Marketing Your Wedding Business
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Marketing your wedding businesses needn’t be a pricey exercise, sometimes the free and simple ideas can be the most effective! 

To help you kick start your marketing – or give it a boost if you’re feeling stagnant – we’ve come up with six simple (and totally free!) marketing ideas that any wedding business can try. 

From teaming up with others to getting the creative juices flowing with an informative and helpful blog post, these free marketing ideas will get a great response from potential clients.


1. Start a Blog

Did you know that providing free, high quality and informative content can boost your SEO? This means that your site will reach more readers – potential customers – and improve your position on the Google search page.

Take a look at popular forums (such as the Hitched forum) - they’re a treasure trove of information and will allow you to easily find out what it is your audience would like to know.

For example, we typed the word ‘catering’ into the Hitched forum search box and found a whopping 1,502 discussions on the topic! From what to feed evening guests to how to save money and the best laidback alternatives to a traditional three-course meal, we found a wealth of topics that would make great blog posts from someone in the know.

While writing blog posts may seem like just another job to add to your ‘to do’ list, it can really help raise the profile of your website and position your business as an authority on your particular area of the wedding industry.

If you feel daunted by the task, commit to posting just twice a month initially. Post on consistent days and share your posts across your social media channels and in your newsletter if you have one. Round off every post by asking your readers what they’d like to see a post on next - it gets readers involved and it also ensures you’re giving them what they want, making them much more likely to return.

2. Write a Guest Post

Reach new audiences and potential customers by offering your services as a guest writer on another website or blog.

Start by spending some time tracking down the kind of publications you’d like to feature on. They could be wedding blogs, other supplier websites or traditional online media. Take a look through their current offering and see if you can identify a topic or an angle that hasn’t been covered yet and that you could write about.

Create a pitch by outlining the structure of your post and what you think the readers would get out of the post. Include any high quality, professional images you have of your work to back up your writing – a blog owner is likely to want to include your images alongside your work.

Once you have a piece published, don’t forget to share it with your own followers and reshare any posts from the blog's social media channels about your piece. This will maximise the number of readers the post gets, attracting potential customers and possibly securing you another guest post slot in the future.

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3. Run a Competition

A competition is a great way to get people sharing your social media pages and engaging with your content, and the prize doesn’t need to be anything huge to attract attention.

Create a stand-out social media post with a high-quality image of the prize and a straightforward entry method that involves liking, sharing, tagging or, ideally, all three.

Ask entrants to like the post, tag friends in the comments section of the post and share the post on their story, making it clear that following all of the steps is essential to qualify for entry. This will increase the reach of your competition and therefore your social media pages and ultimately your business.

Sure, you need to provide a prize, so this one isn't technically free. But gaining just one new couple from the exercise will make giving up a product more than worth it. 

4. Work with an Influencer

Influencers have become some of the most powerful marketing tools at our disposal over the last few years, and with dedicated followings and quality content, it’s no wonder.

Not every influencer will suit your business and so it’s important to spend some time following possible candidates and really getting to know their content and their following. If you can really see your product sitting comfortably with their existing content, reach out.

It’s worth remembering that the level of engagement on their posts is just as important – if not more important – than their follower count. Some micro-influencers may have a dedicated and engaged following that are much more likely to purchase the recommendations given. Smaller influencers are also more likely to accept gifts as payment for posts rather than demanding large sums for a mention of your business.

Opportunities to work with influencers may not present themselves in a way directly related to weddings – although it would be amazing if you could become a supplier for a popular influencer who is getting married – sometimes you’ll need to take a different approach.

Consider sending cupcakes to a foodie influencer if you’re a cake maker or a seasonal bouquet to a home and interior influencer to feature in one of their room reveals or lifestyle posts. If you have a skill to share, consider asking to host a tutorial on an influencer's platform, for example, if you're a makeup artist or hair stylist, you could offer up a how-to video showing a wedding beauty look for the influencer to feature on their feed or try out in front of their followers. Giving up some free product or your time will be worth it for the amazing exposure a post from an influencer will bring. 

5. Create a Customer Referral Program

This can be a tricky one to pull off for a wedding business since repeat customers aren’t really a thing. However, you can offer incentives to existing or previous clients in the form of one-off gifts or discounts on your other services if you also cater for other events.

Issue couples with a code or flier that they can share with friends and give a percentage off for the new customer and the existing one if they’re yet to pay their final balance. If they have already paid for your services, offer a free bouquet, cake or money off a night’s stay at your venue.

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6. Partner with Another Wedding Business

Once a couple has found a venue or supplier they like and trust, they’re likely to ask who that vendor has worked with in the past and who they recommend. Make sure your business is mentioned by networking with other wedding businesses and partnering with them where appropriate.

If a nearby venue offers wedding packages, get in touch and ask if they would consider adding your services to a package. If you’re a hair stylist, track down some makeup artists whose work complements your own and ask them if they fancy teaming up.

Partnering with another supplier will double your chance of being spotted by couples and having your services booked.

A great way to market your business for free is by utilising social media. Make sure you know how to handle one of the most popular platforms in the wedding industry with our guide to Instagram posts and stories