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How to Find Out if You’re Moon Phase Soulmates: The New TikTok Trend

Curious about the new trend that's cropping up all over TikTok? We explore how to do the Moon Phase Soulmates trend, and what it actually means...

Image of a moon in the full moon phase
Pexels/Bruno Scamgnon

Image of a moon in the full moon phase
Pexels/Bruno Scamgnon

If you’re planning a wedding together, you probably already feel pretty comfortable in the knowledge that you’ve found your soulmate.

But, nothing is real until it’s happened on TikTok* in this day and age, so you might want to try out the moon phase soul mates trend that is sweeping the app.

The trend claims to show if you’re truly soulmates, by comparing and aligning the moon phase on the days you were both born. If both of your moon phases fit together and create a full moon, you are apparently soulmates. 

How to Do the TikTok Moon Phase Trend

If you want to give it a go, here’s what you need to do:

  • Make sure you have video editing app CapCut installed on your phone
  • Head to a website that shows you the phases of the moon - we used
  • Save the image of your moon phase and your partner’s moon phase to your phone
  • Pull up a video of the moon phase trend on TikTok and select ‘use template’
  • This will open CapCut and you can add your own moon images to the video and edit the text
  • Then simply upload it to TikTok - providing it shows the result you want!

There are eight phases of the moon, according to NASA (who definitely know best), and they follow this pattern throughout each month: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent.

According to astrologers, these moon phases cause different characteristics and tendencies. Celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman says: "The phases of the moon are a small yet perfectly credible element of each person's astrological information.

"People born under the new moon would enjoy new beginnings, and feel energised by new challenges. In contrast, those born under the full moon would be leaders, and be living their best lives when in charge of others.

"If you're born during the waxing moon you'd be extroverted and generous, a laugh a minute, whereas being born under the waning moon would make you more subtle and indoorsy, humble and shy."

So what happens if your moon phases don't match up? Are you not soulmates? Inbaal can reassure you if you're concerned: "In that sense, the new TikTok trend of Lunar compatibility does make sense, and is certainly a cute way to see if you could be a fun case of 'opposites attract' with your love.

"Do keep in mind though, that it's only a very tiny part of your astrological make up, and there are so many, much more pertinent elements when defining romantic compatibility, such as your sun sign, ascendant, moon sign, Mercury, Venus and Mars at the very least."

Planning Your Wedding with Moon Phases

Witch and moon phase expert AJ posing in a celestial patterned dress outside in a garden

For some people, the moon phases are more than just a passing TikTok trend. Real life witch AJ, 34, admits to using the moon phases in her day to day life: "I use the moon phases for most things in my life. I even quit smoking by using the phases of the moon when all other attempts had failed!

"By working with the moon, I am able to break down the best ways to start a project, when I need to let go and, the one that I personally think is the most important, when I should be resting. It's not healthy, in my opinion, to be 'go, go, go' all the time so even having a particular phase of the moon to remind you when you just need to stop and look after yourself for a minute can make a world of difference to your physical and your mental health.

"My partner and I were born under different phases of the moon that wouldn't necessarily work but what we do have is a corresponding Venus placements which seems to bring the balance we need to such different personalities! He doesn't follow the moon or astrology like I do so he probably hasn't even noticed."

As AJ is an expert on moon phases, and uses the phases of the moon to influence her own day to day life, we had to ask her some questions about the TikTok moon phase trend, and how you can use it to plan your wedding...

How can moon phases affect your wedding plans and wedding day?

"The different moon phases can all bring different energies to any day, especially your wedding day.

"New Moon introduces new chapters and rebirth to our lives as it marks the start of the lunar cycle. These energies can ignite a new kind of passion for the couple as they embark on their first step into something brand new together.

"The Full Moon is probably the most popular (at least in my circles) as when you work with this moon, this is the phase where you celebrate and release what is no longer serving you. You can celebrate your wedding day and your love while also letting go of any negativity that came before as you begin something new. The Full Moon can also bring balance and harmony over the marriage and who wouldn't want that?

"The waxing and waning moons are never as popular with many people and I'm sure it is the same for other couples planning their wedding (unless you're me...) which is a shame because not only are they equally as powerful as the other phases but can also bring a different kind of energy to the day. The First Quarter moon is where we tend to take decisive and affirming action, you're actually doing the thing and you mean the thing. The Last Quarter Moon is the moon of transformation and change. Both symbolic in their own way."

Would you avoid getting married during certain phases of the moon?

"There isn't a particular phase I would personally avoid but eclipses can be something to be wary of, both the lunar and solar eclipse. Even then, it would all depend on your own astrology chart and working out which areas of your life could be affected by the eclipse as you work through the houses.

"For example, the 7th House is the house of love and relationships or 'your cosmic plus one' as some have phrased it. An eclipse with the moon in your 7th house could cause a bit of a wobble or enhance the energies around you (depending on which sign the moon is in and how it relates to you and your chart, it's all very personal)."

What else can you tell us about moon phases and wedding planning from your own experience?

"Well, we planned our wedding day around our anniversary and this coincidentally is also the beginning of the Autumn Equinox (some call this Mabon a sabbat in the Wheel of the Year) so already there's going to be a lot of transformative energies around us. It also happens to be a First Quarter Moon where we can attract positive people into our lives as well as taking that decisive action to achieve an intention or desire.

"When planning my wedding, I have followed the cycles of the moon. For example, I have used the New Moon to decide what kind of music I'd start booking things around the First Quarter, I would tend to hear back around the Full Moon so I can then celebrate another job done but also allow myself a chance to rest and not just think about my wedding to do list.

"This probably isn't everyone's cup of tea but I have found that not only has it worked for me but also I am much calmer and more laid back about the planning."

So there you have it - and for full disclosure, I tested the TikTok moon phase soulmates trend for me and my partner of seven years. Apparently we’re not soulmates, so this is awkward. Better check our star sign compatibility article...

*This isn’t true, by the way