colours and lots of attitude, or will they be elegant and romantic? Are you going boho chic, classic fairytale, or trendy and edgy? Heck, you can even do groovy ’70s bell bottom-themed if you like!

From making them the star of the show to incorporating in small ways, disco balls bring that fun, party vibe to your wedding.

Add a little Studio 54 chic to your day with these 25 amazing disco ball wedding ideas!

1. Use Disco Balls in Your Photoshoot

Image: Pinterest

Whether it’s an engagement shoot or the couples’ photos on your wedding day, disco balls are seriously fun to incorporate as props. Try throwing the ball to each other, covering your faces like our couple above, or hanging them from branches of a tree and having a dance underneath. Using disco balls outside means they’ll catch the lovely light and look amazing in pictures.

2. Hang a Statement Installation

Image: Pinterest

A hanging installation will embellish any room and throw gorgeous disco light around the room when the light hits it. We adore these different size disco balls, strung at varying heights and adorned with greenery.

3. Go For Gold

Image: Pinterest

Disco balls don’t have to be silver. How gorgeous do these matte gold balls look among balloons, Edison lights and bright paper pom-poms! If gold, copper, bronze or even iridescent green/purple/blue/pink work better with your colour scheme, you can find disco balls in all those shades.

4. Adorn Your Tent

Image: Pinterest

Tents notoriously have a lot of ceiling space. Create a visual fixture by hanging disco balls above a chill-out area for eye-catching impact. The metallic mirror-effect looks amazing in contract to plush fabrics like velvet, rich woods, and vibrant Moroccan-style carpets.

5. Transform into Centrepieces

Image: Pinterest

If pizzazz is your middle name, how can you even consider a wedding without disco ball centrepieces? This eclectic look uses a halved mirror ball as a vase for a gorgeous autumnal flower selection and surrounds it with candles and jewel-tone glasses that are reflected back.

6. Combine Them With Colour

Image: Pinterest

Hang bright pom-poms and one central disco ball from your ceiling to create the coolest light display. It adds so much personality to a tipi, yurt or marquee venue.

7. Frame Your Wedding Arch

Image: Pinterest

How fabulous do disco balls look flanking the base of a wedding arch, especially paired with the tropical palms and fluffy fronds of pampas grass like in this photo. That iridescent foil fringe curtain plays right into that shimmery, shindig feel too.

8. Make a Photo Booth Backdrop

Image: Pinterest

Balloons, mirror balls and a great sign are all you need for a fun photobooth. Set them up against a cool background, like an exposed brick wall, and let your guests and photographer snap away.

9. Add Aisle Decoration

Image: Pinterest

This rooftop wedding set-up is seriously cool. Stark white chairs and different size disco balls scream modern and minimalist.

10. Set Up a Unique Top Tablescape

Image: Pinterest

Your top table should be the most special in the room. After all, it’s not just the newlyweds there, but your best friends and your parents too. Let everyone know how how much you love your forever-VIPs by setting up a disco ball tablescape.

11. Fill a Punch Bowl

Image: Etsy

This disco punch bowl from Etsy can be customised with a glitter or metallic interior, and will absolutely jazz up everything from your hen do and engagement party to a drinks table at your reception.

12. Create a Fairytale Chandelier Display

Image: Pinterest

Disco balls need light to look their best. For a romantic, fairytale dance floor, combine mirrored balls with lit chandeliers and let the light dance across the room.

13. Stir Your Drinks

Image: Pinterest

Hell yes, those are disco ball swizzle sticks! Such a subtle and easy way to add a bit of flair to your reception drinks is to serve these mirror ball stirrers in them. They’ll look fantastic in your cocktail hour photos.

14. Serve Disco Ball Drinks

Image: Pinterest

There’s nothing more extra than disco ball tumblers. If your budget can’t stretch to buying 100+ for guests, how about getting them just for the top table or your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Even cuter is getting one each for all the kids at your wedding – it stops any drink spillages too!

15. Guide Guests to Their Seats

Image: Pinterest

We adore these mini disco ball place card holders. They look so chic and set the tone for a wedding reception with plenty of glitz, glam and dancing.

16. Mix with Dried Florals

Image: Pinterest

Floral clouds and installations are a huge décor trend already. Why not ramp up the lustre by mixing in disco balls?

17. Make a Magnificent Cake Stand

Image: Pinterest

Just a few mini disco balls dotted around and on the side of your cake stand or dessert table can elevate the entire look. A simple naked or semi-naked cake (we love the gold foil on this one) is instantly made more special by them.

18. String Up a Room-Divider Curtain

Image: Pinterest

Hang strings of mini disco balls from your ceiling and use it to frame an entrance that your guests have to walk through to get to the ceremony or reception space. It’s a great way to separate spaces if you’ve got a big, open-plan venue. You could have a curtain of disco balls up separating the wedding breakfast tables from the dance floor until it’s time to boogie.

19. Create a Disco Seating Plan

Image: Pinterest

Mirrored circular table plans embrace that disco ball feel and match with mirrored place card holders. Pair with fresh greenery for a modern look.

20. Take Your Getting Ready Shots

Image: Pinterest

Can’t think of a way to tie mirror balls into your décor? Just use them in your getting ready shots. That could be sipping Champagne from those tumblers above with your girls as you get your hair done, or using them to prop up shots of your shoes, ring and more. Your photographer will know exactly how to capture them.

21. Smash One as a Piñata!

Image: Pinterest

Making a piñata is actually a super simple DIY or you can buy one. Papier-mâché a giant balloon and cover it in glitter or fringing when it’s dry. Then it’s up to you to decide what to put inside! We vote for sweets.

22. Accent Your Altar

Image: Pinterest

A boho chic macrame altar is crying out for disco ball detailing. This one even gets it own flower crown!

23. Maximise Your Lighting

Image: Pinterest

Whether you have a naturally bright and airy venue or you’re making good use of candles, a disco ball is going to intensify that light and shine. All white venues look particularly impressive with disco balls.

24. Go Outdoors

Image: Pinterest

This couple have embraced a disco ball for their couple shots and it shows off just how good these accessories look in sunlight. From an outdoor courtyard to a garden games area, disco balls hung from trees or mixed among outside festoon lighting will take your décor easily from day to night.

25. Match Your Outfit

Image: Pinterest

White dress seem a bit plain to you? Go all out in a glamorous outfit that’s made for dancing and match your disco ball décor! They really work with a Great Gatsby or vintage theme.

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