The Various Types of Wedding Invitations

We've put together a guide to the various types of wedding invitation to help you pick the right one for your wedding

Selecting a style of wedding stationery depends on the kind of wedding you are going to have. There are various kinds of wedding invitations to choose from, such as:

  • Engraved Wedding Invitations

    Engraving (a form of printing) is being used for the most formal type of wedding invitation. In engraving, a copper plate is used and the wording of your invitation is carved on to the copper plate. This plate is then put in the press, is inked, and then the paper is printed with this copper plate. Such printing leaves raised letters on the paper, and thus the term engraved. Engraved wedding invitations are very expensive and are usually used for very formal weddings where budget is not a constraint.

  • Thermo Graphed Wedding Invitations

    Engraved wedding invitations look very elegant and everyone would ideally like to have them for their wedding, but for the cost. In such a situation, you can turn to wedding invitations that use thermography. This is a kind of printing that gives a similar effect to engraving, without the added expense. In thermography, ink is mixed with small dry particles, which when put to paper; give a raised look like engraving.

  • Off-set Printed Wedding Invitations

    This is the regular kind of printing that is usually used for business printing needs. Such printed invitations are very affordable, but are not the most ideal for weddings, as off-set printed invitations do not have a very graceful look.

  • Handwritten Wedding Invitations

    As the name suggests, such invitations are written by hand, usually on plain white letter sheets. Handwritten wedding invitations are not appropriate for very formal weddings, but are ideal for small or informal gatherings.

  • Contemporary Wedding Invitations

    While most traditional wedding invitations are usually printed on white or ivory paper, contemporary wedding invitations use different colours and also designs such as flowers, picture of a wedded couple etc. Contemporary invitations are a great way to personalize your wedding invitations, but should not be used for ultra-formal weddings.

In addition to the above, nowadays, computer printed wedding invitations, and invitations using calligraphy are also becoming very popular. But once again, these are not suitable for formal weddings.

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