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MAFS Zoe Clifton & Jenna Robinson: Are They Still Together and Where Do They Live?

What happened to Jenna and Zoe once filming ended? Are they still together? Find out everything you need to know right here...

Jenna Robinson and ZoeClifton sat on the MAFS sofa during the recoupling ceremony

If you didn't spend your summer glued to the screens watching Married at First Sight's Jenna and Zoe falling head over heels in love - what were you doing? Our love for iconic celebrity weddings most definitely involves the lot from MAFS UK!

Before we get into their (completely adorable) relationship, let's rewind slightly for those who aren't MAFS experts. This year's series of MAFS UK saw ten couples (11 if you count Whitney and Matt's unexpected re-coupling) get married and test their new relationships in Channel 4's ultimate love experiment. 

Aside from the drama of what Thomas said to Jenna and the explosive dinner party rows, some genuine relationships were made on this series, including the blossoming romance between Jenna and Zoe on MAFS 2022. The pair made history as the first lesbian couple to ever take part in the show and were one of just two same-sex couples in this year's series.

Jenna Robinson & Zoe Clifton: Everything We Know About the MAFS UK Couple

Watching with anticipation, we saw Jenna, a vegan sustainability champion fall head over heels in love with Zoe, a meat-loving quantity surveyor. The couple had some obstacles to overcome throughout the experiment, but were consistently the voice of reason for the rest of the group.

They showed the British public that compromising in a marriage was totally possible, and opposites most definitely attract. But are Jenna and Zoe from MAFS still together? As complete fans of the pair, we decided to take a closer look at their relationship, what they both do and if in fact they are still together. 

Who is Zoe from MAFS and What Does She Do?

Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton smiling taking a selfie

Zoe Clifton, 30, made history this year as one half of the first lesbian couple MAFS had ever seen. Zoe lives in Stafford with her family and works as a quantity surveyor. She loves sport, is a Wolves supporter and an avid runner. Anyone who watched the show will know that exercise is a really important part of Zoe's life - as is the importance of family.

On her Instagram, Zoe can be seen to be a caring, fun auntie to her niece and nephew and during filming, Zoe expressed her desire to have children a number of times - something which became a bit of a sticking point for the couple at times. 

Aside from her relationship with Jenna, viewers got to know Zoe to be a bit of a voice of reason for the group. She famously clashed with fellow cast member Matt Murray, making it very clear how she felt to both him and the group as a whole. 

Since the show aired, Zoe has gained a sizeable following on Instagram with fans adoring her straight-talking comments, fair and calm nature and the fact that she's genuinely a really great person.

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Who is Jenna from MAFS and What Does She Do?

Jenna in a boho wedding dress holding her vows and facing the camera while Zoe MAFS stands in a suit with her back to the camera

Jenna Robinson, 32, made up the other half of MAFS UK's first ever lesbian couple. She's the cool kid from Blackpool who admittedly 'never saw herself getting married' - oh, how things change Jenna! She is passionate about the environment and sustainability, something which is evident in her day-to-day life and business.

Jenna owns a zero waste eco store in Blackpool which supports her huge advocacy for saving the planet. She is passionately vegan and says the purpose of her store is to offer members of the public sustainable swaps for a better future. 

Jenna suffers from alopecia, a condition which attacks hair follicles and causes hair loss, something which she opened up about on MAFS.

Speaking to her wife after they'd said 'I do', Jenna said: "I’ve got alopecia, so I wear a wig. I suffered with it since I was 12, I got knocked down by a car and the trauma made my hair start falling out. It’s been so long and so many years dealing with it, and I know my hair doesn’t define me and I’m happy in my own skin."

Continuing, she said, "I know that someone who gets to know me will get to know everything about me and that’s one little factor." 

And Zoe's reaction to finding out that Jenna wears a wig? Absolutely perfect! In response to Jenna, she said, "Obviously I don’t give a s**t. I don’t care," and continued to say, "I think they’ve matched me with the perfect stranger."

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Are Jenna and Zoe from MAFS Still Together?

Jenna Robinson and ZoeClifton sat on the MAFS sofa during the recoupling ceremony

Yes, we can confirm Jenna and Zoe from MAFS UK are still together - to our absolute delight. When it comes to reality TV couples who are still together, it's always nail-biting when you get to that reunion show or you check their socials once filming is finished to see whether or not they could last the long-haul - but Zoe and Jenna really have done it.

Of all the couples to appear on MAFS this year, Jenna and Zoe are actually the only ones to have remained an item and if it was going to be anyone, we're so pleased it's them. Throughout the show, we watched Jenna and Zoe, a MAFS pairing who really did lead completely different lives, show how compromise in a marriage is done.

Jenna is passionate about sustainability and the environment so therefore eats a vegan diet. Zoe, on the other hand, loves her meat and couldn't stand half of the vegan food she tried in the apartments. Zoe loved exercise, Jenna couldn't stand it. One lived in Staffordshire, the other in Blackpool. Zoe was set on having children, Jenna couldn't be certain that's what she wanted.

There were so many points where this could have gone wrong - but the beauty of Jenna and Zoe's relationship was their commitment to the experiment, and their openness to compromise and change. As the other couples' cracks began to show, Jenna and Zoe went from strength to strength. 

Though the couple don't live together just yet, they did confirm in an interview with OK! Magazine that, despite the fact that Zoe works Monday to Friday, and Jenna works weekends, they do see each other almost every week. And not only that, they also confirmed that Christmas 2022 will be spent together with Zoe's family, and they will swap each year after that. 

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Do Jenna and Zoe from MAFS Have Children?

On the show, the subject of children was a bit of a sticking point with this couple. Zoe was openly passionate about having children - she never shied away from admitting that. While Jenna was never a hard 'no' with regards to children, she was reluctant to say yes in the worry she may give Zoe some false hope. She made it very clear that, in that moment in time, she couldn't picture herself wanting that.

However, in their OK! interview, Zoe said there had been some movement on Jenna's side, "Jenna, being dramatic Jenna, thought she was going through menopause and decided that she wanted to go and freeze some of her eggs, which to me, shows huge progress."

Though she didn't confirm or cement anything, Jenna did say she was open to having *that* chat once they move in together. 

We're so excited to hear these two talking about the future! While we sit and sob at how cute Jenna and Zoe are, why don't you take a look at our roundup of celebrities who married their co-stars!